Mumia Abu Jamal’s Mother’s Day Massacre

Mumia Abu-Jamal is no stranger to police framing and state violence. Philadelphia’s Panther Walking is also no stranger to powerful mother’s and state abuse of Black Mothers. In his collection of essays, “Writing On The Wall”, Mumia details events that occurred after Mother’s Day on May 13, 1985 in an essay entitled,”The Mother’s Day Massacre”:


Mother’s day is traditionally marked by carnations, roses or simply memories of mother. In Philadelphia–aided, armed and abetted by agencies of the U.S. federal government– launched its mission of mass destruction, leaving a neighborhood in smoldering ruins, leaving hundreds homeless, and leaving the charred, scattered corpses of men, women and children as silent testament to how America responds to Black resistance.

“Writing On The Wall: Selected Prison Writings Of Mumia Abu-Jamal”, Mumia Abu-Jamal, pg. 20


Philadelphia, once capital of a new nation, home of the Liberty Bell and site of Independence Hall, has become redefined in American and global history. It is the site of the premeditated mass murder, the cold-blooded bombing of MOVE’s house, and the resultant mind-blowing massacre of at least 11 people, labeled “radicals.” Since this act of state-sanctioned incineration, a whitewash of major proportions and a witch hunt of survivors continues to this very day!

“Writing On The Wall: Selected Prison Writings Of Mumia Abu-Jamal”, Mumia Abu-Jamal, pg. 20

On May 13, 1985, MOVE members took a principled and courageous stand, demanding freedom for their unjustly imprisoned family, and the city that claims to be the “cradle of liberty” responded by an act of absolute overkill that left many in mind of Vietnam….

“Writing On The Wall: Selected Prison Writings Of Mumia Abu-Jamal”, Mumia Abu-Jamal, pg. 20

It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to figure out that the 1978 arrests, trial and convictions of nine MOVE men and women in connection with the death of a city cop was a setup from the word go. In a trial that had not even the faintest resemblance to justice, the judge who convicted them to a virtual millennium in prison would later boast over the airwaves of a popular talk-radio station that he had not “the slightest idea” who was guilty!

“Writing On The Wall: Selected Prison Writings Of Mumia Abu-Jamal”, Mumia Abu-Jamal, pg. 20-21

Philadelphia’s response to MOVE’s righteous demand for freedom has echoed across the earth. During the much touted “summit” meeting between Reagan and Gorbachev, the threatened U.S./U.S.S.R. human rights “showdown” never materialized. Why not? Did the representative of “The American Way” forget? The Soviet news agency TASS offered a more apt reason: “American authorities recently gave the whole world a demonstration of their democracy when they publicly slaughtered more than a dozen black-skinned inhabitants of Philadelphia and bombed a whole city block.” This system’s propagandists (Time magazine) took the Soviet media to task for “omitting” the fact that Philadelphia’s mayor is Black, and, added Time,”The bombing has provoked much soul-searching in addition to searing criticism and lengthy hearings and investigations.”

Did it matter that a “Black mayor” gave the OK that launched the bomb that blew Black bodies of women and babies asunder? Doesn’t South Africa show videos of its Black police flogging and flailing Black protesters? Are Black antiapartheid demonstrators any less maimed, bruised or broken because Black hands wielded the whips? If anything, it was not TASS that omitted pertinent facts surrounding May 13, but Time itself (and other U.S. media).

And what of the “searing criticism” Time glibly boasts of? Can it produce one example of such criticism in its own back files? Apparently the alleged “soul-searching” Time wrote of was done in private, ‘cus it damn sure hasn’t been in print! One telling example of its “searing criticism” put the urban holocaust and firestorm of Osage Avenue into its “proper” perspective.

“Goode insisted,” wrote Time, “that the fire, one of the worst in Philadelphia history, was simply the result of an accident, not bad judgment.” Neither Time, Newsweek nor any other U.S. newsmagazine elected to publish the critical comments of teenage survivor Birdie Africa, who said that when MOVE men, women and other children tried to flee 6221 Osage, they were repeatedly driven back inside a bombed and badly burning building by police automatic rifle fire.

“Writing On The Wall: Selected Prison Writings Of Mumia Abu-Jamal”, Mumia Abu-Jamal, pg. 21-22

Neither did America’s national newsweeklies feel it important to report that the military explosive C-4 (which composed part of the bomb) was a gift from an FBI agent to Philadelphia cops. Not one of them reported that the police were “loaned” machine guns and other weaponry by Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents of the Treasury Department of the U.S. federal government.

