On Why Not To Trust A Government

I always sense that there is a confusion surrounding ‘capitalism’ as a term. Often, words become distorted in public meaning due to popular writings or speeches that define those terms in a way that divert from what those terms point to. ‘Capitalism’ is not solely about profit gains. In fact, its growth is predominantly about extension of government control. This is regardless of profit motivations because ‘profit’ itself will be defined along a dynamic and vacillating trajectory, as well. What should be focused on primarily in discussions of “capitalism” is not so much “capital”, but those entities created, constructed, and consecrated through government and media to define what people see as ‘capital’, namely, corporations.


With US Black Media Trust, I set out to give breath to framework of questions I felt many in my course of experience lacked. Now, this course traverses all classes from prison yards to some of United States of America’s most elite hallways. There was a danger in how US Black people approached trust. When centralized governments are tasked with financing economies through consumer culture, it is not enough to ask how to trust a person. I believed in most of these conditions where we are bombarded by our very government to give up our value, we should be asking, why should I be employing any form of trust?


There is a serious flaw in any educational system that begins with forcing its students to trust it as an assumption for success. In order for critical thinking to be an effective tool, it must grow out of a condition of no trust. Some seem to think this is an unhealthy proposition. I think they are either naive or predators.


My process of teaching critical thinking is to prepare a student to suspend trust, to suspend belief, to entertain doubt properly. To hold more than one conflicting worldview is tantamount to successfully mastering critical thought. To trust that only one way of going about is akin to ignorance of that dangerous and deservingly stigma-ridden sort.


If your government is that only group teaching you how to trust, teaching you who to trust, then how in that seventh layer of hell do you know you can trust them? Why even employ trust at all? Why not learn how not to be trusting if you obviously need to learn how to trust?


Is not that a better mathematical order of operations?