Erykah Badu’s Newest Nude Video

Well, once again, Erykah Badu has decided to employ nudity in her visual art work. This time, as opposed to last time, she invites her very own younger cousin to do the dirty work for her. The piece is slightly tasteful, or could be more so, had the cacophonous beat arrangement produced by The Flaming Lips not slipped into slasher flick mode. Well, let me not spoil the entire video for you…Erykah Badu porn presents…

If you are on a mobile device, click link here for video

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11 Responses to “Erykah Badu’s Newest Nude Video”

  1. YearOfEmpress

    Dear Owl, thank You for giving me the opportunity to write my first impressions (one viewing sum 8 hours ago, sufficed) here. Here, out of all places, gyeah.

    i don’t know who Badu thinks she is; no, who she wishes she were. Her video nonetheless, shows the extent of her arrogance and ignorance.

    Arrogance: Let’s show all those stupid [NWORD] what Art is about.

    Ignorance: Please Madame Badu, get a hold of yourself and teach yourself. Go to the movies. Go watch the works of Luis Buñuel, Fernando Arrabal, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Daniel Schmidt, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Federico Fellini, Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, Ken Russell, David Lynch… non-exhaustive.

    Go educate yourself, Madame Badu.
    And then please be quiet.
    Until you can climb back up to the golden era of Baduism. Or not.

    As for the ‘music’..thank you, Madame Badu, for sharing the contents of that demo tape you found the other day while cleaning the bathroom.

    Woman, please.

    • Mr Beck

      Please people share your own impression of Art …. let the woman work. all the critic with nothing to add. Hummm chopping down those that do Oh yeah I didnt know the N word was still being used are you still in the Ice Age?

      • Owl

        Art is subjective, but we all are entitled to our interpretations and standards. Even Erykah her Self has publicly attacked the video producers for what you are calling “her art”. And, I don’t have a problem with critics. I would rather have critics than mindless supporters and sycophants. Not saying you are either…just saying.

  2. Kimistry101

    I only saw parts of the video which was enough. The song is suppose be a remake of Robert Flack’s song and it sounds awful , as if you are listening to it in a drug induced haze. Maybe it’s one of those songs you’re suppose to listen to when you’re high..shrugs. I really wish she would stop the nudity, we all know she a deep artistic type…Robert Flack must be cringing right about now.

    • Owl

      I’m not quite sure what is making Big Booty Badu feel as though she has to use the pornographic lane. She makes great music, and she makes money. She shows a lot of her insecurities and I wish she’d fucking get over whatever it is that is clouding her mind and dismantling her career.

  3. Michelle

    Perhaps it would be good to read her “official statement” (though tweeted…not sure how ‘official’ that is??) on the video? She posted it on her website..

    Long story short, she was not aware this was how her images were going to be used and didn’t approve the final edit…

    • Owl

      I haven’t spoken on this publicly outside of updates on Twitter, right? But, I do think she is way too old to be playing victim for…eh, two white boys without half the lane space as her. She put her little sister out there for two white boys. But this is Erykah On and On Badu…I’m just saying…

      Thanks for the comment, sis…

  4. nola man

    Great video. Makes me want to go out and smoke some crack. I have been a fan of Badu from the very beginning of her career. This is notthe artist I know and love as an artist. I hope she come back to THE APPLE TREE.

    • Owl

      hahahah!! Yeah, Badu still makes great music, but when it comes to marketing and garnering attention, she can try too hard at times! Thanks for leaving a comment!

  5. Flav

    I for one think Erykah Badu is extremely talented, sexy and daring. She is an artist in every since of the word and I see nothing old or reaching in the way she portrays her strength and sexuality. She sets her own limits and definitions for herself and I applaud her for that. Not cool that she didn’t get what she was looking for on this project, though…

  6. Clarence

    Leave Sista Badu alone. Sista Badu…her artistry is Spiritual. Sista Badu is merely evolving within her artistry. Appreciate Sista Badu in this remake of Sista Flack’ timeless classic. As for nudity…”Dayumm”. You are one beautiful Woman who makes some pretty babies.


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