bell hooks On “Central Park Five”

Recently, bell hooks passed away. Due to her passing away, new found attention to her work became main discussion across many social media platforms.

During this avalanche of attention, many decided to address bell hooks’s forgetton writings and controversal takes.

One of which was her position on Kevin, Korey, Yusef, Antron, and Raymond case, also know as “the central park five”.

As you scroll through that thread, you can see that what incensed most was hooks’s inability to course correct before her passing. According to some, this work had been reprinted at least four times without being amended.

Personally, I am glad she did not remove it. I do not need bell hooks to be something that she was not. Obviously, whether right or wrong, she felt THIS strongly about it. She was not only person, more on that later.

It is important that we all learn to take people as they are. No matter what successes they find in Life. No matter how they impress us in other areas of their Life. No matter how magnitude of information they provide us in this Life.

bell hooks had been provided enough information to publicly alter her published thoughts. She did not. This entire passage, including its theoretical socio-psychological analysis is dead wrong. It is completely founded on a lie. A lie that aided Joe Biden and Bill Clinton in pushing forward one of harshest anti-Black bills, their historica omnibus crime bill.

bell hooks should have recanted. bell hooks should have written a few pages on why she wrong, a few more pages of socio-psychological analysis doubling as bed time reading explaining how her wrongness reflects in a general sense, and a few more pages even of her detailing at length how others can avoid doing similarly. But, bell hooks did not do such.

So we must.