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Hashtag Aiyana

This is for Aiyana. We all put together our thoughts in a very quick manner in order to explain in our way our pain for this travesty. Much of what you read will not be edited. We feel that the raw energy needed to deal with this situation deserves our naked souls.. @Cheymarlymom I have […]

Why Do You Know What You Know?

Did you know that there was a 6.9 to 7.1 magnitude earthquake in China’s Qinghia province that killed an estimated(as to date) 580 people(according information released by China)? Did you know that an extremely sizable portion of ice from an Andes mountain glacier in Peru dropped into an existing lake and caused a tsunami that […]

Religion and Maiming in Nigeria

So, where does religion begin to fall in place with politics? I was initially shocked when i read Chancellor Williams state that even the Kimitians(the ancient Egyptians) used religion as a tool for control. Over my many years, I have been baptized and taken the kalima shahada, fasted for three days, and have experienced a […]