Why Facebook Blocked My Post[May 2019]

Facebook blocked an update to my OWL’s Asylum Facebook page. I do not directly use Facebook. There is an automatic service that I take advantage of called ITTT(“If This Than That”). It is not actually automating my Facebook updates as much as it is updating Facebook whenever I update my Twitter feed with whatever I update my Twitter feed with.

As it turns out, it was not even my words. I was retweeting/quoting someone who was answering one of my many Black Women ONLY questions. I was retweeting/quoting Princess Ne’ali(@PrincessNeali) stating,”All these white men raping & sexually abusing women and kids and getting NO jail time.”

Facebook’s response was to block that post. I do not regularly visit Facebook. As most of my readers and listeners know, I consider Facebook as Microsoft Word for advertising and data mining. ITTT was kind enough to send me an email notifying me that their software was not able to successfully post to Facebook. I then opened up Facebook in a secure browser and saw a pop up stating:

“Your post goes against our Community Standards on hate speech”

I am actually quite fine with this. Albeit, I do believe it raises other concerns about Facebook. Not only is Facebook a global archive of contemporary humanity’s facial data, geo-location, writing patterns, and social graph, it also wishes to sell its software suite as a public sphere for social and policy discussions.

Public spheres of this sort demand criticism of current events as they actually exist. I do not mind Facebook blocking posts if they contain slurs or offensive language. “White men” does not fall into that category. I am pretty sure Facebook is not blocking this post because it contains this phrase, “white men”. Facebook is blocking this post because it questions white men.