Less On Linux ::: Navigating With Less Command

Use these keys to move and search through the text file.

  • Move forward one line: Down Arrow, Enter, e, or j
  • Move backward one line: Up Arrow, y, or k
  • Move forward one page: Space bar or Page Down
  • Move backward one page: Page Up or b
  • Scroll to the right: Right Arrow
  • Scroll to the left: Left Arrow
  • Jump to the top of the file: Home or g
  • Jump to the end of the file: End or G
  • Jump to a specific line: Type the line number  and then hit “g”
  • Jump to a percentage way through the file: Type the percentage and then hit “p” or “%.” (You can even enter decimal values, so to jump to the point 27.2 percent through the file, type “27.2” and then hit “p” or “%.”  Why would you want to use decimals? I honestly have no idea.)
  • Search forward: Hit “/” and type your search, like “/Jekyll”, and press Enter
  • Search backward: Hit “?” and type your search, like “/Hyde”, and press Enter
  • Next matching search item: n
  • Previous matching search item: N
  • Quit: q