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The Power And Glory Of Africana Womanism

This is a very powerful article written by media theorist and writer, Brenda J. Verner, discussing the need for Africana Womanism in the face of feminist political agenda and subversive pressures from academia to force US Black Women away from their own heritage. I have not asked permission to reprint this, as Owl feels it Read the full article…

Eminem Berzerk

Eminem Berzerk Eminem Berzerk is his latest work.

The Russell Simmons’s Harriet Tubman Rape Tape

Social Media Content Control or No New Sharecropping, No, No, No

Social media content control, as well as curation, can be a difficult process. Once we have comfortably programmed our favorite phone application to remember our screen names and passwords, we tend to forget that we are providing content in a means similar to sharecropping. Now, for Black African Americans familiar with US sharecropping, this metaphor Read the full article…

Dear Black American Sisters: A Response To @KolaBoof

“The spectacle is not a collection of images, but a social relation among people, mediated by images. ” – Guy-Ernest Debord, “The Society of the Spectacle” “I’mma make it do what it do, baby!” – Colonel H.M. Stinkmeaner, The Boondocks   So, I read Egyptian-Sudanese author Kola Boof’s “Dear BLACK AMERICAN Sisters” earlier today. Given Read the full article…