Uninstall A Package Via Command Line On Ubuntu Linux

Use one of these codes here to get a list of all the packages on your device. Once you have found that program, use apt or one of these commands to remove it. Any of the above commands will remove the specified package, but they will leave behind configuration files, and in some cases, other Read the full article…

Screenshots In Chromium Browser, Full Page

Click the three dots, point to “More Tools,” then click on “Developer Tools.” Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+Shift+I on Windows or Command+Shift+I on Mac to open the Developer Tools pane. In the top right corner of the pane, click the three dots icon, then click “Run Command.” In the command line, type “Screenshot,” then click “Capture Read the full article…

Screenshots On Linux Command Line(Chromium)

In order to get a screenshot of a web page(URL) in Chromium, we use this simple syntax structure in our terminal: If you need to find your path to chromium install, use which command like this: With that bit of information, we can now execute our screenshot command This only screenshots “above the fold” area. Read the full article…

Paste multiple times in Vim

Put before the command the number of times you want to repeat the action. And this works with many of vim commands. It would be: Source

What Wytches You???

I respect those that do not embrace “tradition” blindly. I stay minding which spells I cast. Just because it is done, does not mean I should do. Which ever spells I craft, can bewitch me too… Selah.

Blender: Reset position, rotation, size

For example to reset the default view camera to the origin with rotation=0, scale = 1 etc: ALT G – resets position to (0,0,0) origin (Grab) ALT R – resets rotation to 0, 0,0 (Rotation) ALT S – resets scale to 1,1,1 (Scale) ALT T – resets Tilt to 0,0,0 To reset the cursor: SHIFT-C= Read the full article…

Linux ::: Using ls To Find Inode Number

To find inode of file using ls command in terminal: ls -i Source

Vim Editor ::: Delete One Line Using Vim Editor

To delete one single line in Vim editor: Press <kbd>ESC</kbd> to move fluidly through your file. Place your cursor on line you wish to delete. Delete that line pressing: dd or D Source

VIM ::: Indenting Multiple Lines In Vim Editor

To indent multiple lines: Go into visual mode, using will push them towards your right. Source

VIM Editor ::: Closing All Windows/Splits Except Current One

If you are like me, you use NERDTree. While being a NERDTree user with Vim, often it is necessary(or just nice) to be able to close all open splits excluding NERDTree’s. In order to close those other windows in VIM, or splits, while leaving NERDTree open, it is necessary to navigate to NERDTree pane and Read the full article…