Social Media Content Control or No New Sharecropping, No, No, No

Social media content control, as well as curation, can be a difficult process. Once we have comfortably programmed our favorite phone application to remember our screen names and passwords, we tend to forget that we are providing content in a means similar to sharecropping. Now, for Black African Americans familiar with US sharecropping, this metaphor might seem a bit of a stretch. Like with most things US, economic, and Black, the story is much more hostile, violent, and inhumane than the story outside of the United States. In the same way that slavery in Brazil or England tends to read much less brutal than in the United States, so does the practice of sharecropping tend to read much more fair in other places.


To keep things neat and tidy here, the essence of the analogy of Twitter user to Twitter as tenant farmer to landlord, is producer/worker to owner. As of the date of this writing, the Owl’s Asylum account on Twitter is suspended. That means, I do not have the ability to delete, republish, or respond to any of the one hundred thousand plus pieces of content I have provided Twitter the company with. I do not have access to the one-hundred and twenty shy of six thousand followers I have accumulated over the past four or so years. I have no control over any of the writings stored on the servers that house the content of Twitter. As a result of this relationship, Twitter severing ties with Asylum has lost me half to one-third of my organic traffic to Asylum. Those are not good numbers. But, I blame Owl for this.


I do not blame myself for Twitter suspending my account. If I had a guest post on Asylum that generated five thousand or more users to interact with it daily, like say, this post, and I was discomforted by the writer of that post, I would not pull the post. But, I am Owl, not the owners and developers of Twitter, and they have their own rules to abide by. My point of accountability lies in developing a stronger content model on the apparatus of someone else, than on my own.


I have worked incessantly to establish the brand Owl’s Asylum, Owl, and Asylum under the same principles of “poor righteous teacher” that I live by. In being one that is capable of forging radical ideas and developing ingenious tactics to deploy said ideas, I am upset that I have spent so much time in one channel that I do not own. As the person that developed Owl’s Asylum, the only space online for Black people to examine media, entertainment, culture, and Black African American history from the perspective of someone that has seen prison, homelessness, and university, I am upset with myself. As the person that developed Owl’s Asylum, a space for thinking Black people to gain insights into the messages being communicated to them so they can better think for themselves as opposed to allowing others to think for them, yes, damn it, I am extremely salty with Owl.


I write for the Thinking Person. People who read Owl’s Asylum are people that like to ask questions and do not like when their emotional drawstrings are pulled. This especially when those emotional drawstrings are also doubling as their purse strings. When most online content providers were “dumbing down” their content, I was looking for a bigger thesaurus, a more unabridged dictionary, and more abstractions to apply to the everyday struggle. I should have known better, as stated here, I am a “Digital Hustler”, and that implies something I hate admitting I overlooked. Social media is a great opportunity to meet new people, but unless you are paying the server fees, I cannot advise you providing content on these sites as if you are.


According to eMarketer predictions, Twitter will reach an ad revenue generated evaluation of one billion dollars by the year 2014. That is ad revenues generated primarily(53%) through mobile devices. Let me ask a series of questions here:


How many people do you know logging into Twitter to read ads, “promoted content”?


Of those that you know that definitely do not log on to Twitter dot com to read “promoted content”, how many log on to read the content provided by others?


Of that group of people that log on to read the content provided by others, how many of the people they log on to read are getting any percentage points of revenue directly from Twitter the corporation?


Now, that is sharecropping the United States of America way. Twitter was not even willing to provide Owl and his Asylum a reason as to why the account was suspended. I had to search engine my way to an understanding of why my followers were asking about my whereabouts. I came across this piece on the topic, and this article, then this one, and this one, and then this one. After reviewing the consistencies across a few other channels, I still do not know why Twitter suspended my account. Nor do I feel compelled to fight to have access to provide a company with free content that they are receiving a projected one billion dollars in ad revenues from. Like the Digital Hustler, I am, I am willing to chalk this lack of social media content control to the game, and keep moving.


A few months back I was reading an article posted by Sonia Simone. The article was posted on highly recognized CopyBlogger dot com. The title of the article is “The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Online Marketing Efforts”, and she discusses the concept of “digital sharecropping” and the lack of social media content control, in a slightly different tone than I am(I mean, come, come, now…who in all of the interwebs writes anything with the same tone or perspective as Owl?), but providing much of the same essence. She opens the composition of caution with this story I am reproducing here:


We have a great bookstore in my town — the kind of place you picture in your mind when you think of a great independent bookshop.


It’s perfect for browsing, with lots of comfy chairs to relax in. The books are displayed enticingly. There’s a little coffee shop so you can relax with an espresso. They get your favorite writers to come in for readings, so there’s always a sense of event and excitement.


They do everything right, and they have always had plenty of customers.


But they still closed their doors last year.


No, not for the reasons you might think. It wasn’t Amazon that killed them, or the proliferation of free content on the web, or the crappy economy.


They closed the store because they were leasing their big, comfortable building … and when that lease ran out, their landlord tripled the rent.


Literally overnight, their business model quit working. Revenues simply wouldn’t exceed costs. A decision made by another party, one they had no control over, took a wonderful business and destroyed it.


And that’s precisely what you risk every day you make your business completely dependent on another company.


It might be Facebook. It might be eBay. It might be Google.


The analogy here is precise. Simone also provides tactics and strategies that I have implemented over the years, so, in closing I will add my own “also do” list here:


1:: Along with owning your own domain name and paying for your own hosting, continue to add the link to your site to all digital exchanges and content. You should be typing- or having automated- the words “Read more here…” until you earl.


2:: With an increased linking of your content, also back up all of your social media exchanges that might work as stand-alone content on your site, or just writings you wish to keep. For Asylum, I use ThinkUp and it plugs right into your online database, giving you absolute control over what is stored and when.


3:: The last tactic I am going to leave here is create a ratio that demands you to have more content on your own site than on any other. It is not wise to have more images of your product or service on Pinterest or Instagram than you have on your purchased domain, and regularly billed site. You are paying a recurring bill, act like it.

Loyalty To Rich Niggas: The New “White” Man


I swear, if it ain’t one thing, it’s another. I’m starting to give up on you people and get my stuff together like those doomsday preppers because I’m sure one of ya’ll are bound to kill me before the government does.


Why do I say this?


Because “Black” people have lost what sensible mind they had left. When 2008 came, people lost their freaking mind because of an identity crisis. I’ve come to learn that this state of emergency will not be televised but perhaps realized when your sons or daughters threaten your life for correcting them or something weak like that. This loyalty to rich niggas has to stop. Straight up. Its killing us. All of us. Everybody. From Barack Obama to Lil Wayne and everybody in between that you put up on a pedestal but don’t want to hold accountable for their speech and actions, this has to stop.


