Democracy Is Not About Who Can Vote, But Who Can Win

Voting is not enough to determine fairness of opportunity. Neither are diversity plays. Not that diversity is limiting, but in these united states, diversity tends to be limited to race, sex, sexual orientation, and gender(or lack thereof). There is a tendency to overlook similarities of representative class, however.

Y’all’s Daddy obeezy might be darker skinned(skint) than george w. bush, but they both are harvard graduates(source). There are 8 former us presidents with harvard degrees. Only other university that can boast of graduating a number of us presidents is yale, and even they have to share george w.

In last 33 years, only joe biden has been elected to office of us president without an ivy league degree(source). None of those elected in that time is without a degree. Whether a person with a degree is eligible to run is of little significance if numbers show that they have more of a chance of picking winning lottery numbers.

Who can win in a democracy matters more than who can run, and even more than who can vote. Representation along class has to have just as much significance in a nation like usa due to its worship of money and level of financial disparity. These same dynamics exist for ideas about who can get rich.

Who can play and who can actually win also matter in what is being referred to as a free market. Capital and access to capital play a much bigger role than most other factors including first mover advantages. All capital is social in my thinking, so it is important to note how much ones network increases their ability to secure large sums of monies, flip that money, and most importantly, stay afloat during downturns or bad decision making.