Kevin Spacey Of House Of Cards On Television Beyond Television


In what I believe is a keynote address, Kevin Spacey addresses medium as message in respect to world of television. What caused me to write about this particular speech is his abstraction of physical device. As a web developer, responsive design and designing for an array of physical screens is never too far from my thoughts. This is one of those few addresses that tackles this from a moving picture production perspective.


Dealing with this topic of screens– and more importantly, continuity of production across them– I have attempted reduce my own insecurities concerning this hierarchy of form. Granted, what I can play on a television screen and what I can get broadcast from a major network or corporation are still two very distinct and disparate conditions. However, that is my fight as a media producer. We are all more able to reach audiences via every device, including that big flat screen in living rooms nationwide.


While I am growing to detest time as a synonym for “progress”, I thought his anecdote detailing how his team sold “House Of Cards” to Netflix was telling. That one set of networks was demanding a pilot for proof of concept and another already had their data analyzed and ready for purchase says a lot about what this modern media landscape looks like. Still, gatekeepers persist, I consider method of data gathering(a process much more ubiquitously available) familiar for those creatives that now produce media content online.