Listen, “Black” people, “African-American,” people of color…whatever you want to call yourselves, this trying to find identity in others that are your shade that continuously throw shade at you is getting beyond ridiculous. The timely pacification of each generation is terribly noticeable and the ignorant bellowing of “that’s racist!” because someone makes a critic of one of your beloved gods continues to kindle my anger.


How do you defend somebody that continues to make a fool out of you? Huh? How do you do it?


I don’t get that. The pride that I inherited from my people throughout the centuries ain’t go for that. Do you not know about the dignity from which you came? Do you not know about the past mistakes that your forefathers committed so that you could learn and not repeat the same foolishness. I’m wondering, with all the information we have out here, readily available to us and the percentage of us who can read the American Standard English Language being greater than it was in 1849, why is it that you don’t know better by now?


Why is it that the most culture you recognize is what is captured on 50 minute increments on VH1 and the 28 days allotted for “Black History Month?” Why did our history have to start in 2008 when a nigga ya’ll never heard of swept you off ya’ feet like he was Disney’s monarch Prince Charming? Why do our “model citizens” have to be people that emphasize selling drugs to our own, that gyrate their vaginas or speak of beating the lining out of one?


You degenerates. You cry for ten minutes when they kill one of our children in the streets but then shake your ass when the dead child’s name is dropped in the newest club record (Shout out to William Leonard Roberts fat ass for that disgusting Trayvon Martin plug while the boy was fresh in the ground.) And now, add Lil’ Wayne and his oh-so-clever use of Emmett Till’s face (who, might I add, none of us would have never known the depravity of how beaten and mutilated he was if his mother didn’t have the courage and strength to show the world what those mongrels did to her child.)


Your loyalty to niggas because of their color and monetary status is sickening and disturbing. Disturbing in the fact that what will be defended will be Lil’ Wayne’s use of…whatever the hell he uses to put those basic, monotonous entendres together. Because I’m a master of double-speak and all things bull$#!+ (I’m burdened with this task, for ya’lls sake) I know a person’s spoken intent and their true intent. And with this, the intent is simple: to unforgivingly feed you another “hot line” to another “hot song” of another “hot album” that’ll be embedded in your mental file cabinet and probably in your iTunes at the cost of $9.99.


You will be more ready to defend Lil’ Wayne over the memory of Emmett Till. Why? Because Lil’ Wayne is your culture. Lil’ Wayne is your role model. Lil’ Wayne is the example of the exceptions, not the rule so people have ruled this as acceptable because they too, aspire to be the exception. Emmett Till is not your culture anymore. Lil’ Wayne is. Throw Kanye in that bunch too as he was one of the last rappers to allude to the deceased, comparing his swollen face to a young boy who was MURDERED for whistling at a “white” woman. I’m sure his drop got a pass, as in retrospect, an inflamed jaw is not comparable in disrespect, as say, a half-mutilated vagina.


“Yo, at least that nigga got money, he can say whatever he want…what you got? What you doing?”


Well, if it was certain that “gettin money” would excuse me of my moral and ethical responsibility to this society, well, I’d probably wouldn’t be snitching on my constituents by this piece I’m writing here. I’d probably be lauding you with reasons as to why this should be excused and the “positives” of a drug-induced rape culture and then clicking champagne glasses with the President and the rest of his JeWISH flunkies. Because, rest-assured, they aren’t getting money with you. They’re not even getting money like you. They’re getting your money (and energy…and mind…and comprehension) like “whitey.” Because “white” means “right.”


I bet Emmett Till, although young and inexperienced in matters of commerce as he was just fourteen when he was brutally murdered, knew that “whitey” had his hands in all the pots and pans. He witnessed this racism, as racism is the impeding of someone to attain status, wealth, acquiring of land or participation of government due to the color of their skin.


Now, if applied to today, the niggas you are so dedicated and loyal to, and base your culture around are racist. They sell you stories of how they “started from the bottom” (the new “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” slogan); they find any kind of avenue to make money off of you, they employ methods to keep you from investing and educating yourself about the things that matter such as the components to community and nation-building which include: law, economics, town infrastructure, agriculture, etc; and they promote media bonanzas that push propaganda that encourages you to continue participating in a beat-you-til-you’re-dead system.


Now if that doesn’t sound like some mid-20th century “white man” shit, I don’t know what does!


$#!+ ain’t changed. But hey, it doesn’t matter because as long as they’re a rich “Black” “African-American”, “person of color,” they deserve rose petals thrown on the street like these niggas is “King Jaffe Joffer” or somebody huh?


So much for culture. The most culture you people know is the filth that continues to spread to the next generation. You people ain’t leaving nothing for these kids but some mixtapes and an “I voted” sticker, smh.


I’m disgusted. Get real and get right. Sick of this stupid shit.


– The Former “Blackness”, Not the Latter.

(Sasha Vann)

Dear Sheltered Black Children: Crip Walking IS NOT Being Unapologetically Black

So, yeah, I grew up in St. Louis and got my principles and familial instruction from the East side of the Mississippi. I suppose I learned at an early age the realities of gang culture from my mother’s sister’s children as I lost hope in being respected as an intellectual. By the time “Colors” was released (“re” + “leased”) to a media forum my eleven year old sensory apparutus could ingest, I already had known the impact of Illinios gang culture. Although, it would take years before the white inclusive Spanish Disciples would expand into Brooklyn or Larry Hoover’s Gangster Disciples would reenact the Brothers Of The Struggle(BOS[S]) segment of the chapter by unifying with the Nation of Islam, I understood the nuance of Black urban tribal culture very well.

Unfortunately, I was not precocious enough to know exactly how accurate Dr. Dre’s words in the introduction to NWA’s second album, “Straight Out Of Compton” would be:”Prepare to witness the strength of street knowledge…”

During the nineties, an influx of western United States urban culture would infect the national cultural expression. I suppose, being in the midwest, my first encounter with the tribal step and communication device known as the “Crip walk” was from a video being hosted by Video Jukebox of the same name. The Crip walk was the apex of the gang sign with regard to tactile communication. It not only looked good, it was the archetypal ressurection of that same element that gave the bass beats of Hip Hop a feel reflective enough to be dubbed a ressurgence of the talking drums. As a teen in a St. Louis era entrenched in gang violence, the Crip walk symbolized a vehicle of pride and disrespect to anyone outside of that particular gang. As the influence of Crip culture spread, and most importantly As WC from the WC and the Maad Circle and ICe Cube’s West Side Connect Gang illustrated that movements and passion of the tribal expression, it became popular to more bourgeois and professional class of Black Americans. As young brothers such as my self succumbed to the traps of urban USA, those without such precarious realities associated the media processed urban artifacts as “Black culture”. Many, not quite understanding the bloodshed surrounding the acts, would soon embrace these impliments as entitlements concomittant of their birthright.

