What Is Black Media Trust(Pillar Ahad)[Feb 2019]

I’m going to say this: we need new language.

New language. Language needs an update. It needs an upgrade. Language needs an upgrade. Need these young, these young people who invent new words in HipHop every 3 months, we need them to come to the table and work some things out with us. We need new language, man. But yeah, in lieu of saying phrases like rant, freestyle, stream of consciousness– that area of thinking is where I’m at right now.

I want to allow my cell phone space to record my thinking and share it with you as well. Share it with you as well.

As of late, my thoughts are on authority. Once again, authority. I believe that one of the main reasons we have a difficulty battling major corporations especially in the tech space, especially in the technology space, companies like Google, companies like Facebook, companies like Twitter. Companies…I don’t want to put Snapchat there just yet. I think Snapchat has a little bit more time to grow. It  doesn’t have what they would refer to as brand Equity as of yet.

However, companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google– definitely Google– they have the same sort of institutional authority, brand equity, mindspace values(these are the kind of things I want you to think about as I discussed this) that institutions such as Webster’s, Roget’s, Southwestern Bell– when I say Southwestern Bell I want you to think of the Yellow Pages, White Pages. These are institutions that at one time they had the badge. If you know what I mean.

The authority.

You know, when you said go to Google,  I meant, “to go to Webster’s”, excuse me ,when you said, “go to Webster”. “Go get a dictionary”. When you said, “go get a dictionary,” “a dictionary” meant Webster’s, first off!

You know, maybe some other dictionary, Oxford, or another dictionary or something, but predominantly in that era you meant a Webster’s Dictionary. It was the authority.

If it wasn’t defined by Webster’s in any certain way, you weren’t allowed to use that word in any certain way without artistic license. And you had to have a certain amount of authority, money, fanfare, popularity in order to get around Webster’s limitations on language. The same with Roget’s as a thesaurus. And as a archive: the White Pages and the Yellow Pages, held a significant sway on a business’s ability to advertise, be accessible and questions were raised about you as an individual if you sought to have your name removed from the White Pages. You weren’t listed, unlisted is the word, the word that we used then.

That level of authority, one, it is dangerous. Because these aren’t, these aren’t governmental. I don’t just mean governmental, well, I don’t mean it in the military sense of governmental. I don’t mean it in the authority sense of government or the bureaucratic sense of government. I mean it in the people did not elect to have you be this institution that governs this particular space. The people have not vested any power into you.

The only investment from the people is the same investment the people give to the land. That is we send our sons and daughters to patrol the borders and to extend power in other nations. And you get to use the taxpayer’s money that provides for infrastructure–roads, highways, telephone lines, yada yada ya.  But the people did not elect for you to have this authority. But the people have vested that authority into you for whatever or through whatever tactics of brand development/brand building these particular institutions were able to employ.

This is how they they got to that. The same thing has happened with Google. The same thing has happened with Facebook. Same thing has happened with Twitter. We treat these institutions as if someone went to war to have them established. We treat these institutions as if they are a necessity; as if no other business, no other institution could come and replace them.

We treat them with a level of trust –which is the big thing here, Black Media Trust is my thing, so the trust aspect here is extremely major to me.


We trust Google, more than we trust our own family.

We Believe Google more than we believe our own family.

We look at the institution of Google, Facebook, Twitter at a higher level than we look at the institution of family.

We have allowed corporations, not even big corporations, which is another dangerous thing: Webster’s might have employed more people to put together their dictionaries than Google employs to dominate the mindspace at a global level.

That Facebook employs to archive and collect data on over two point whatever billion people(I am recording this February 18th 2019 [time stamp]).

We have more vested interest in companies, corporations, applications, functional interfaces –that’s all it is. With a little lead way when it comes to Google because they are fundamentally operators of the Android phone. And most phones have as operating system– most mobile phone, at least in the United States of America– Android.

That means Google.

Google has done what Microsoft did, basically.

And they have done it with less questions.

They’ve done it with a lot less competition, also. Despite whatever is going on with Apple at this present moment.

Google has been able to creep its way into our lives in a way that it allows them to record all of our are things.

Archive all your images.

Archive all of our conversations.

Archive all of our searches.

I agree with Scott Galloway when he says that Google is like the God of our generation. It is our Oracle. It’s who we go ask our deep questions to.

It is Webster.

It is Roget’s.

It is Encyclopedia Britannica.

All of these great institutions that once represented trust and value. Mainly trust. Authority.

When you saw Encyclopedia Britannica, it had the badge of authority. In that particular realm. You trusted them.

Now, whatever the academics, whatever the alienated academics thought, you know that was esoteric. But for the rest of us, Webster, Roget’s, Encyclopedia Britannica where the institutions. When you saw those on the bookshelf they resonated. There was some that was there was equity there. It was mind space, authority there.

