[Editorial]Sunday, March 19, 2017

I have probably done all my best writing when I was not thinking about audience. There is something about audience that reduces writing, and probably most creative activity, to a mechanical and mathematic process. Not that I despise calculation, in fact, I consider it a virtue, but I am one of those spiritual persons that believes in a monotheistic pantheon. That is to say: every goddess should be given rule over their own universe with assistance from other gods when they are called for.


That being said…


I am looking for ways to extend my Self three ways. OWL’s Asylum has to maintain a slightly mechanical approach to writing, or it no longer has pieces worthy of reading. Furthermore, I am a programmer and developer, so much of my thinking does exist in a mathematical space that often demands manipulation versus magic. However, I am also an artist at heart. I do believe in magic, and despite whatever markets are saying about people that use digital platforms for their art, I hold deeply to a sentiment that art should remain as authentic to its creator as possible. And of course, “as possible” means “after taxes”.


I do not think to find a room for calculation and creativity to share will be that difficult. More of a matter of keeping fear and frustration(read that as ‘perfection’) from blocking my writing(you have got to see what OWL did there).


Lastly, there is a need for business. Asylum has been able to exist for longer than most dynamics in similar categories because of readers, supporters, and donations from folks like you. Some months are better than others, of course. It has been difficult for me to bring a full business sense to Asylum, primarily, because my business savvy is about a level one on a ten level scale. Work ethic becomes a frowned upon quality when that work diminishes gains or simply does not accrue them. But, if math of that construction type hinders growth, then numbers simply for number’s sake outside of trade for necessities is an even bigger detriment.


OWL’s Asylum was never designed to make money. In fact, it was designed as a recreational and self-educational vehicle outside of my money making endeavors. Despite that fact, even its altruistic aspect was purely accidental. OWL’s Asylum was OWL’s asylum before it was any others asylum. Regardless of evolution, I have to take that design intention into account for our future direction. Unfortunately, any future expansion beyond present monthly expenses will demand OWL’s Asylum become monetized beyond monthly donations.


So, however, these three gods need to share a room, I have to figure that out. In practical space, not theoretical space. I will keep you posted on how this all works out…