So, yeah, when I saw the victory dance of Serena Williams at the 2012 London Olympics after winning a gold medal, I laughed and shook my head as is popular in this digitized era. I didn’t associate her enthused movements as a political statement beckoning me to be prideful of my ethnic heritage. I had been enclosed in the tanks with the Bloods and Crips. I had seen the makeshift daggers referred to as “shanks” being pulled out early mornings during the waves of gang warfare in front of my bed daily. It didn’t remind me of how united we are in struggles; it reminded me of every brother I watched fall to gang violence. And although I am immensely proud that the younger Williams has found another historical etching for her name to reside on, those of my elders and peers that created a lane for certain behaviors to exist will never find their names regurgitated although their pain and sacrifice allow for such appealling caricatures of their expressions of honor. But whatever.

Maybe I’m taking things too serious. I am torn. In some rooms of my thinking, I am overwhelmed by the sheer influence of a culture that caused so much pain. In another cavity of ruminating, I wonder about those that swung on or shot at those that performed the ritual expression of Crip culture. Sure, it is the expression of an Afkan (Afrikan Amerikkkan) tribe…but it is also the expression of that same tribal warfare that many of us suffered in. Some have suggested that the impact of the motions are less acute among Bloods. And sure, I remember the videos showing DJ Quik rejoicing in the steps. However, I am always reminded of Fat Joe taunting B2K for Crip walking (like that was what was up). Fat Joe is an East Coast native, yet he natively understands the representation of a cultural artifact that deserves a certain degree of respect and treatment. Everyone can’t walk around with five stars on their shoulders and get salutes. Everyone can’t claim to hold doctorates. These are symbols and emblems of a culture within our society that reflect a certain level of accomplishment. I am not concerned with a Compton native that has lost a loved one to gang violence, (well, okay, maybe I am after writing that), but my main issue is that Black people don’t think that something that we have received in popular culture doesn’t become some symbol of political power in the face of a Europe that gave the world the USA flag, the Irish kelt, the Black United States of American branding, and the German swatstika. Serena Williams did that dance for her Self. She did not do it for me, nor the many brothers I came of age with that would have slapped her for doing it in my neighborhood. When Michael Phelps lit that pipe up in celebration of his victory, no one said it was,”unapologetically Anglo-Saxon.”

Crip walking after a victory, no matter how innocent, is not being “unapologetically Black,” it was just unapologetically Serena. I am not sure how her behavior works to assist or defuse the criminalization of Black urban people by doing a tribal dance reflective of criminalized Black urban people at a time when that expression is solely an expression of tribal(gang) culture. She didn’t do just a Black dance…she Crip walked. Crip walking is not a dance. I have not forgotten to capitalize “Crip” in of my usages of it in this piece. That is for a reason. Once again, Crip walking is not a “dance”, it is an expression of loyalty and dedication to a particular military operative. There is a certain level of respect and acknowledgment attached to those particular movements because they communicate a message to those who helped to initiate the movements.

I do not write this to be condemning, yet I also do not want my words to ever be mistaken as conciliatory at any point. I do not like children Crip walking around me without understanding the precise nature of their expression. Serena Williams decided to use her feet to spell out “Crip” — as that is what Crip walking is — I did not. Nor did the Afkan community. Nor is that in any way a device I can at this time condone to reflect my courage in the face of Anglo-Saxon social acceptance. Serena Williams expressed her ebullience, not the children of tribes collected into one people through enslavement and divided back into tribes called gangs due to repression.

My Thoughts On FatHood

Let me start by saying this piece is about fat, big bold beautiful fatty FAT. The term “fat” makes a lot of people uncomfortable because for too long it has carried stigmas about health, cleanliness, physical fitness, and character flaws like bad hygiene, laziness, over-eating, insecurity and low self-esteem. Those who appreciate fat prefer terms like “thick” or “big” because of the weight of stigmas around the word FAT. But fat is not an identity, it is a physical characteristic (like curly hair or long toes) and because of that fact, I prefer to use the term fat. The identity of fat (as previously mentioned) is one created out of prejudice. That’s not the kind of fat that I’m going to talk about, push out of your mind all the fat stereotypes and let me tell you about the REAL world of fat from the perspective of an ACTUAL fat woman.


I am a 22 year old fat black biracial woman; I have thunder thighs and cellulite, a stomach, flabby arms, a big ‘ol butt (say wah!?), a slight double chin, pretty feet, full breasts, smooth skin and a graceful gait. I have been encouraged to believe that my fat body is unattractive, that I should hide it every chance that I get. This message has been sold to me under the guise for concern about my health and by the media, the beauty industry, the diet industry, and society. I have been told that I shouldn’t wear bright colors or short dresses. I have been discouraged from wearing bathing suits in public by people who snicker or take pictures of me. The fact that I am so proud of my body makes people uncomfortable, they do not wish to SEE me and that is always made abundantly clear. But if I decided to see myself through the eyes of society, I would become someone that I am not. Besides, I have come to realize that my fat is beautiful. My fat is sexy. The way I throw my weight around makes some men drool and there is NOTHING wrong with my fat. My fat was meant to be seen, flaunted, touched, kissed, my fat looks good naked or underneath a man. I will not apologize for being alive, fat and in your face.


Well intentioned people will tell a fat person that it’s great to love your body but “you really should lose some weight”. As if the bodies of other people were there for policing as long as they seemed to genuinely care. There is a problem with that though, telling someone what you think they should do with their body, assumes that they don’t know (that they are stupid) or that they are dissatisfied with their health or size. It is perfectly possible to be fat, fit and healthy; in fact it is scientifically PROVEN (see Health At Every Size Research). So the health aspect of telling a fat person they shouldn’t be fat is entirely based on assumptions that they do not eat healthily or exercise…. There are plenty of thin people who do neither and are extremely unhealthy but there is something about fat that makes people get dominant and superior. Having said that, I do not entertain concern trolls. When it comes to my body, I AM AN EXPERT; my health is between me and MY doctor. So what does that leave us with? The constructs of beauty and attractiveness. When you strip down ideas about the health of fat people, all you have left is what you think of the way they look.