And within less than 30 years, Google has been able to absorb all of that. To exponentially greater levels. Exponentially because it has much greater reach. I don’t have to go to a bookshelf for Google. I just reach into my pocket. Google is already listening.

Google is already listening.

Every phone call.

Every text message.

Every search.

Every time you go to the browser.

Unless you’re using Tor. Even then you have to be using Tor in a specific kind of way.

I do want to clarify that because Tor has the ability to mask. Tor is more like a proxy. It’s a mask.

But it’s not a great mask. It makes your ISP and whatever applications are monitoring your usage (Microsoft Windows I’m looking at you and probably any Chromebooks, anything not linux,  we still have to question Ubuntu and Fedora but for the most part he’s not Linux but not and I don’t mean not Linux kernel we we just couldn’t get you a Mac OS anything on an Apple computer), the trick is to make the first request.

When you open up your browser you make a request to another computer. That’s all the web is. It is interfaces that allow you to access. It is interfaces for other people’s computers. Other people’s servers. Other people’s devices. That’s all this is. All the internet is. Just computers connected to one another. Devices connected to one another. That’s it.

What we called the web, are simply the interfaces– the code– well, let’s just say interfaces. The HTML, I’ll call it code, HTML is still code, but typically we don’t look at it as code. We look at it as a designed interface.

We look at it like the dashboard of our car. The face of a human. You know, that which we engage with. The buttons and things.

But the only thing that Tor can hide and Tor can’t hide that. Tor doesn’t hide the first request. But because that request isn’t to that actual thing, it’s just masking.

What you’re doing is asking somebody,” go to this website for me”. That’s really what Tor does.

“Hey, this the website I really want to go to, but let me use your computer to do it. Thanks, guy.”

And then it hops and sends a request to somebody else. Which is how it works. It works, enough. But, you know, you have to be cognizant that this is what’s going on. The fact that we even need this, should raise alarms.

But that leads me to another statement.

We put too much trust and authority in the internet.

We put too much trust and authority in the interwebs.

We put too much trust and authority into technology.

We put too much trust and authority in this mythical ideology called,”progress”. This notion of backwards, what does that even mean?

It’s code word for people that we could take advantage of. For people who don’t have the military equipment to fend off an attack from us. That’s what “backwards” means.

Because every culture is what it is. You and your people walk around your village naked.  That’s what’s up, player. Can you survive without clothing? That’s what’s up.

Why do I care?

How is that backwards if that’s how you guys are living?

Kudos. Ku-phukkkin’-dos.

You live in teepees. Can your extension, your home– your extension of your body that provides warmth and a little isolation– can it provide those things in the way that your people need it to for your happiness? For your humanity? Is everybody cool with the arrangement?


What does that have to do with me? The only time we use this language is when we were talking about military conquest. Then they’re backwards.

“You can’t defeat us in wars.” That’s what’s being said.

“You can’t beat my ass and I can take over your shyt any day of the week.” That’s what they mean by backwards.

You’re other than us.

Not only are you other than us, physically, you can’t do combat with us. You’re backwards.

It’s racist, ethnocentric language. Whenever you read it, a flag should pop up in your head. It’s a language used to other people in a way that suggests military conquest.

And we in the United States of America, give much alms at the altar of progress. To the point where people who cry daily about Donald Trump still use all the functions that have empowered him.

That goes for everybody that cried all through the eight years that Obama was in office. Everything that Obama helped create and extend the powers of.  

Obama used the social graph. Social graph is a program, a function that Facebook (once again our favorite guys from Facebook) implemented to gather data about as many people as they could. Not just using their services, but on the web, in general.

If the website has a share on Facebook button, if the website has a like on Facebook button, it’s Facebook.

Same way that anything that Google crawls, that’s Google.

That’s Google.

If Google crawled it, it can monitor your behavior. Trust me, Google’s not just crawling websites.

Every site that has Google analytics on it, and please believe if you want to rank on Google you have Google analytics on your site. Trust me, guys, you don’t have to go to their sites. You haven’t had to go on their sites for almost a decade. Probably more than a decade with Facebook.

You have no idea what politics really is.

The political acumen of the average US citizen was reduced exponentially during the 70s. The thinkers of the 70s, and the 60s, and the 50s, and the 40s and 30s and the twenties was exponentially greater in that particular realm of thought than the average person in United States of America today.

The average person in United States of America today thinks binary. They think two party when they think about politics. All they think about is government. All they think about is Democrats and Republicans. All they think about is voting.

They don’t even think about other systems of governance and the possibility that another system exists.

“The other people who have dictatorships are backwards!”

“You come from a communist country?! You’re backwards!”

And yet, their state, the United States of America has their civilization threatened by these other nations.

Your civilization–what they called, “our way of life”(just code for the religion of the United States of America) that’s maintained at the barrel of a gun, or the click of a button– is threatened.

It’s threatened by these quote-unquote backwards Nations.

