About Antithetical Connotations Of Words We Wish We Were

Black Media Trust enforces a strict adherence to symbol level analysis. Being word conscious, that is, being aware of why a word is being used is highly lauded. Especially when constructing a worldview, or weltanschauung, dependent upon words, or symbols, that are not always connotatively accurate depictions of objective reality.


In certain circles I am privy to, a term that comes to mind almost instantly is ‘self-determination’. It is one of those terms that is bandied about with a notion of collective economic, yet its application in objective reality tends towards a certain selfishness. Its cousin in crime is that term, “independence”. Another term that is used to convey a sense of self-sufficiency, but compared to what it looks like in objective reality, its connotations belie much. To be ‘self-determining’ means we also have to be determining about resources that others have. To be ‘independent’ means we also have to be dependent upon others exchanging or giving us resources in a certain way.


Existence, Life, or “objective reality” is not space where one can ever be disconnected from a whole. To be “whole” in this space is to be connected to that whole in a way that is deemed either enviable or simply more connected than others. In order to actualize visions we have determined to be worthy of existing in, we must infringe on others or influence others. Even to simply feed our bodies, we must kill and imbibe on some living being.


Even if we continue to borrow from Stephen Covey, that is, using a term like “interdependency”, we tend to only look at balanced exchanges. Antebellum U.S. southern agrarian landowners could claim an interdependency with their slaves, but I am pretty sure this is far from that example we wish to taint that term with. However, it would be an accurate objective condition to point to. NIKE could claim to have an interdependent relation to those workers in Chinese sweatshops they employ. APPLE could claim to have an interdependent relation to their Chinese factory workers when those factory workers are not committing suicide to escape harsh conditions, that is.


Ours is an ecosystem. In order to get rich, or to have an overabundance of a valued possession, we must hoard and cut off others in our ecosystem from having those valued possessions. How we become independent and self-determining is not by actually being either of those, but almost by becoming their opposite in objective reality. To be in a position of power, one depends on others to be subservient to that power and to have faith that how we imagine our world’s value, is a superior imagining.