Trust, Sex, Black Media, And Black African American Women

I never think it is wholly wise or critically prudent to assess an entire group by their media presentation. I also do not think it is wholly wise or critically prudent to drink alcoholic beverages while driving, yet it is done. And so is the use of stereotyped media portrayals as guideposts for one’s worldview. Read the full article…

The Six Unavoidable Principles Of Twitter Beyond Twitter

“I’m not telling you something you don’t already know/Personal or business/You got to know who your friends is…”– Eightball, “Friend or Foe”   I have for the most part of my writing career held on to the notion that all forms of writing are simply conversations extended through time. Although, a written piece may have Read the full article…

J. Cole “Crooked Smile” Official Video Ft. TLC, Dedicated To Aiyana Stanley-Jones

B. Sharise Moore, “The Making Of Genius”

B. Sharise Moore, “The Making Of Genius”, is a poetic visit to a fictional conversation between Marvin Gaye, Sr. and Joe Jackson.