Fat Love


Beauty and attractiveness are two highly subjective things. What I find to be beautiful & sublime, another might find ugly. This holds true for every individual yet through the media we are taught to believe that there is a “standard” of beauty; that beauty is objective. This is a big problem because of the weight our society puts on physical beauty. We have been taught that if it’s good enough for the television, if they don’t sell a pill to fix it, then it is perfect. That is a lie of course but thousands of people accept this as true. Another component of this lie is the societal belief that women are symbols of status and power for men. We are taught that the most important job of a woman is to look good; beauty is what makes a woman worthy. So when you have a woman who doesn’t meet idealized standards of beauty she is seen as having less value than those who do. This creates a problem for fat women, especially in their romantic lives. “Thin is in” means fat is out, so what happens to all of the sexy, hunky, nerdy, professional, thuggish men who find fat to be attractive? They are caught in a catch 22 of sorts. That is, being attracted to fat women but being ashamed of that attraction because of the stigma that comes with fat. Other men will look at them and think they are weaker, less powerful because the woman on their arm is devalued in our society. Fat women do not make very good “trophies”. The stigma that comes with being fat (laziness, overeating, insecurity, bad hygiene etc.) will be attached to the man who dates a fat girl. The solution unfortunately has been for men to objectify and use fat women. Instead of pursuing relationships with fat women, men use them to gratify their sexual needs. They love our awesome curves, our jiggle, our bounce but they wouldn’t be caught dead with us. As a womanist/feminist I get a little bit aggressive when I’m referring to these types of men, I usually call them “slaves to white patriarchal standards of beauty” because these are men who put society’s standards before their own standards. They will put what their friends think about how a woman looks before their own preference and frankly it’s sad. And as a fat woman dealing constantly with men like this, it is extremely dehumanizing to realize that someone would find you as beautiful as you find yourself but be ashamed to express that outside of sex. The conditions for this behavior were created by these idealized & sexist standards of beauty. There are other standards of beauty like standards that declare black skin to be unattractive, that are even more sinister and harmful. These standards are built on white supremacy yet they are pervasive; just as the standards of beauty’s size are pervasive. As individuals we must start acting on our own attraction, our own idea of beauty because when we don’t, we allow other people to dictate subjective parts of our identities! And that is the truth, straight from a fat girl’s lips.


Fat women internalize messages about their inferiority every day, and to be a fat woman who is also black means you have to work hard to fight racial messages about your skin as well as those about your body. But that fight for self-actualization and efficacy is a worthy one and as a feminist and fat activist I make that fight a public one in order to empower women like me. I’ve said all of this to give you a little peek into my mind and hopefully to challenge some assumptions and even behaviors. Whether you are fat or thin, black or white you must always challenge stigma and prejudice, not only for yourself but for the sake of others as well.

On National Insecurity…

Insecurities are internalized fears. When we measure our Selves based on ideals inculcated by our social apparatus, and fear that we aren’t measuring up– we tend to project what are the recognizable portions of insecurity. For Afkans, or Afrikan Amerikkkans for short, this can be a slippery slope of sorts. Being that our social apparatus here in the United States was built intentionally with the thought of breaking the internal faith of Afkans, and thusly, creating the Afkan — our insecurities are grosssly multiplied. The ideals inculcated by our social apparatus are all outside of the range of realistic possession. Even a wondrously gorgeous woman like Beyonce is forced to alter her appearance to mimic more Anglo-Saxon features. Afkans in the United States are not permitted a stable and reasonable example by which to compare as an unfiltered baseline. Possibly, this is why, even in 2012, most of Afkan leadership across diverse sectors, are either members that are of interracial couplings, or of lighter hues. It is as though, our collective subconscious is wired to project this insecurity, that if we aren’t following those of our own ranks that possess Anglo-Saxon features, we aren’t going to be accepted socially.

Now, if Beyonce is having issues with her looks, what does that say for sisters that are even further away from the present United States’ standard of beauty? Vivica Fox has had a nose job. Vivica. Janet Jackson has had cosmetic surgery to mimic the features of Anglo-Saxon women. Ms. Jackson(only because I am ‘nasty’). It needs to be noted that insecurities are internalized as objective realities. The more a person depends on the reflections and approval of a social group, the more the internalization affects them. In the socialization of the United States, in the same manner that boys learn fairly early to judge other boys based on physical strength and bravery, girls learn that there is a pecking order based on beauty standards. Often, the way that society deems a woman to look, she deems her Self to look as well. Some women treat the romantic or even sexual approaches of men as foolish or predatory simply because they can’t believe that a man would want them. The treatment they have received from others based on their looks is now being projected.

“Generally, the idealized self or fantasized self refers to what the individual perceives or fancies himself to be, or what he would like to be, how he would like to be perceived by others, to be related to by others and how he relates to or would like to relate to others, in order to experience self-satisfaction, positive self-regard, peer acceptance, favorable personal and social distinction, as well as maximized feelings of pleasure, joy, power, security, and perhaps, feelings of superiority…It is these personally and culturally acquired ideal standards against which the individual measures and evaluates himself. If the discrepancy between the way he perceives himself to be and his internalized ideals– standards against which he measures himself– are not too large, then he may experience a reasonable sense of accomplishment, self-satisfaction, and positive self-regard. If the discrepancy is too large, then he may experience feelings of failure, frustration, and self-contempt…” — Dr. Amos Wilson, ‘Black On Black Violence’, pg. 97

As a collective, Afkans imbibe social intoxicants via the media and objectively through social interactions that are informed by a power structure built and commanded by Anglo-Saxon males mainly from the psychological and physical domination of Global Original peoples. There are no ways to absolve an objective reality without force or persuasion. Often, what occurs in the physical or even in the mind is an occurence. It happened. How we respond to occurrences as an albeit subjective response is where a strong desire for critical thought and pride in Self is necessary.

“Now they departed and came back to Moses and Aaron and all the congregation of the children of Israel in the Wilderness of Paran, at Kadesh; they brought back word to them and to all the congregation, and showed them the fruit of the land. Then they told him, and said: ‘We went to the land where you sent us. It truly flows with milk and honey, and this is its fruit. Nevertheless the people who dwell in the land are strong; the cities are fortified and very large; moreover we saw the descendants of Anak there. The Amalekites dwell in the land of the South; the Hittites, the Jebusites, and the Amorites dwell in the mountains; and the Canaanites dwell by the sea and along the banks of the Jordan.’

Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, ‘Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.’

But the men who had gone up with him said, ‘We are not able to go up against the people, for they are stronger than we.’ And they gave the children of Israel a bad report of the land which they had spied out, saying, ‘The land through which we have gone as spies is a land that devours its inhabitants, and all the people whom we saw in it are men of great stature. There we saw the giants (the descendants of Anak came from the giants); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.'” Numbers 13:26-33

The response mechanism for Afkans is dangerously insecure. If an Arab in Iraq defecates too loudly around an Anglo-Saxon presence, they are a terrorist. You can not whisper a thought about a thought regarding anti-Anglo-Saxon empires without being labeled, packaged, and shipped off into marginality. Their ability to forge quick and cohesive propaganda has gotten so robust that they don’t even worry about vocalized threats that don’t offer a capital gain. You are not a terrorists for attacking White people– White people kill thousands of White people regularly. You are a terrorist when you threaten White people and you have something worthy of being stripped for profits.

