Thursday, April 6, 2017{Social Media As Digital Open Mic}

I have decided to change this section of writings from being called “editorial” to being categorized as “Process”. I figured most of OWL’s Asylum as a body of writing was of an “editorial” nature. These particular scribings are more about my thinking about my thinking of strategy regarding OWL’s Asylum as a vehicle. A metathought, if you will.


I still have not decided how often I will be writing these. Given that I am averaging around 6 pieces a week at this point in time, I figure I may just release one of these every week. That is written in digital, not ink or brick, subject to changes at any moment.


I took some time off of Twitter, and then I took some time on Twitter. I still have yet to find my groove with Instagram and Facebook. However, I seem to be beating my high score on Twitter. I have not changed my mind about linking more of my content here from Twitter, though. While this is my aim, I do realize how difficult of a challenge it is to make viral content off Twitter with Twitter as an engine for that virality. My “trolling” of Twitter does much more than any of my more intellectually stimulating content here probably ever will. “Trolling” is not really a game of novelty or originality. It is more about providing a reason for creative expressions within a public setting best analogized to an audience. Even if those “creative expressions” would be better dubbed as “reactionary” in more thoughtfully analytic camps.


Social media is much more open mic night(or day, for that matter) than it is university auditorium. People want to express their version of whatever it is we are discussing, not be bombarded with authoritarian sentiment. Unless of course, that will get them more 10 on a scorecard, of course.