And the ironic thing to me is Blacks, African Americans, #ADOS, whatever you want to call yourself, Native, Native indigenous peoples– you know, whatever you want to call yourself, original peoples, Asiatic, from negro to mixed breed, from octoroon to mulatto –what I find ironic is that you guys with the type of history that you have, you know how many black people suffered through the Red Scare?


The witch hunts?

You know, the whole book, ‘Invisible Man”, Ralph Ellison’s classic work, you know this is about a guy who is not just working with, but was a communist? You know that whole book is about that.

You know how many people, that you look up to, in Hollywood we’re communist sympathizers? If not members of the Communist Party?

W. E. B. Du Bois in his own writings. If we read the W. E. B. Dubois Speaks series of books, you read his letters, you read his essays. You read about how central Mao Zedong was to his thinking.

And how close he was, he was a visitor, of Mao Zedong.

W. E. B. Dubois was a Russian Bot!!!

This is how distorted our thinking has become as we have progressed. Backwards.

We’ve been spinning our wheels backwards.

And ironically, we still haven’t gotten anywhere. Like, a good driver can at least get somewhere driving backwards.

The authority. There has to be a point where the conformity– the need to fit in the need, this is not an attack guys, this is not me attacking, this is me being very understanding of human nature– there is a need to do what other people are doing. This how we’ve survived.

We say herd mentality.

It’s not just an attack.

It’s a fundamental thing.

Human beings can’t survive alone.

I’m not against the herd mentality. I’m not against groupthink. I’m not against conformity. I simply believe it needs to be monitored.

And has to be regulated. It has to be questioned every day.

You have to question conforming.

You have to question the herd mentality.

And I know for us this is a hard thing, because we make jokes. Black people we hone in on this.

I remember Cedric the Entertainer from out of St. Louis, one of the kings of comedy, said on stage. You know, Black people don’t ask why anybody’s running, we just run.

Conforming. Survival.

If we know how to do anything, we know how to survive.

We know how to survive.

But there is a concern about conformity. There has to be a question you have to ask yourself: why am I doing what other people are doing?

At some fundamental level.

But just because you see everybody pick up a new technology, you have to question it. Is this helping me survive? Is this protecting my life? Is this protecting my livelihood?

How is this extending me?

What is the return on the investment of my extension of Self?

Where is the value at? What am I getting out of this deal? Most important, what am I giving for what I am getting back?

What are we giving Google? We are giving Google all our information.

We’re giving Google one of the most proficient, accurate, detailed, and extensively thorough profiles of  who we are that has ever been collected.

No other group of people have ever been able to correct this much data.

The government wasn’t even able to do it when they first put the internet, arpanet, out.

When they first were using the internet or the arpanet as a means to study and monitor the social graph of insurgents in foreign countries that America wanted to imperialize or simply control.

Maybe they wanted to put a puppet government there or maybe already had one there. The Schools of Americas very vast.

This is not conspiracy theory, guys. Everything I say, you can go check out. Google it.

Google, and now Facebook, has been able to do what a government– with all its military might, with all these MIT thinkers– wasn’t able to do.

Know how they did it? They showed everybody else doing it.

Social cues. This thing in human mind about numbers.

Crowds. You see a bunch of people doing it, it must be the thing to do.

The crowd completely transforms you. The way you think in a crowd is different than you think when you’re not in the crowd.

You change in the crowd and there’s an addictive quality to being in the crowd. So when you see a lot of people using something…Google was damn simple in the beginning.

Facebook used to be a great tool to get attention, now it’s just about how many people have paid.  Like, you used to be rewarded, you know, from for your search. Now, all you are getting is the person who paid the most money.

Or the person who is benefiting Google the most. Or the person benefiting Facebook the most. It is no longer what we refer to as organic.

But the alternatives are always there.

This is not a government problem.

This is not me suggesting you go to DC and fight your government.

All I am telling you to do is don’t give Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all these companies so much of yourself.

Extending yourself through these interfaces and apparati to the degree that you’re not getting what you’re giving.

Use them for what you need to use them for.

But use them, don’t let them abuse you.

And my god, know what you are giving them. Have some type of understanding of what you’re giving them.

Have a little fight. What happened to the backbone of the people.

I’m not just talking about the militants. Of course, they’re being militant.

There was once a time our elected officials had a lot more gumption.I mean Black ones.

This whole thing about people having to protect their jobs, that’s a new thought.

That didn’t exist in 1970, 1971, 1972 when the Congressional Black Caucus first was instantiated.

Democratic blacks were willing to tell their constituency, “don’t vote”.

A black elected official came up with the Black Declaration of Independence.

The Black Bill of Rights was written by a Black elected official.

Totally different type of person they were breeding. It was a different type of Black person walking the Earth. Totally different breed.

Stand on your principles. Don’t be scared of the mistakes that you’re going to make.