This is not to say that Afkans are sensitive. In fact, Afkans are not sensitive enough. Afkans are the only ethnic group formed in the West that hasn’t warred protractedly with their oppressors without a sizable reparation given from Western Allied Powers. Hell, the IRA is still incensed with the Catholic Church. Afkans must develop a response to any and all attacks that reflects pride in their people and a love for Self strong enough to wish to exist beyond the reservations of prison plantations. This pride in Self doesn’t have to be an arrogant, substance lacking posture. It can come from a genuinely humble place, but it must come. No one can make the world love Afkan people enough to redistribute the wealth in this country to the proper owners — the land laborers of slavery, and the workers– but the Afkan better have enough love for them Selves to recognize and create means of redistribution them Selves without their insecurities of not being capable crop up.

“…humility means two things. One, a capacity for self-criticism. And this is something that we do not have enough of in the Black community, and especially among Black leaders. The second feature is allowing others to shine, affirming others, empowering and enabling others. Those who lack humility are dogmatic and egotistical. And that masks a deep sense of insecurity. They feel the success of other is at the expense of their own fame and glory.” – Cornel West, “Breaking Bread”, pg. 50

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and The Etcetera Margin

It seems like, as always, the Trayvon Martin discussion on Twitter and other areas of the social web (I’m really controlling the urge to refer to it as “the trap”) have caused more harm than good. As a writer, I often find my Self facing what I call,”etcetera margins”. A writer is always confronted with stylistic concerns that may or may not indicate their level of research or the number of words that they command or can google before a deadline. Whether these indices are accurate or not tends to matter less than the reality that people judge your works by how many times you used that one obscure term in a piece, or how many items in a group you coma separated before tossing out that foreboding “etc”. The etcetera margin is that pack of words added to a group that usually have much less of a relationship to the original terms but recruited to fill some arbitrary notion of good writing. Many people are using a similar stylistic approach to dealing with the discussion of Trayvon Martin.

Regardless of Florida state laws, a jury or grand jury is usually needed to decide the truth or falsehood of a murderer. George Zimmerman pulled the trigger of a gun causing a metal projectile to ripple through the young and defenseless, screaming body of Trayvon Martin. That is murder. Self-defense or not, it is far from the job of local sheriffs and police units to determine the guilt or not so guiltiness of George Zimmerman. It is the duty of tax paying citizens to be called together from the community to weigh in on the evidence. George Zimmerman should be arrested not because he may be a Jew or raised by Jews. George Zimmerman should be arrested not because he may or may not be Hispanic. George Zimmerman should be arrested not because he failed as a police officer. George Zimmerman should be arrested because that is how this country operates. If you commit a crime, especially one as heinous as taking someone’s life, you are to be held until a bond is posted (or you are released on a recognizance (“recog”) bond), or until a jury of your peers hears your case and a judge determines how to place a period on matters with a sentence.

There is only one discussion to be had with regards to George Zimmerman, why hasn’t he been arrested? Any and all other straw man or red herrings being bandied about are filler, portions of etcetera margins posing as knowledgeable sentiments. I don’t care how many law schools a person snorted cocaine in, it doesn’t take an all-nighter for the Florida bar to know that in every state in the Union people are arrested for killing another person, no matter what the circumstances. George Zimmerman fatally wounded Trayvon Martin and should be tried for murder. This implies an arrest. No need to discuss whether Zimmerman is a racist. He’s already admitted that he saw a young Afkan (afrikan amerikkkan) male in a hooded sweater, decided to follow him after being told by authorities not to, and then in the orchestra of several screams loud enough to be picked up audibly in phone conversations held by adults watching from the safety of their cowardice, shot Trayvon Martin. We will discuss the motive after George Zimmerman is on the stand.

We do not have to sully Trayvon’s name and lack of justice proffered with our need to appear overly analytical and complicatedly knowing. These are simple terms here that ought to be framed in such a way that even a child of average understanding could comprehend it. It doesn’t even have to be just an Afkan issue. Since it truly is a US issue. This is an issue that a president, especially one versed in the law would want to take a stand on in an election year. But, at this moment, even that discussion — if it is ever had — should only be centered on why George Zimmerman hasn’t been arrested. Let us not continue to waste time urinating in gutters and margins of empty thought for the sake of appeasing drunken egos. If one must discuss the Trayvon Martin matter for the sake of being heard or read, at least honor the plea for help young Trayvon wasn’t able to receive in life by speaking to the specific and simple concern: Why hasn’t George Zimmerman been arrested?

My Response To Porgy and Bess On Broadway(2012)

Editor’s note: Before we delve into this piece, would like to take the time to thank Nikki for such an eventful weekend in New York City. Asylum will always be indebted and I’m sure I would have never been exposed to much of what I have been if it had not been for your extended loyalty and commitment to our family.



An understanding must always be undertaken when discussing figures of history: I’m discussing what has happened and was recorded of a person. Often, in Afkan discussion, we mistake what we have heard of a person from source 1082 and not what we may have actually witnessed for our Selves or known of someone from primary accounting methods. I never met Dubose Heyward, I may have liked him. I never knew Malcolm X, may have disliked him. So, in my efforts to write critiques regarding historical figures, I attempt to be objective for the sake of my ignorance, and subjective with regard to my complete knowledge of Self. That is not saying I have complete knowledge of Self, for my Self is a dynamic, subject to change; I am, however, referring to those elements that have remained core components that I can be sure of in as much as I’m sure the Sun will remain in a fixed enough position for the Earth to round about its axis.


A part of this Self, I speak of and know of is my need to bond with those of my Afkan heritage. The romantic element of any nation, tribe, religion, any grouping of humans, is exactly that which that unit’s cohesive agent is. We are all bound by emotional strands, physical ecological realities, or we are not at the same time. Logic allows for a cold, or objectifying treatment of life, yet it doesn’t remove the fact that all of life is living and that all of the living are dependent or interconnected in some way. It is the romantic ideology that compels the will to act in a manner suitable for sacrifice and commitments that cold logic cannot always clone. The cowardly can be logical; the cowardly cannot always be faithful to the trust of those that need them to be in the face of ominous circumstance. When the braves of a people are limited and must resort to the employ of cowards to do that which even the brave flounder, it takes an emotional appeal that extends into the imagination, not the analytic recesses. In this regard, it is always necessary to know what every imagination, what every creation, and thus what every artist and creator, has in their mind and what is the response to these creations on the collective mind. It must be remembered that the phrase “Uncle Tom” originated not in the sphere of objective reality, but in the imaginations of a White woman for a white male audience. Yet, how often do we hear White males using the phrase colloquially? How often do we hear or read Afkan peoples using it?


