[Editorial]03-24-2017{Why I Am Willing To Pay A Monthly Subscription To Twitter}

So, a day or so ago, I read this article about Twitter adding premium subscription fees to their robust, feature-packed user interface, Tweetdeck. As a user of Tweetdeck, needlessly to say, a power-user, I have absolutely no problem with paying a reasonable cover charge to access this feature-rich package. That is, granted Twitter provides a few additional perks at, once again, a reasonable price. More on that in a bit.


Let me explain some of my reasoning here. As I have stated in various updates, I believe Twitter would be a better community if its power users had more control over it through a payment process. I still hold to that theory. As well, I have yet to read that Twitter is charging for all access to their platform, just a particular software packaging. As a professional, I started out in web design. Paying ridiculous prices for software packages is not something I am a stranger to. In my line of work, it sort of comes with that territory.


Moving this discussion back and forth along that trajectory, right. Adobe charges $19.99 for access to one of its Creative Cloud applications. Just one. I have no idea what lame can get by on just one Adobe product in that field, but I also hear that Pirate Bay is still having a special deal on all Adobe products. That being stated, for $3.99 a month and a stand-alone desktop application, as well as mobile, I have no qualms paying for Tweetdeck.


To be honest, it would be my pleasure.

However, I am not paying same price Adobe charges for Photoshop for Tweetdeck. Granted, I cannot fathom why anybody would only use Photoshop that would ever pay for just Photoshop, but, OWL be damned if pay same said subscription for Tweetdeck. This does seem to be that going rate being bandied about.

According to this insider’s update



My major concern here, if this is all accurate, is that most of these features are free, and if they are not, they should have been. I do sort of question a company that provides that sort of public service that Twitter has come to provide, holding their customer support hostage like this. But, most of this list, sadly, covers functionality already found in Tweetdeck with a few customizations. That being stated, I do not see where I could justify a budget for $19.99 a month.


I would be willing to pay $3.99 for use of Twitter alone, but asking me to pay an additional fee for software that cannot give me value off Twitter is not good business logic. Just like Photoshop without Illustrator, for me, is asinine at $19.99 a month. Twitter is not Twitter because of its sexy user interface(one of those few digital successes that Facebook did not steal, because it was stolen from Facebook); Twitter is Twitter because of its audience, sans celebrities that do not even interact with their user bases. For $19.99, although mad disrespectful, Adobe gives me power over digital imagery at a professional level. At that same price point, Twitter would have to give me power over social marketing. That sort of community influence, even with those goofy blue verification checks, simply cannot be baked into any of their software packages.