Social Media ::: Free Speech As Product

We believe that social media sells us free speech.

While it does not, or at least has not, most of us believe it should.

We believe it should.

We believe that free speech is just as much a commodity as choice. Or, no choice, since that is what these platforms actually sell.

No choice seems dystopian. And yet, despite what those of us socialized in these united states have been spoon fed, we are constantly purchasing “no choice” branded as convenience.

Algorithms. This decade’s buzzword. Algorithms. Computer programs attached to interfaces that choose what we see based on past consumption patterns. We believe that we are creating content. We believe that we are providing value.

What we believe is belied by this beast’s true nature.

Many of us still believe a company’s objective is to flip money. To secure a return of investment. I no longer believe this. Corporations, like nations, like governments, have an existentialist position. That is, they exist, and they wish to continue to exist. This need to exist is precarious for pure profits.

Content creation, free speech, and other illusions are sold to us. We are told we have a “platform”. Is that what we have?

It seems to me, that we only have a needle in our arms draining us of valuable Life blood. Ideas fused with electromagnetic designs. Bright screens hold us like gnats to a porch light. And how much of this free speech has changed our reality? How much has societal abuse waned?

Not much at all, really.

With all this “wokeness’ abounding, we would think school shootings would have simmered down.

With all this “wokeness” abounding, we would think police killings would have simmered down.

With all this “wokeness” abounding, we would think Black pregnant WOMEN would have less fatal pregnancies.

But muthaphukkkin’ alas…