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The Eight Reasons Why I’m Responding…

I suppose I’ve always had my own personal bouts with self-hate, and the influences of media with that regard. I do consider the thought pattern as something of a psychosis, an internal battle to force all that is wrong with you into a mental template based on your outer presentation. Or vibration of energies reflecting […]

The Hoe Killer

As I’ve stated elsewhere, or somewhere on the interweb, the more I hear, read, or find women using the term “bitch” the more I feel the need to either regulate my usage of the term “nigga”, or to remove it completely out of my verbal circulation. Although many of the posts on this site can […]

Burning The Divine – A US Christian Legacy

In The Name Of The All Which IS That ALL, The Bounty Giver, And The One That Provides For Even The Undeserving… “This is the Book;in it is guidance sure without doubt, to those who fear God; Who believe in the Unseen; are steadfast in prayer, and spend out of what We Have provide for […]

Lethal Weapon Faux Pas

I understand the culture that has built a certain wall around the term “nigga”. So, when I read that Mel Gibson threatens his former lover, Oksana Grigorieva, with the word “nigger”– as in “You look like a fucking pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your […]

At What Point Does Unity Begin and Freedom End?

I’ve been thinking a lot today about unity. Mainly organizations and working with others. I find that I can work with others to a degree. It is like the minute we start getting too personal then it happens. And in the back of mind I’m playing this video of all the times I’ve had to […]

Ain’t I Black?

I don’t know. I have really grown in so many different directions over the past few years.(Looking at my stomach, seems like in more ways than one. Better start hitting that gym, again.) But jokes aside, I’ve noticed a certain slant in my thinking these days that I’ve called others “sell out” and “elitist” for […]

Hashtag Aiyana

This is for Aiyana. We all put together our thoughts in a very quick manner in order to explain in our way our pain for this travesty. Much of what you read will not be edited. We feel that the raw energy needed to deal with this situation deserves our naked souls.. @Cheymarlymom I have […]

Aiyana Jones was Sleeping

Aiyana Jones was sleeping. The Detroit police deciding that it was appropriate to storm an apartment building in 1940’s Chicago fashion. As though they were on a military operation in Iraq, they let flash grenades go off in the house as the unit crashed into the floors of the house. They had been warned by […]

The Black Caste Condition

There is a lot to be said more about the black intellectual experience in the US. What a lot of American Blacks don’t understand is the class system being built around education. In so many ways, Brown v. Topeka(1954) has been rendered null and void. Although, the 1954 Brown v. The Board of Education ruling […]

Malcolm’s Essence

So, I woke up this morning from one of those weird dreams that I’m sure many shell shocked victims of any sort of stressful past that affected them physically will have. Upon waking up, I cursed out the fedloan and all the banks, and thought about urinating on the debt statements I now owe the […]

“The Fucks Your Problem?”

ART is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way to affect the senses or emotions. SCIENCE is comprehensive information on any subject, but the word is especially used for information about the physical universe. I don’t know. Like most people, much of my daily musings and ruminations center around the question […]

Why Do You Know What You Know?(Strike Three)

what exactly are the effects of thought on the community? what is the effect of the CENTURIES of negative thought on the Black community? What is the true the brain washing and what is the cheap one? If you force a group of people under pressure of maiming, rape, and death to call themselves sub-human…for […]

Hand Over Hand: Barter and American Black Dollar

Many outside of the American Black Urban community have fallen hook, line and sinker for the white American propaganda campaign that the “hustler” must be involved in illegal or illicit pursuits. With possibly the exception of the acquirement of a tax id to and license to sell one’s wares this couldn’t be further from the […]

Notes From A Psyche-Evaluation(1st Quarter)

“Going through this thang y’all…about to pull this thang out…BUT IT’S AGAINST THE LAW…” – Erykah Badu, “Agitation”, New American Part Two(2010) One growth spurt that I have picked up recently was a more comprehensive understanding of groupthink. I originally had the popular understanding that groupthink was more about conforming in a sort of Orwellian […]

Groupthink Interpretions and Other Slick, Hip, and Cool Concepts…

I was always around some extremely urbane and hip type person. Once I was able to fend for myself well enough outside of the borders of the kingdom provided for me by my parents, I was a cohort to a brother who fit the description well. He would always tell me, “Now, I don’t have […]

Tea Party Terrorist: Just Another Grand Ole Party?

During the Health Care Debate, a virulent set of white terrorists has emerged. The Tea Party campaign is nothing if not persistent, and yet their language and behavior is nothing short of terrorism. Terrorism in that it is political, it has a political agenda, and the group is targeting political representatives with violence in order […]

My After Thoughts On HCR…Before

When the votes had been tallied, and the results had finally came in. After John McCain had given his speech, and the, at that time, president elect, “catted” his way to the bullet proof shield in Chicago, my first reaction was to let everyone know that he wasn’t black like us. I still hold on […]

What is ‘Politics’? (part 2)

I wanted to revisit this particular topic, in lieu of the Health Care debate, and my belief that many in the American Black community are still blind to a full and comprehensive understanding. Due to my own ignorances, and constant need for edification, I will take counsel with my elders on these topics. Hopefully you […]