A Few Thoughts On Black Male Privilege And Black Female Privilege

History is self study. You’re pulling from the Objective Actions, the actual behaviors and events of a particular set of parts,(for lack of a better word) in Objective Reality. And that part is called Society. You are studying what others like you have done and can do, or have done better, perfected. Well, taken to a plane of improvement higher than the last plane it was on.


We are all exclusive. When our exclusivity is not recognized by others, we tend to give our exclusivity away to others. In order to be recognized.


We immitate.



Or we emulate.



We borrow…




Or we steal.


When we look at forms of elitism, we are looking at objective action. I’m saying, it not only creates an effect, it also affects us all. What you believe about your Self is imported through many of your actions. And through these actions we all begin to define your consistencies through our faith in your pattern. Or the inconsistency of it. An elite posture helps to create stigma. How elite White people view Black people, or choose to allow the world to believe they are viewed, creates a pattern in the people that want the recognition of the elite. In this sense, elite should be taken to mean the politically, thus economic powerful. Those with the control of the media, those with a great say via the media(think of people like Dave Chappelle, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, Kelsey Grammer, and Rush Limbaugh who influence what has been said in water cooler talks and barbershop discussions.), and those with laboratories to build the machinery of the media. An analyst of Black media is able to ask:


What will the impact of watching a dark skinned, Black woman written with the posture of an urban stereotype of the Sapphire mold(alright, hint, hint, character’s name rhymes with “Toni”), marrying a shorter Jewish doctor on the behavioral psychology of:


A young 13 year old girl with a white father and a Black mother;


A single Black Spelman Freshman with a color complex and weight insecurities;


Or polyamorous Black 27 year-old mother of two girls.


And of course I’ve asked my self why does a 35 year young Black woman find a 40 year oldish white cowboy more attractive than a 37 year old Black professional. And I suppose I revealed much of my motivation in studying why and how the media places these visions and ideas in our head, and what are the actual outcomes. And beyond the media messages to Black women from Jewish dudes, and the messages from Jewish Men to Jewish boys: if such objective power is owned and utilized in such fashion, shouldn’t groups of people that are being communicated to be able to harness such objective power them Selves? But, that’s not the Black media analyst writing that; that’s ghetto shaman. As I see it, Neo can’t organize the people in the matrix, only the ones in Zion. But enough of that.


Privilege is based on the conformity found in objective actors towards a creation of a particular objective reality. Those that participate in the objective actual behavior of Society willing, yet often unknowingly, or unconsciously, allow their exclusivity to be harnessed by those they seek to be recognized as. A young man living in Compton circa 1990s may find the fanfare of NWA influential as he seeks to gain attention as a man. “Man” and “Woman” are defined collectively by those actors that participate in the Society. The manner in which men that by nurture or natural given ability are defined by others as the standard of “man,” the more the allowance of behaviors that are solely beneficial, and often oppressive to women will become standardized.


“Boys will be boys.”


“Let him be a man.”


This forms a privilege, a result of behavior acted out by a party that allows them a benefit solely based on their belonging to a particular set of objective actors. My masculinity is prescribed by the elite drivers, the major movers of society, to be a provider and a protector. This implies, at least here in the United States, that I must be capable of the aggression necessary for self-defense, and often oppressive acts of physical violence, the creation of fear through intimidation, and also that I must be able to negotiate work for pay, or trade service, product ,or both for pay. The aggressiveness stands out as the main ingredient of masculinity, and hence in this society, White male privilege is the result of aggressive attacks on all women, and Black men. The result of White male privilege is fear in the minds of those oppressed by it. Male privilege is a reflection of White male privilege. Male privilege in the United States is the collection of benefits of masculinity displayed by others than White males. Male privilege is expressed in the notion that males are the superior gender due to the Western males’ association of society with the animal kingdom. It presents it Self in the gang rape of little girls as young males are allowed to express their aggression and their right to the female sexual body. It is given an exponential quality under the form of White Male Privilege in the United States, and a reduction of power benefit under the form of Black Male Privilege.


Black Male privilege is the result of Male privilege, hence a product of White male privilege. White male privilege has a part of its development the destruction of Black Male power. Thusly, although Black Males can benefit solely from being men(think misogyny in hip hop), any benefit will be weighed by the benefit it provides White male power. When Black males play video games that helped to socialize through simulators, they are limited to often only seeing them Selves as wizards, warriors, soldiers, or saviors through the avatars of white men. With the exception of sports and possibly the green rag wearing CJ from San Andreas, Black men see them Selves through white men as men in video games. It should be noted here that Black Women are often forced to overlook race and gender.


Black Female Privilege is also a consequent of White Male Privilege. During slavery, the Black Female sexual body was unprotected and owned by the White male as a privilege of White Male Aggression. White male power also needed to subdue Black Male Power, and any sense of security it could be of it Self and Black Women. In time, Black Female Privilege would become the resultant of that need to subdue Black Male Power. Black males are given the privilege of Male domination and socialization to seek to be dominant over Black Women, yet the economic oppression faced by Black Males creates a stigma. Black Males seeking power in the United States are hindered by groups of White males forming institutions composed of Whites that are often related through familial bonds or class ties. It shouldn’t be of great surprise when we find out that a White male with a criminal record, a stigmatizing condition, is often hired before a Black Male with a college degree, a status symbol. Given that Male Privilege in this country is a product of aggression – and ultimately the allowance of male aggression coupled with the desire for gender exclusivity amongst Male power brokers – Black Males are limited by resources in many cases to be providers and protectors in a legal manner. The Law in the United States being a weapon of the White Male Power structure, used to evaluate the Black Peoples held as slave to 3/5ths of human beings, as well as the authorizing of the bombing of multiple Black communities, causes Blacks to be doubly stigmatized. This can further Black Female Privilige as they become the gender with the most access to resources in the capitalist corporate structure. Black Females are presented in the media as aggressive, sexually risque, and successful, while Black men wear dresses. well, not all the time, but I think that last line was fitting enough.


This piece is not to justify privilege on either side of the gender spectrum. It is only to outline the roots of the questions regarding Black Male Privilege and Black Female Privilege. Due to the necessity of White Power to maim Black Power, both instantiations must exist as such. Black Male Privilege is not a bi-product of Black Male Power, any more than Black Male Power is the duplicate of White Male Power. White Male Power is the fulfillment of aggressions taken against Black males and Black females, the subjugation and psycho-cultural rape of both genders. Any allowances of privilege here in favor of either gender is a response from White male power.