Revolutionaries Do Not Believe In Social Mobility

I do not want this to be an attack on assimilists. I do not want this to be misinterpreted as an attack on those seeking social mobility in these United States. What I intend for these words to accomplish is an understanding that those who are not involved in a successful revolution, but use terms and images associated with such historic acts are probably opportunists seeking to abuse cache stored in US Black collective social heritage and memory.


Revolutionaries do not believe in social mobility. Social mobility is at best an assimilist posture, at worst, a reformist socialization. Revolutionaries, from my readings of what people who have successfully championed revolution, are people who take; not wait.


Much of why I have constructed Black Media Trust is due to this use of “revolutionary”. There is a very specific use case for that word, and when it is employed outside of that use case, it is a lie. It is a very dangerous dishonesty. It is quite alright to not be a revolutionary. Most humans that have stepped foot to ground on planet Earth were not revolutionaries. Most humans in history are assimilating to lifestyles and postures developed by those with more resources and prestige than them.


People tend to want that prestige of a position without that concomitant pain associated with arriving at that position.


This US Black fight for integration and acceptance is Gramsci’s blind spot. That is to say, it is US Blacks attempting to assimilate, but never having an ability to blend at a level as Asians, Jews, Italians, or Africans. Individuals have been able to accrue and amass tremendous amounts of money, but not one has been able to reverse collective stigma or branding of US Blacks. Not one of US Black’s supposed “excellence” representatives has made any true and lasting gains in dismantling those political and economic structures that create race-based caste-like social strata in these United States of Northern America. Obama could only watch from down Baltimore-Washington Parkway as citizens of Baltimore were corralled like cows, animals, into their very own row homes by a military he was Commander-In-Chief of for demonstrating angst against state violence in Freddie Gray’s murder.


US Black Media Trust is not saying go out and shoot at cops in an attempt to be revolutionary. US Black Media Trust is exposing through use of critical thinking technique specifically developed for US Blacks a flaw in “progressive” and “activist” spaces. US Black Media Trust opens this discussion up by shedding light on those differences of ideology that often create Whyte backed Black leaders. US Black Media Trust exams those patterns of thinking that allow its adherents to point out exactly that one crucial reason why failure is often certain when we promote representatives over self-determination. There are no roads to US Black Power in social mobility. So any ambitions of US gain, prestige, or assimilation of any type is a ruse if it is claiming to be more than a tactic to get some “leader” a bigger pile of crumbs.


Assimilation is not a revolutionary act. Assimilation is not a progressive act. Assimilation has not lead to less enslavement of US Blacks on any scale that weighs criminalization of US Blacks in its proper measure. Social mobility, integration, and US Black reformist measures are all strands of attempted assimilation. US Black Media Trust is not saying these are “bad” acts.


US Black Media Trust is saying what it just said.


Politics is not what you aspire to do, but what you are doing. Aspiring to revolutionary deeds, is not a revolutionary deed. Revolutionary deeds are not even revolutionary until they successfully implement revolution.