Now, in mentioning all of that, what are you preparing us for, eh? I don’t mind White writers writing whatever they choose; I just don’t wish to allow it to pass without a critical eye for symbols and messages that are born of the taints of White privilege born of European global domination that allows Whites to continuously feel comfortable crafting pieces about Afkan of all eras and periods. Media images have defined movements and cultural behaviors since the written word appeared, and it should be the effort of any Black(Afkan) media analyst to regard all works composed by other than Afkan about Afkan to be held as propaganda that could spark mass gas chambers to be filled. If I am to be applauded for critiquing the works of Tyler Perry or even Aaron McGruder, I shall not be of the type of rat’s bastard spawn, filled with insecurity of my own culture and skin, that I can’t critically assess those that helped to forge the stereotypes and shallow witticisms that plague the works of the aforementioned.



I tend to hold this view especially when applying my sword and monocle to period pieces. Especially period pieces written by Southern Whites born during the late 1800s (any hundreds really, but those really get the McNulty treatment). Such a piece is Dubose Heyward’s Porgy, which is the book that became the play that became the operetta, that became the wonderful and entertaining Broadway production my sister from another sex act entirely treated me and Brie to the past weekend. The production of the Broadway performance was superb in execution. David Alan Grier’s “Sportin’ Life” was vivid and captured the essence of the trickster beyond even the work it Self through his use of obvious stage contraptions that were not actual props(i.e., his constant leaning on stage scaffolding, a device that lesser skilled talents might abuse to the detriment of a convincing performance). The colorful clothing arrangements complemented the rich vocal assortment, which, like that blending of cast costumes, cascaded in a harmonizing that captured you from the opening act to the last. It truly was an event to behold. An experience worthy of all that vibratory magnetism that surrounds much of Broadway, and those works which come to represent it in real time.


Porgy and Bess, the Broadway musical, is the story of a crap game gone bad when a local drunken dope fiend, Crown, loses and kills the fader, Robbins. Without telling too much of the plot, although you should expect spoilers, Porgy, a crippled beggar gives the drunken dope fiend’s lady, Bess, a place to hide after she turns down the offers of the local dope dealer, “Sportin’ Life”. And although the production is awfully compelling, I couldn’t resist the urges of my analytic process when watching a musical rendition of a crap game of Afkan gentle folks acted in front of me in a sea of predominantly White ticket buyers. I immediately thought of Ice Cube’s “What They Hittin’ Foe?”(Amerikkka’s Most Wanted(1991)) and other Hip hop mentionables that have often gone under fire by the same class of Afkan that will most likely be defending the White Heyward and Jewish Gershwin. As an Afkan (Black) media analyst, it is has become an almost impossible task for me not to question the motives of why a particular cultural artifact, whether well meaning or not, actual or just practical for storytelling purposes, was used. This is especially the case for productions with cultural Afkan overtones and predominantly Afkan casts. I have a right to question anyone outside of the Afkan experience, I don’t care if your mother sucked fifty Afkan penises in the back of her father’s car while she grew up in an Afkan neighborhood; all Afkan can’t tell the Afkan story, why should it be so easy for those other than Afkan to do it?



It often needs to be thought about, who trained Afkan film writers, other Afkan film writers, or other than Afkan film writers? Was it not other than Afkan peoples that had their hands on the development of film first? Did the Afkan somehow fund a movie production to teach other than Afkan people how to write for film and film going audiences before other than Afkan people wrote for film and all other than Afkan audiences? Have I somehow confused you here? Do you need to read this all over? Please, I’ll wait right here…


Where did the mammy caricature originate? Although the depiction of women of an imaginary small Gullah village named, Catfish Row — symbolized in the Broadway performance by nine (my numerologists readers should have a field day with this play given its use of complete and incomplete notions {the play starts with a child’s birth} used throughout the scripting) planks of wood holding up the wooden set where the thespians performed– these women are very much styled as the mammy. In fact, all of the Afkan women in the play would easily fit into that type with the exception of Bess, played by a very alluring and just damn fine Audra McDonald, whose type is the whore, the loose and easily accessible licentious dark woman, or Jezebel/Sapphire, a caricature often associated with Afkan women. The male characters, although slightly more robust, still capture elements of the slave narratives as sold to European American audiences. We have the Buck exemplified by the drunken Crown. This savage rapist image that allowed for Ku Klux Klan memberships to swell, oh wait, that could have possibly allowed(yes, I’m moving my right hand closed around an open circular space in a jerking up and down motion), after the release of D.W. Griffith’s ‘Birth of a Nation’. Although the trickster image appears heavily in Gullah and Yoruba lore, in the character of Sportin’ Life it takes on the elements of “slickster”, not buffoonish in any manner, but the sophisticated fast talking caricature spoken of in J.A. Rodger’s “From Superman to Man”.



I do not in any right feel the need to be “fair” to a writer’s work who has direct descendants that not only owned slaves but apparently lived pretty well-off because of them, so I’ll write this out rightly, the women are shown as the unifying force of the story, very much like the mammy caricature is shown as the leader of the Afkan people. Whether objective reality supports this or not, and whether I support this or not, this is the continued message throughout the piece. We see a much respected Porgy being chastised by the women who will not give him his cane as a means of keeping him immobile to convince him towards their thinking. It is also the women that alienate Bess and instruct her not to seek Porgy for a rest haven. It is also the women that embrace her and invite her to the community picnic held on the island where she is left to be raped by Crown (a rape scene on the stage was very impacting given the level of groping by the actor Phillip Boykin). I was happy to see a media production where an Afkan man is seeking to not only commit to an Afkan woman, but also to defend her, sure. I’m also pleased to have seen a performance whereby a group of Afkan women that are married to Afkan men come together to defend an Afkan man. I’m also pleased to point out a production that points to the historical reality of the Gullah. I do believe I’ve been kind enough to this child of Afkan slave torturers.


