Is Joe Biden Really President???


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This was a question posed by Charlamagne on his Comedy Central show, “Tha God’s Honest Truth” to Kamala Harris less than one year into her term as vice-president.

What caught my attention was how this was presented on social media. Initial clips of this particular segment(about two to three minutes of a twenty minute conversation) only showed Charlamagne asking this question and an irate and belligerent Kamala Harris responding indirectly in her now world famous blaccent.

What was left out of these clips shared online by liberal negro supporters of Asian-American Harris, was her assistant, Symone Sanders cutting Charlamange off.

This prompted me to consider, one, why hadn’t most people simply gone to Youtube where entire segment was uploaded. Two, what was so damning about Symone’s interruption that most posting this clip felt it needed to be edited out before sharing.

In its entirety, Charlamagne’s interview was driving. He presented questions representative of not only his fanbase, but her voting bloc. Prior to this last segment, Harris was composed and agreeable. It does not appear to be this single question, but a brief pause of confusion caused by Sanders’s interruption that sparked Harris’s need for “sister girl anger”.

There is a danger when a leading representative of a nation must remind you with finger wagging that they hold elected office. That Charlamagne must ask such a question about her administration mate, Joe Biden, speaks volumes, sure, but that her most well thought(she had ample time to reflect during Sanders’s bumbling disruption) reaction was deflection(“don’t go sounding like a republican”) and vitriol only adds more clarity a much too loud gesture of defeat.

From a perspective purely driven by optics, I must wonder why didn’t Harris’s team conduct a pre-interview reading of Charlamagne’s proposed questions. She was caught off guard, and thought she had some carte blanche with a Black person of influence. This only goes to reveal further just how out of touch with Black people this administration remains.