Dr. Torrance Stephen’s “Nobel Neocolonialism” && Black Media Trust

As many pundits and political pretenders pander a false notion about US foreign policies prior to present president Donald Trump, I have been running my fingers through better analysis. In George Orwell’s 1984, a department of that main protagonist’s government is tasked with rewriting history for their media to represent to its people. When I was younger reading this story, I giggled in my naiveté. These days I simply hope for a continued determination and desire to rummage through tomes of well-documented history so that I might never forget what I a being told did not happen.


One of those books I have been revisiting is a collection of essays written by Dr. Torrance Stephens, “Nobel Neocolonialism: U.S. West Asian, North and East African Foreign Policy Under the Obama Administration”. In an untitled essay(well, at least untitled in his book) contained in his book’s third chapter, Dr. Torrance writes:


I heard it mentioned during his state of the union address, how Obama alluded to Tunisia and Egypt in a backhanded way – saying we support democracy everywhere people for such…


…it is my perception that America does not support democracy and what we see occurring in the Arab world places new definition to the biblical statement of “a measure of wheat for a penny” and how this single sentiment in addition to the U.S> position in the region can topple a government.

In fact it could be argued that we, America, created this monster and it may reflect badly about how we go about democracy building around the world. We take the approach of overthrowing an established government and then installing our own and call it nation building. The problem is that true nation building can only occur from the citizenry. We have created a monster, all these years, we have stood by and support tyrants who never supported democratic rule for our own purpose of a so-called peace with Israel or our war on the emotion we call terror.


“Nobel Neocolonialism: U.S. West Asian, North and East African Foreign Policy Under the Obama Administration”, Torrance Stephens, pg 3


Dr. Torrance goes on to close this chapter with a discussion regarding “Islamic radicalism”. Along that same trajectory as these above-quoted paragraphs, he describes how USA under Obama furthered policies that created internecine conflicts throughout Middle Eastern nations.


What I highlight here mainly addresses several points I have repeated in my discourse I label, “Black Media Trust”. Dr. Torrance Stephens aptly describes USA’s strategy of modern imperialism(neocolonialism), as well as its practices of domestic propaganda. While I do not consider myself responsible for actions of Obama administration or USA military leaders, USA’s citizenry are often misled through a propaganda campaign that eases tensions with lofty terms that seldom represent objective reality accurately.


What Dr. Torrance Stephens accessibly articulates above is how US citizens, through media(mind you, this was written about Obama’s administration prior to all this hubbub about “fake news”) and academia, are persuaded to believe USA is extending “democracy” throughout a region whose instability was US manufactured. Whatever voices of those people is to be validated through group choice has to be weighed by factors exported to them by those in USA with enough power to find and exploit natural resources in that area. US government barely cares about maintaining peace and semblance of a democratic choice domestically without corporate gains. It would be a grave oversight in character judgment to think they care more about establishing a system of order outside their control and definition abroad.