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The Six Unavoidable Principles Of Twitter Beyond Twitter

“I’m not telling you something you don’t already know/Personal or business/You got to know who your friends is…”- Eightball, “Friend or Foe” I have for the most part of my writing career held on to the notion that all forms of writing are simply conversations extended through time. Although, a written piece may have timely […]

Social Media Content Control or No New Sharecropping, No, No, No

Social media content control, as well as curation, can be a difficult process. Once we have comfortably programmed our favorite phone application to remember our screen names and passwords, we tend to forget that we are providing content in a means similar to sharecropping. Now, for Black African Americans familiar with US sharecropping, this metaphor […]

5 Devices I Demand From My Self As A Writer

Very often I find my Self tired or uninspired by blog posts about blog posting. Yet, I do find that it is necessary to imbibe and scour the thoughts of successful writers of this new media. Granted, our dear creator did not see fit to create all writers with equal portions of skill, and more […]

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My Love/Hate Relationship With Twitter

It’s official—I hate Twitter again.  For quite some time I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Twitter, manic tweeting one minute, closing my account the next. I’ve been trying to figure out why I hate Twitter since early 2012. I think I may have finally figured it out: Groupthink. While I cannot say Erykah Badu is […]

Finding Ebooks Online

  Step 0: Get virus protection. If you’re downloading anything from the internet you should have virus protection. It goes a long way towards protecting the life of your computer and everything on it.   Step 1: Figure out what you want to read and keep a list. I personally use Amazon’s wishlist to keep […]

On Inaccessible Heroes and Violent Alternatives

Sometimes it hurts for people to reach out. And, although we are taught what normal is, normal isn’t the same on every mind. I suppose in a world where the overall ideal is not so much whether we are right or wrong, but whether we are able to fit the paradigm of those with the […]

Are We Prepared If George Zimmerman Never Gets Arrested?

I remember the apathy after many of us realized that Oscar Grant’s murderer Johannes Mehserle was not going to be tried for murder. I remember the sense of loss many shared when his slap on the wrist came down from the judge. I can still feel the streaming tears as the video tape of Aiyana […]

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and The Etcetera Margin

It seems like, as always, the Trayvon Martin discussion on Twitter and other areas of the social web (I’m really controlling the urge to refer to it as “the trap”) have caused more harm than good. As a writer, I often find my Self facing what I call,”etcetera margins”. A writer is always confronted with […]

5 Do’s and Do Not’s of Getting RT’s From Black Twitter

Today, I took some time to look at a few of the many RT’s that I issue out into Asylum’s Twitter stream. By doing this I sought to understand a bit exactly   what makes me RT Black Bloggers, and possibly give others an understanding of how they could generate more popular content. So, this […]

5 Things You Should Do Now To Preserve The Integrity Of Black Blogging

1. Hold Your Black Bloggers Up.   In many ways, the number reasons for lack of support of Black businesses, offline or online, is that Blacks don’t have a true sense of saving face, or creating their own icons. With an incentive to bolster the efforts of those that have shown a dedication, passion, and […]

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Articles In This Category Convey An Sense Of The Uplifting And The Hopeful

Why I’m Totally Embarrassed By Google’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Doodle

  I was conferencing on Twitter with Nikki, well, you’ll know her best as @Chey_Marly_Mom, and my Tweetdeck froze. I decided to switch to Firefox, but anyone working with 2 sticks of 1gb RAM and less than 60gb of on board memory knows the hassles of Firefox’s resource drain. So, I convinced my Self to […]

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Articles In This Category Convey An Sense Of The Uplifting And The Hopeful

Asylum Rising: Imani

Sometimes you can live so much for others, that you forget to serve the one master that should have been fed first. Don’t think for a second that the repercussion that follows such a grievous act isn’t without a desire to kick, scream, and yell. As I sit next to this space heater in the […]

Black Bloggers: Don’t Hate Your Own People While Writing About Santorum In The Hood

“Our interpretations are rooted in personal narratives about ourselves, and these narratives aren’t always so positive, as is the case with teenagers who feel like rebels without a cause, college students who are convinced they were admissions errors, and adults who always seem to assume the worst about their relationships.   …Cognitive-behavioral therapy(CBT). CBT assumes […]

Dedicated To The Whack Writer In You…

“…and if I ego-trip/or my head is fucked/I take my ass back/to where I grew up/ and get real, boy/it’s never too late/before I be like you/and make a weak ass tape…”- Too Short, “In The Trunk”   Much of what I dislike in this new age writing(why do we hate the word blogging so?) […]

You Think They Playing With This Power?(Triple Value Score)

The first and second parts of this focus are linked in their respective orders, here(one) and here(two).   “6. He likes the Devil because the Devil gives him nothing. 7. Why does he like the Devil? 8. Because the Devil put fear in him when he was a little boy. 9. Why does he fear, […]

You Think They Playing With This Power?(Part Doubled)

Editor’s note: The first part of this series can be found here As most of my more avid readers know, I’ve been attempting to push this idea. I’ve been working like the crew in the movie Inception to impregnate you with this irresistible living thought. That simple thought is this: you are being watched. The […]