Thoughts On US Blacks Not Paying Attention To WikiLeaks Drops(Top Of 2017)

Back somewhere in those middle summer months of 2013, then President of these United States of America, Barry Obama called Edward Snowden, “a 29-year-old hacker”. This was not only dismissive in tone due to saying he’s young, but also because Obeezy stated that he would not be “scrambling jets to get” him. Interestingly enough, an entire term later, Edward Snowden remains on US watch lists. Something that he shares with Assata Shakur and many other Black Liberationists under surveillance throughout our world.


While Julian Assange was assisting Edward Snowden, Chelsea Elizabeth Manning (nee Bradley Edward Manning) was also working with that WikiLeaks’s founder. Manning had released to Assange what might have been one of history’s largest military document leak. Soon after Barry Obama dismissively discussed Edward Snowden’s actions, Manning would be court-martialed to 35 years in violation of US Espionage Act. Leftist radicals and identity politicians would protest for a reversal. Before Donald Trump became everybody’s most hated president, Bush and Obama extended domestic invasions of privacy and civil liberty violations to historic levels.


Around this same time, Melissa Harris-Perry began her ministry to her Black disciples. Stating that Edward Snowden was not a hero, and lightweight calling him a coward for escaping to Russia to avoid a similar fate to Manning, on her once popular MSNBC Sunday morning talk show. On MSNBC’s website, she also left an “open letter” for Snowden to return home to “face the consequences of the actions for which you are so proud.” I wonder if she feels that Assata Shakur, too, should come home and face consequences of those actions which Assata should be proud of.


One of many reasons I believe US Blacks should at least be more aware of obviously vetted drops from US Governmental agencies that are broadcast on WikiLeaks is because past is only prologue. Whenever US Blacks are in particular being targeted for a communications campaign to steer their thoughts surrounding government whistleblowers, US Black Media Trust should be involved. From J. Edgar Hoover’s mail monitoring of Marcus Garvey to his wiretapping of Civil Rights’s Movement activist and his involvement in COINTELPRO’s employment of agent provocateurs from Black Panther Party to Nation of Islam, there is NEVER a reason for US Blacks not to question and be as aware as possible of this government’s domestic spying practices.


OWL’s Asylum is not asking you to become a loyal donor of WikiLeaks or to subscribe to any of its politics. However, it would be damn foolish not to at least browse through their documents and be abreast of their releases. It is akin to aiding and abetting genocide for any US Black to present an organization that routinely reveals violations of civil liberties as unworthy of attention.