It should noted here that Heyward wrote Porgy based on an actual Afkan that was considered to be a criminal. As an informally trained White writer whose family had fallen from grace after the Emancipation Proclamation and subsequent fall of the South, Heyward had been persuaded to write a piece about Afkans that would allow him to compete with the more sophisticate White writers in the community of writers that he belonged to. As stated before, I probably would have really liked this guy. But, I have to ask, if Heyward were an Afkan understanding how powerful imagery works in writing as well as how imagery transcends cultures, would he have gone with an Afkan story of a criminal and whore? It is a compelling story. Porgy and Bess is much more intricate than its critics have allowed it, and much more complex than Gershwin’s adaptation, replete with inconsistency after inconsistency, frames it. I do agree with Langston Hughes, Heyward was able to do what most of his White counterparts crafting the Afkan experience elegantly and poignantly. However, I still must wonder if he were forced by conscientious responsibility to pick a storyline, would it have been that of a crippled beggar forced to defend an Afkan drug addict from her murderous and rapist lover? Porgy, and its variation, Porgy and Bess, is an ugly tale. It is a very dark piece. Heyward’s ethnicity and his family’s background only makes the piece more dark for me.


Certain questions ought to be raised. Why is it when an Afkan portrays Afkan women as needy, drug addicted, and weaker than enamel dentures soaking in lemon juice, they are attacked for being born Tyler Perry? Yet, those descriptions were written with Porgy and Bess in mind. Has it become a part of our culture that only White Jewish males are allowed to go unquestioned with depictions of Afkan (Afrikan Amerikkkan) women in roles stereotypical or demeaning? Had Tyler Perry been the director of “Color Purple” instead of Steven Spielberg, would we have demanded the lynching party we usually rally together behind films that display women in no different manner than the Jewish film maker? We laugh when White women attempt to exhibit our styles, yet we let a White Jewish man tell us how our “Girlfriends” should act?


I don’t mind anyone doing whatever with media. I do have a problem when I can’t ask questions in the same country “Birth of a Nation” and “Colors” were filmed. I know what impact images can have on the lives of individuals and thus communities. Afkan pretend to endure for the sake of artistic value, and yet, the Anti-Defamation League would have their balls deep down Tyler Perry’s esophagus if he crossed the same lines we allow his Jewish counterparts to cross since the early 1900s in media. I am appreciative of classic works such as Porgy and Bess. I thought the imagery of an Afkan community coming together against White terrorism in the form of brutal and draconian police detectives was refreshing. But White Jewish liberals have always had a soft spot when it comes to violence in their exploitation; ask an NAACP member. However, I would ask anyone reading this to consider whatever facts and accurate insights or perspectives I provide with this piece.


I also don’t have any extra fucks to give with those that might label me filiopietistic here. As known, I am an Afkan loyalist and my works aren’t of the academic type constructed by intellectual cowards hiding behind objectivity for the sake of grants, loans, tenure, or appearances on some news anchor or political pundit’s couch positioned just so precisely for camera purposes. Excuse my existentialism, but every human is at war, and every collective formed due to warlike circumstances either of environment, animal, or other human collectives. Good writers don’t toss words on pages and make classic literature no matter how much Western theories of evolution might suggest such goofy notions. A lot of thought goes into a masterpiece, and a lot of impact occurs with collected thought. My job is to ask the questions that you don’t when thinkers hope you aren’t.


As always, thanks for reading this…

Kids Do The Darnedest Things…

Link To PDF here

So, per my usual rounds about the world wide mental prison (web, net, encaging device, prison…same same, yes?), I came across the Twitter feed, or timeline of Coach Bilal Sankofa (@Blakoben – much recommended follow, chaps), and was startled to read the headline of a newspaper he had a posted a photo of. The headline of the Metro Philadelphia periodical read,”They allegedly killed a man for an $11 pizza.” The caption underneath furthered this, “Four young people between 18 and 23 reportedly lured married father of four to SW Philly house/As two women waited on a doorstep, two men gunned down deliveryman from behind, cops say/All they took was the pizza”. Below the caption glared the immortalized faces of Xylaca Devlin, 18, Keyona Jones, 18, Rashad CheeseBoro, 23, and Michael Covington, 21.


As I peered into the eyes of each of the alleged perpetrators of Ronald Anderson, Jrs murder, I allowed a statement I heard years ago,”…they still have innocence in their eyes…” The doctored furl imprinted on the face of the young ladies marked me strange. As if this physiological talisman would justify such ignorant behaviors. Yet, without convicting them in digital writ, I could only think of all the savage lives destroyed due to a culture so hell bent on proving points and glorifying the gods of street incredulity. In a home located in Pennsylvania sit four children who will never see their father again. An Afkan man that was married to an Afkan woman raising children together, mind you. Who assists the plumber of faucets that leak Afkan warm blood through cold blooded streams? Without assuming too much in a case such as this, we all possibly know or have heard of someone being molested of their breath in some extremely reckless and meaningless fashion.

An encouraged western aggressiveness heightened by a Jewish media machine is one factor. A factor where Harry Potter can influence a new generation of whiz kids to embrace their intelligence alongside the Wire being shown on television sets accessible in the same means that NWA was accessible to a 12 year old St. Louis writer I know. The Wire influencing the children of the children that were rewired by NWA, Menace II Society, and Belly to deem Afkan lives as no more valuable than a $10.90 pizza after taxes. In honor of our dying educational systems, the children of Ronald Reagan’s crack era, George Bush and Bill Clinton’s prison nation, George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind Era, and Obama’s Overlook Evacuating the Troops in Chicago’s War but make sure to call Jay-z while calling Kanye an Ass era are bleeding one another like one of the more interesting episodes of True Blood.

The immediate theoretical framework here is Dr. Amos Wilson’s Black on Black crime, and yet, I’m at a lost for application in this and a few other recent urban misanthropic anecdotes. In the case that the story of the Homicide Capt. James Clark is correct, these young persons are of the brand of foolish dubbed most often as, “dumb ass.” And I’m starting to read about this degree of insanity more. It would be easy for a person to write these young people off, as much as I’m certain many have, and yet, they are still children psychologically damaged by the same system that causes a man to take a chance at delivering a pizza to a vacant house. Those are not the faces of killers. They are the faces of stupid, sure, but not a vicious lot. And yes, looks can be deceiving, but who murders over a pizza other than hypermasculine youth with psychological needles injecting them with messages of “being tough”, “being a thug”, “being hardcore” day in and day out? There is no invidious comparison here; there is only an adrenaline induced stupid stupor to do that which seems “gangster.”

