Steve Harvey, Univision’s Root, Dyson’s Hillary And Black Media Trust

So, Bridget and I were sitting down, watching television, Monday Night football, I believe. During a commercial break, I hear the voice of Steve Harvey. Steve Harvey is standing in front of an audience. Steve Harvey is selling enrollment, well, he is promoting the idea of attending Strayer University. What makes Steve Harvey an expert or authority on colleges? What would make me seek out Steve Harvey’s advice regarding choosing a college to attend? Has Steve Harvey even studied the arguments brewing respecting online universities versus traditional universities? Why should I trust Steve Harvey’s spiel? Simply because it is Steve Harvey?


Prior to having my Monday night invaded by the Moustache, I was sliding my finger in a flipping fashion across my Twitter application. I scrolled past an article tagline and link posted from Univision Communications’ recently purchased The update used the term “our” in the pseudo-voice of the US Black collective. The is owned by Univision, prior to Univision owning it, it was owned by Graham Holdings Company. Neither of these organizations are even 30% Black owned. Why is the Root speaking in the voice of US Blacks? I cannot hire Jewish interns to write pieces for me and pretend that OWL’s Asylum is a Jewish media outlet. Why are other groups allowed to do such with the identity of US Blacks?


If the reasoning for Media Trust is due to the need to finance information gathers, what is the reasoning for Black Media Trust? Why do I need to question whether or not to trust Steve Harvey? Why do I need to question the race of those presenting their company as a US Black company?


Before I even begin to atempt to tackle those sorts of questions, let me add more substance to the pot.


On November 29, 2015, Professor at Georgetown University, Michael Eric Dyson had a piece published. The piece published on The New Republic’s website was entitled,”Yes, She Can”. The article’s tagline in the site’s hero header reads,”Why Hillary Clinton will do more for black people than Obama”. Around the same time, Twitter went abuzz with commentary relating to this alteration of the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential run with a Rosa Parks’ likeness sitting in the back of the “H”.



Lines in the sand must be drawn when it comes to identity because we live in a race conscious society. Not only do we live in a race conscious society, but also one in which race consciousness breeds racial antagonisms that promote class barriers and further class antagonisms. Whyte media gatekeepers and owners do not see it within their policy of ethics to respect US Black symbols, icons, celebrities, and images as off limits for social manipulation. US Blacks need a course of instruction that teaches them critical thinking skills capable of warding off such intrusions.


This is Black Media Trust.