My Gripes With US Government For Not Providing A More Open Web To Its Citizenry

Everyone should have a computer with free server software on it. Everyone in these United States should be involved in open source projects, either helping to write them or distribute them on their free servers. Internet should not have been a commercially dominated space once US tax payer backed US Government and US Military expanded DARPA-NET for public consumption. US Citizens should be using that digital wiring Daddy Obama forced us all to use for serving their own files onto internet as opposed to being commercially programmed to choose a few big players to spend their lives giving free data to.


In a country where a government was truly of its people and for its people, a communication medium such as internet would have been widely distributed to its people before its companies and elites. Computers should be like how landline telephones were during 1980s and 1990s(do any of you reading this remember those times?). A person should be able to rent an apartment and a computer with internet access already be there. Every hotel room should already have a computer with server capabilities already there. Every kindergarten student should be graded on their ability install Ubuntu, Fedora, or some open source(read free) operating system.


Instead of being consumers this government should have primed and prepared its citizens to be global communicators and creators. Hosting files online should not be a gate protected by Internet Service Providers whose numbers are beginning to look, ironically, more and more like those Bell companies of last century(remember when everyone had to get their communications connections through some arm of Bell?). Instead, this country’s Government and business leaders have decided to drain its citizens and customers for data. Instead of teaching a nation to become computer savvy, they have made them more computer illiterate by corralling them into subsections of commercial online space to be gutted for information like livestock.