The fact that there was some organization to an $11 pizza robbery isn’t lost on me either. The more Afkan part of me wants to type, “I wonder would they have carried out the mission if the delivering agent been White?” I also noted the class conflict between lumpen criminal and proletariat lower working class in this particular frame. I’ve noticed a penchant for lumpen criminals to sort the working class (blue and white collar) as lower than them Selves on the social totemic. The phrasing of thinking typically reads like,”I don’t job/gig, that’s what my girl does.” Given the nature of exclusion for most Afkan males from positions of employment, I can understand why this sentiment has originated. Given that the two women are placed in the position of decoy as the two males play rogue warriors also speaks to this arrangement. The devaluing of the Afkan working class due to privileged White male workers and a system of “capitalism” that has always been defined in deed by a lower strata of easy Afkan labor can be charged in this crime as well.

In closing, I extend my condolences to the lost of the Brother, Husband, and Provider, and hope that the punishment meted out upon these youths is within the prescriptions of Ma’at. I also pray that one day we, Afkans, will not need others to perform the duties of Ma’at, not only due to the elimination of stupid, but also because of our ability to enforce justice.

Black Bloggers: Don’t Hate Your Own People While Writing About Santorum In The Hood

“Our interpretations are rooted in personal narratives about ourselves, and these narratives aren’t always so positive, as is the case with teenagers who feel like rebels without a cause, college students who are convinced they were admissions errors, and adults who always seem to assume the worst about their relationships.


…Cognitive-behavioral therapy(CBT). CBT assumes that maladaptive interpretations-negative thought patterns- are responsible for many mental health problems, and that the best way to treat those problems is to make people aware of their thought patterns and learn how to change them.


…story editing, which is a set of techniques designed to redirect people’s narratives about themselves and the social world in a way that leads to lasting changes in behavior.”
– “Redirect: The Surprising New Science of Psychological Change” by Timothy D. Wilson


During the events of this week, Rick Santorum, GOP presidential candidate, made a statement regarding Blacks and welfare. His statement:


“I don’t want to make Black people’s lives better, by giving them somebody else’s money.”


Now, this is blatantly racist, it has no place in civil politics, and any Black person that would support such racially polarizing and derogatory commentary is a threat to them Selves. Now, the neoliberal Black might mistake this as a time to bring out their anti-Black from the urban community zapper gun 12009 they received from Saint Nickelass. But alas, no, young neo-negroes, your time still has not come. It is not a time to rehash statistics about welfare rates of Blacks, Whites, and Mexicans. Why? That is exactly what the likes of a Santorum would like you to do. To focus attention on poor US citizens that are more than owed the assistance of their government as most of them probably served in the military. Even if they didn’t it matters not because every US citizens that loves to hurl the “I’m a tax paying citizen” mantra so loosely around like a pack of condoms at a swinger’s bash, is protected by young poor to lower middle class men and women that more than likely will never receive fair compensation. If you want to bandy about numbers, let’s talk about the financial rape of the young military veteran that serves their country and comes home to downtown apartments owned and operated by exploitative not-for profits forcing such a draconian demand on living arrangements that the veteran living in them gets treated like someone’s child just to move about in their own space. According to the National coalition for Homeless Veterans:


“Roughly 56 percent of all homeless veterans are African American or Hispanic, despite only accounting for 12.8 percent and 15.4 percent of the U.S. population respectively.


About 1.5 million other veterans, meanwhile, are considered at risk of homelessness due to poverty, lack of support networks, and dismal living conditions in overcrowded or substandard housing.


Although flawless counts are impossible to come by – the transient nature of homeless populations presents a major difficulty – the Departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Veterans Affairs (VA) estimate that over 67,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. Over the course of a year, approximately twice that many experience homelessness. Only eight percent of the general population can claim veteran status, but nearly one-fifth of the homeless population are veterans.”


One-fifth, ladies and gentlemen of Asylum. One of out five persons that you drive past on highway off ramps, turn your noses up at going to your 24 hour free Wi-Fi spots, brush past on your way to work, or otherwise treat worse than your common project building cockroach was shot at defending your precious way of living. One out of five of those persons you sit at your park bench and call “bums” has had to suffer some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of protecting you. Please read that again, and think twice about the fancy little choice phrases you offer that human being asking for a little change to get by, since you indeed might owe that person a whole lot more than some metal chips for the metal chips they may have caked in their joints and bone marrow.


But as gracious as we should be and as often as you should have already seen those statistics throughout the thorough and discerning writing of the Black blogosphere, these are still not the numbers we ought to be most concerned with. As Santorum attempts to blame Barack Obama for some national form of nepotism, he seems to forget how much money Obama agreed to give the likes of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and AIG(source). Many of us have forgotten the recent passing of welfare to corporate entities such as the Troubled Asset Relief Program, which was backed by Barack Obama as a senator high footing it to DC to make sure he co-signed then President Bush. Yes, we are now discussing the over $80 billion dollars that Santorum has yet to discuss as he fixes his kangaroo cock massaging lips to blame Blacks, as should be expected by such White terroristic filth in a fancy suit.


Before the next Black blogger runs to go tell that, they should focus a tad bit more energy on the proper story, and not the story they have blaring in their head that causes them to in a short sighted manner, aim their keyboard’s electromagnetic rayguns at their own people and inadvertently backing the coward’s “gibberish”. Many Blacks unfortunately have yet to relieve them Selves of the cognitive psychological dysfunction that is self-hate. The immediate story and perspective taken in such instances as a White man pointing his worthless finger at the poor Black, is to compare your brothers and sisters to that of criminals. I can guarantee the Asylum that those writing about the comments of Santorum didn’t for one second wonder about the millions of US citizens that benefit from tax breaks because of their well protected money laundering to off shore banks and profiteering in lands where they are able to hire cheap labor; further robbing the true US citizens that have always made this country run: the poor Blacks.




Our brothers and sisters across the interglobe decided that they would take this opportunity to further harass those Blacks that cooked and cleaned the homes of White women and White men that allowed for their children to gain college degrees. These writers decided, once again, to look towards the same White terrorist propaganda engines for their “solutions”. Once again, this virus, this mental atrophying with contagious shark teeth has projected its fear of all things White and all realities Strong and Afkan onto the media most capable of helping our children see past the detrimental storylines written in their DNA since the days of James K. Polk applauding “The Birth Of A Nation” while funding the Klan’s membership rise which would assist in the destruction of Black Wall Streets (there was more than just Tulsa, and no negro, I’m not talking about your precious Wall Street in New York, you flea…) nationwide.

Thirty Days Of Poetry Challenge(Day Thirteen(2012)) #Haiti #RememberHaiti

(Senyru{a three-line unrhymed Japanese poem structurally similar to a haiku but treating human nature usually in an ironic or satiric vein. It is also unlike haiku in that it usually does not have any references to the seasons.})


Photomanipulation By J. Farand For Owl’s Asylum


Genocidal Rules, Life Snatched Body Tossed World Lacks Regard, For Babies Born Dark.