Curation Demands Citation Too

I absolutely believe that success on these platforms as a curator demands damn near 176% ownership of posts. That means making posts look like they came from YOU.

This can look like:

1) RTs without actually adding “RT” or clicking RT button

2) adding logo watermarks to images(even though YOU didn’t hire that photographer or take that picture

3) Not including links to actual source.

While all of these actions have something questionable, it is this last one, not citing sources, that disturbs me most.

Every barber shop and beauty salon from Maine to Mexican borders got a system of vetting information. It starts with:

Was YOU there???

Did YOU see it???

Who was there???

Who YOU hear it from???

Who or what institution YOU get information from MATTERS.

If they do not show YOU or link YOU to their source in some shape form or fashion, it should be immediately tagged as:

1) Bullshyt,
2) Propaganda, or
3)Fake News.

Thank YOU. This has been another OWL’s Asylum public service announcement. For more, hit that Follow button.

Indesign Tutorials I Found Helpful Making A Textbook

Tables in InDesign – Learn how to create or insert them in your documents

InDesign Table Styles: step by step tutorial

Making tables look good in InDesign


InDesign ::: Adding Table Of Contents To Indesign Book, .indb file

1. I created all of the individual files including a table of contents in an .indd.

2. I created a Book (.indb) with all of the .indds in it.

3. I then went back into the .indd containing the table of contents, clicked Layout>Table of Contents and then saw that the “include book documents” box which was not previously available was now available to be selected.


How to export a selection to SVG using Inkscape

  1. Select the object(s) you want to export.
  2. Copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C).
  3. Open a new drawing window (Ctrl+N).
  4. Paste the clipboard on the new page (Ctrl+V).
  5. Hit Shift+Ctrl+D to open the document properties panel.
  6. Open the Resize page to content… tab and hit the resize page to drawing or selection button
  7. Save the document (Shift+Ctrl+S) as an SVG file. Select a suitable format:
    1. Inkscape SVG for further editing, or
    2. Optimized SVG for use on a web page.

Blender: Reset position, rotation, size

For example to reset the default view camera to the origin with rotation=0, scale = 1 etc:

ALT G – resets position to (0,0,0) origin (Grab)

ALT R – resets rotation to 0, 0,0 (Rotation)

ALT S – resets scale to 1,1,1 (Scale)

ALT T – resets Tilt to 0,0,0

To reset the cursor:

SHIFT-C= CentreZero View. The 3DCursor is set to zero (0,0,0) and the view is changed so that all Objects, including the 3Dcursor, can be displayed.