Uninstalling & Reinstalling Apache2 On Ubuntu 22.04

To uninstall Apache2 on Ubuntu 22.04 Reinstall Apache2 on Ubuntu 22.04 Make sure that Apache2 has been correctly installed and is working

Clear The Node Repl or Console

Node JS is a JavaScript server-side runtime. It can read and write to disk, process text streams and more. Node also includes its own package manager, npm (Node Package Manager), which makes it easy for developers to install third party modules that extend the functionality of their application or provide additional features without managing dependencies Read the full article…

Curation Demands Citation Too

I absolutely believe that success on these platforms as a curator demands damn near 176% ownership of posts. That means making posts look like they came from YOU. This can look like: 1) RTs without actually adding “RT” or clicking RT button 2) adding logo watermarks to images(even though YOU didn’t hire that photographer or Read the full article…

Return To Previous Directory In Linux Terminal

On *nix systems, you can type cd – to return to the previous directory. Source

Whale Farms

No matter how big of a whale you think you got on that hook, take care of that farm that takes care of you today…

On Topic Of Planned Parenthood And Abortions In General

I’m not against abortion. I am for a certain form of Black Power. I think ANY Black Person should be willing to PUBLICLY question an operation with a history and philosophy such as sanger’s. I don’t have like this list of general conditions, with of course that exception of rape. I tend to believe topics Read the full article…

Competition Means More Organizing Not More Money, Per Se

Competition is a dynamic obstacle keeping us away from our goal. Competition is not like a hill one must climb that will stay in place; our competition thinks, adapts, and regroups. It wins. It causes us to lose. Competition demands that we do more than add new parts. New parts only complicated what is probably Read the full article…

Find Command On Linux

When Unsure Of Name Use Wildcard Patterns To Look For A File To look for a file with a wildcard pattern it may be useful to wrap pattern in single quotes. If you are looking for a file with a .pdf extension, try: Source

2 Black WOMEN Ran YouTube Channels Black MOTHERS Should KNOW

Monica J. Sutton(Circle TIme) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvKUwMrjhC4 Tabitha Brown(Tab Time)

GSettings From Commandline On Gnome Desktops

Listing all possible GSettings properties and their current values: You should see something similar to this: Source