Obama As Impotent Rage

Ultimately, my belief is that there is not much in our world wholly “good” or wholly “bad”. For that most part, it would seem, there are just things against me, and those for me.


I did not see Barry Obeezy as a revolutionary figure or a model for US Blacks to aspire. Daddy President of US Blacks when he was not catering to cops, or drinking beers with them, fell far from that firmament. His change, while once unbelievable, had limited reach. He was a lightening bug that flew out of a removed lid none realized had been removed. Only to have it slammed back on. Tightly twisted.


In an era of Aiyana Jones, Trayvon Martin, and thousands of Mike Browns, USA’s only President born of a nonWhyte father waited on a lame Justice system. Maybe had he played on an all Black basketball team instead of an all-but-half of him Whyte one, he would have known US Justice for US Blacks is never on time. Most of us were taught by our parents not to look for it to arrive.

In a land where George Zimmerman, Joseph Weekley, and Darren Wilson roam freely, Father President Barry speaks of his legacy as killing Bin Laden. Maybe his terrorism does not look like mine, however. We tend to mention George “Dubya” Bush in connection to Kanye West, and his “Katrina moment”. I was born and raised in St. Louis, where there is no true distinction between it and Ferguson. I live with my wife in a home inside this charming city of Baltimore. I can think of a few moments where Obama did not seem to care about Black people as his National Guard confined US citizens to their homes like wranglers corralling cattle.


In a world where Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church is a trauma center, Y’all’s Daddy Obama was unconvincing as US Black advocate. Instead of bully pulpit, his was church choir. A low falsetto full of promising distraction; devoid of anything even remotely similar to change.


In Rockstar North’s video game series, “Grand Theft Auto”, there is a superhero used to mock pop culture named,”Impotent Rage”. Obama’s was an impotence sans rage. It was a superiority of gestures, grand standing, and gala events. Obama was a superhero in a story line about fallen villains finding their one last score. He was simply a puppet used as satire reflecting on this society of spectacle.