“Soul-searchng”? “Searing criticism”? Bullshit! Time’s reference to “lengthy hearings and investigations” is little more than a smokescreen. Has Time yet given a definitive account of those hearings? Did Time cover the litany of lies that fell from official lips during those hearings? Did Time feel it necessary to report that, to date, no one has been fired, much less arrested in connection with this deadly disaster?

Finally, did Time report that a federal investigation into the MOVE bombing was recently scrapped, because a Philadelphia Justice Department official decided evidence gained during the “lengthy hearings” was unusable–and thrown out? None of these facts proved newsworthy to Time, the magazine that dared to chide TASS for “omissions.” Meanwhile, U.S. mass media “omissions” continue.

Who knows that MOVE members across Pennsylvania continue to be subjected to a wealthy of state-sanctioned harassment and deprivations, from denial of MOVE’s raw-food religious diet to MOVE people being thrown into the “hole” for refusing to violate their religion by cutting their hair? An unbiased review of MOVE trials show, unquestionably, that MOVE members languish in jail today essentially for being members of MOVE.

Case in point: this system’s prosecution of MOVE Communications Minister Ramona Africa. Romana, the only adult known to have survived the blistering May 13 inferno, braved a hail of automatic weapons fire, hundreds of thousands of gallons of water gushing through her home, numerous tear-gas grenade attacks, numerous explosive blasts against the walls of her home, emerging badly burned after the infernal aerial bombing of her home, only to be slapped with a deluge of charges upon her exit, among them simple assault, aggravated assault, recklessly endangering the public, threatening public officials and disorderly conduct.

“Writing On The Wall: Selected Prison Writings Of Mumia Abu-Jamal”, Mumia Abu-Jamal, pg. 22-23

Remember, not one public official, to date, has been charged with anything, even though they bombed a house full of men, women and children, blasted a city block to oblivion, blew the walls, fa├žade and roof off an occupied home, and burned men, women and babies alive. In short, the “City of Brotherly Love” committed a premeditated mass murder of MOVE people, and when one had the nerve, the gall, the temerity to survive, this city added insult to injury by bringing charges against her. Insanely, this system’s latest lunacy is to sue Ramona Africa and Louise James (whose son was murdered in the house) for monetary damages.

In a remarkably detailed 25-page letter to supporters and reporters, Ramona described the city government’s rationale for the police overkill on Osage Ave. The stated justification for the assault was to serve past bench warrants for minor misdemeanor charges. That paltry reasoning falls flat on its face as Ramona documents how MOVE folks traveled freely across the city, shopping and even visiting other MOVE houses, until days before May 13. City claims of having been “afraid of contact” with MOVE, so as not to “inflame a tense situation,” seem similarly hollow in light of the beating and arrest of Mo Africa a block from MOVE’s house in July 1984, and his subsequent conviction on May 3, 1985–just 10 days before the bombing and razing of Osage Avenue. MOVE men, women and kids walked in city streets and played, ran and exercised in a nearby park until May 11, 1985.

“Writing On The Wall: Selected Prison Writings Of Mumia Abu-Jamal”, Mumia Abu-Jamal, pg. 23

In Ramona’s own words,”If the authorities was interested in simply arrestin’ MOVE people and bringin’ us to trial on outstandin’ litigation for alleged crimes, there was every opportunity for the authorities to do that as early as 1984, when MOVE people was walking the streets of Philadelphia alone or with maybe one other person, but the authorities were never interested in simply bringin’ MOVE people to trial; they are only interested in stoppin’ John Africa, and if killing us is the only way they see to do it, they are willing to kill us.”

As to what really happened on May 13, Ramona adds, “It is clear, to all those willing to see, that those cops did not come out on 62nd and Osage to simply arrest MOVE people; that could have been done anytime in 1984 if that was all Wilson Goode and those in authority wanted to do. Those cops came out to 62nd and Osage to kill MOVE people–men, women and babies–and to put anybody that survived their murderous attack in prison for the rest of their life.”

It is past time for people to wake up to this campaign of state terrorism against the MOVE Organization, and to start speaking out against this obscenity of a system! Call for a halt to the religious persecution of MOVE members! Demand the freedom of Ramona Africa, MOVE prisoners, and all political prisoners!

“Writing On The Wall: Selected Prison Writings Of Mumia Abu-Jamal”, Mumia Abu-Jamal, pg. 24

Organize! Inform! Act against this monstrosity!

Long live John Africa’s Revolution, and down with this rotten-ass system!

“Writing On The Wall: Selected Prison Writings Of Mumia Abu-Jamal”, Mumia Abu-Jamal, pg. 24