Parsing Black Media Trust

I am a survivor of society, and I am a student of life. These two very core sets of experiences often conflict and cause me to have to make interesting ethical decisions.


For example, my thoughts on Black History. I do not think Black History should be taken lightly, exhibit A: And Why Should We Be Alarmed At Lil’ Wayne’s Sacrilege? . However, I do not think Black History should be treated too reverentially, exhibit B: 7 Reasons Why Black History Month Sucks Giraffe’s Clitoris.


This leads me to want to explain a little more colloquially my notions regarding, “Black Media Trust”. Some in certain online circles I visit think I mean “Black Media” Trust. This is not so. I mean more, Black “Media Trust”. That is, what I am calling, “Black Media Trust” is a framework, manifesto, or set of principles built to gear Blacks to have a sophisticated way of parsing all media. I could have easily called it “Black Media Distrust”, but my student of life side thought against it.


Even “distrust” can be a little less accurate here. What we should all be considering is how authoritative all media has become. Couple that with a position that does not promote censorship. Psychological warfare is not shutting down oppositional voices, it is presenting your voice while parsing those subtle and underhanded, or coded messages that oppose your voice. Black Media Trust sets out to provide tools that assist Blacks in parsing messages that are counter them, even when those messages come from other Blacks.