Elaine Brown, Technopoly & Huey’s Analysis Of Revolutionary Intercommunalism

This post is a continuation of a post I wrote here.

Further in their discussion, Huey highlights more of his analysis of what an ad he deems as an indicator of not only things to come, but things as they already are yet many were unaware of. While many of his conclusion regarding both reactionary and revolutionary intercommunalism desire much scrutiny, he lays out many points that I have incorporated into my own thinking vis-a-vis Black Media Trust. Namely, his construction of a worldview, or weltanschauung, based on a deconstruction of socially erected boundaries that we often take for granted or burying in this garden of essentialism and “naturalities”. There are no “natural” nations, and our pride in these nation-states are more protection of and faith in elites who exploit our patriotism. More of that follows here:


“The important thing for us to see is this new reality. We have to abandon the idea of developing socialist states. That idea depends on the existence of nations, national economies. We have to embrace the idea of global revolution.

“But there’s good news in this. As this new dominant force of reactionary intercommunalists necessarily has to continue to expand — sell more Fords and Cokes, open more marketplaces — they, like the old capitalists, build up the potential for their own negation. A global negation. This situation cuts out the microstep of installing socialism in one place only to have it threatened by capitalism in another — where we would end up running around like Russians, trying to maintain and never being able to build.

There’s only one machinery to seize, the toppling of which makes way for an egalitarian redistribution of the wealth of the whole world — true communism. And there are only two classes: the billions of us and the few of them. Whatever the differences in the levels of oppression, from the industrial and technological workers to the impoverished Third World millions, the majority of the world’s people have become one class of dominated people. In other words, we have a setup for global revolution: revolutionary intercommunalism.

“Blacks in the U.S. have a special duty to give up any claim to nationhood now more than ever. The U.S. has never been our country; and realistically there’s no territory for us to claim. Of all the oppressed people in the world, we are in the best position to inspire global revolution.”

“A Taste Of Power: A Black Woman’s Story”, Elaine Brown, pg 281