How To Run Scrcpy Wirelessly???

Make sure your device is plugged into usb of device you are issuing commands from. Connect both devices to same Wi-Fi Get IP address of mobile device Enable adb over TCP/IP: adb tcpip 5555 Enter: adb connect DEVICE_IP:5555 where DEVICE_IP is your device’s IP It is now safe to unplug your device Run scrcpy We Read the full article…

Convert MP4 video to MP3 audio with FFmpeg

The basic command is: or source

OWL’s Underground 3.1

On Pretty As Design

Let’s talk about “pretty”. Let’s talk about “pop”. Let’s talk about “dynamic”. Let’s talk about subjective and fashionable qualities of design. In visual design of communications media(think websites, user interfaces, video productions, billboards, book covers, book layouts, that shirt you wore five times in a row that one summer…), we are tasked with developing a Read the full article…

I Don't Debate, I Share

I Don’t Debate, I Share

So, my whole “I Don’t Debate, I Share” campaign grows out of my spiritual practice of Open Hand. In Western cultures, we are taught to separate our business and sexual/romantic experiences from our spiritual and ethical principles. While I do not claim an Eastern philosophy, Asylum does employ Eastern-like interpretations of transcendence and Unity. From Read the full article…

Gil Scott-Heron ::: Who’ll Pay Reparations On My Soul?

Zora Neale Hurston

Did Zora Neale Hurston Plagiarize Her First Work? ::: Readings From Zora’s ‘Barracoon’

In Zora Neal Hurston’s first(finally?) published edition of ‘Barracoon: The Story of the Last “Black Cargo”‘, Deborah G. Plant includes an afterword and section of additional materials, edited by her. In that section, she quotes Zora: “Woodson knew that people’s memories were notoriously unsound and must be checked carefully by reference to written documents.” This Read the full article…

Portrait of the Clotilda

Tale Of Human Traitors Captain Bill & Those Meaher Brothers ::: Readings From Zora’s ‘Barracoon’

All these words from the seller, but not one word from the sold. The Kings and Captains whose words moved ships. But not one word from the cargo. The thoughts of the “black ivory,” the “coin of Africa,” had no market value. Africa’s ambassadors to the New World have come and worked and died, and Read the full article…

Alice Walke

Alice Walker ::: Chicago Humanities Festival

Globally acclaimed activist, Black womanist, and award winning novelist, Alice Walker is a central fixture in literature. This interview with her delves into the life-altering impact of her life and body of work. Walker will also discuss and share from her new bilingual collection of poetry, Taking the Arrow Out of the Heart. This program Read the full article…

Collective #1