Political Philosophy As Popular Pronouncements

Politics should not be a study of style at a collective level. Fashionable tech devices and fashionable clothing choices are alright. Fashionable ideologies and political choices based on what one deems fashionably acceptable render a collective group pliable.


It is dangerous to believe that Trump’s lack of popularity is a direct reflection of his politics. It is not. It is dangerous to be hypnotized to believe Daddy Obama’s popularity is tied to a politics that does not include xenophobia, anti-immigration, a promotion of corporate advantage, or support for a continued police state that looks more and more like genocidal agency every 28 hours. It also is not. US politics and that direction of this nation, domestic and foreign, is always on same path, despite this bipartisan national game of good cop versus bad cop played out at that local and federal government level.


Suppression of facts in US media did not begin when Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard pet project reached global proportions. It would be preposterous to assume no suppression of journalism occurred prior of 2016 US elections.


A politics of popularity is not a politics at all, it is a cult of personality. A people’s politic can neither be represented by nor restricted by personality cults driven by desire for power proximity.