Blogging ::: How Often, How Regularly Should We Post

In a video posted on YouTube by creator Miles Beckler, this question of how often should a person blogging update their blog was discussed. Now, this video is titled, “What is a blog vs a website? Does it still work in 2021?”. This might suggest that it presents dated advice. Possibly.

What I find useful in videos such as these are simple guidelines.

Let me post this video, and we can continue after that.

What I found most valuable is towards middle of this video around six minute mark.

He states,

And here’s really the main point I want you to take away if you have just a basic website and think of it as a brochure. Let’s say you run a mountain bike rental company in Lake Tahoe in Nevada side of Lake Tahoe and incline village. And you want to promote that. One option is to run a website. Which would be maybe a four or five page website. And it’s a home page. It’s who we are. It’s the about us page. It is the contact us page and the pricing page. And that’s it.

And it never changes.

Now you can build this on WordPress very effectively, very easily. But, you could also hand code it. You could build it with a software tool like Dreamweaver or other tools, which are fairly complex.

And I don’t necessarily recommend that approach because Google wants to see constantly updated content. We live in an ever-changing world. And as you’re watching this video right now, you maybe have watched several videos about what is a blog or how do blogs work, or you’re trying to learn about blogging. And maybe you’ve seen some past videos and you know, this thing was recorded in 2014. Is this still relevant today that everyone has that same thought that you have in that moment. Okay?

And that’s where putting lots of great new content out through your blog is required for long-term success.

So, we could talk about the mom blogger talking about all of her recipes. She’s learning about natural recipes. She’s getting into organic gardening and her backyard, and she’s sharing everything. She’s learning to live a more natural and carefree, a chemical free home, for example. But that bike shop on the North shore of Lake Tahoe, why would it make sense for them to be blogging?

Well, I’m recording this late in the year where we’re in fall season. Is the weather good in Tahoe for biking? What trails stay open even after snow falls in the higher kind of elevations of the Tahoe mountains? What bikes do you have in stock? Are you selling any of your bikes? There’s all of these little bits of information that you can continue as a business owner to publish that seed Google. Okay?

That indexing process of Google. It seeds Google with more understanding of what you’re about, what you do and how you help other people. And as Google reads dozens or hundreds of posts on your website, you become more authoritative than the websites that simply have those five pages.

And that’s how we, my wife and I, in our first blog, that’s how we really began generating upwards of 800,000 visits per month. Which is approximately what we get today, which is something like four or five million visits per year.

And it’s from the fact that she’s published a thousand blog posts on an extremely wide variety of topics over the course of the last 10 years. Which breaks down to about a hundred posts per year.


Which breaks down to two posts per week on average. And this repetition, this constant publishing, this keeping a log of her personal journey on the path of spirituality and meditation and her musings and her ideas and her thoughts — not every blog post works and drives lots of traffic — some of them do, but Google is paying attention to the entire website. And a website that isn’t growing in content, a website that isn’t getting updated regularly is kind of considered to be an abandoned project by Google. And if Google thinks you are an abandoned project — and your competitor is constantly updating their website — your competitor is going to get the lion share of the traffic. Which is why you need to be blogging today in 2021 and beyond.

That two post per week average is keen here. Now, I do NOT like that term “blogging”, but here we are. Updating a site with fresh writing, videos, audio recordings, what have you, twice every week is a valuable discipline. No matter what we calling it.

Even if Google NEVER picks up our site. Which I given my own personal experience with Google is not likely. Yet and still, even if Google never picked up our site, publishing at a pitch of twice of week on a site that YOU own will produce a body of work. That body of work can be connected and distributed for whatever purposes(messaging or monetization, or both).

That makes it a contribution in a space where most people are only offering microsubstance.