Black History Month And Ethnic Blindness

I’m often discouraged by the sheer blindness of Afkans in response to the most common activities of humans. At the moment, it is the begining of the month that was once the week set aside by a grand Black scholar to help Afkans remember their Afkanistry;that is, the historical personages that suffered victories and garnered failures for Afkans to have their ethnic socio-political chemistry. Unfortunately, after close to a century later, the extension of seven days of reflection into a month is about the only evolved growth Afkans have demonstrated as a benefit from the scholar Woodson’s life works.


It is around this time that Afkans seek to remember that the world of humans operates like young Bloods and Crips seeking to protect terrority based on color coded descriptors. Of course, ethnic groupings from Nigeria to China push the line of ethnic cleansing beyond the color of ones skin to the width of noses, size of foreheads, and clan membership, but Afkans are new to the stage of ethnic gang banging, so let’s be gentle here, shall we?


It is this newness to the ethnic scene that causes Afkans to make socio-politically asinine statements that often reflect a certain hypocritical blindness. As we celebrate a month dedicate to general reflection, most groups have holy days and weeks, some groups months, scattered throughout the recorded cycle around the sun, or year, to commemorate the actions of those that assisted in forging their ethnic groups chemistry. Afkans still find them Selves unable to differentiate between a trend and a conservative cultural pattern. Afkans still believe that by simply embracing the patterns of behavior left by other ethnic groups, they are made whole. Afkans do not consider that the people they are borrowing from may be proud that their ancestors sold the ancestors of those that became the seeds of the family tree that is the Afkan people. Yes, you have those that were born in the ethnic groupings, tribes, clans, families, towns, villages, cities, nations, countries formed on the continent labeled “Afrika” that are quite proud that their enemies or their poor and unwanted were shopped(not just “shipped”) to the Amerikkkas.


Afkans are not yet that mature to accept such thinking, however. Afkans have yet to learn how to be offended at a commercial showing Adele singing her “Underneath The Deep” as the words “We Are Music” appears and transforms into the logo for the Grammy Awards 54th showing. Some are so far gone that they will actually need me to explain why they should be offended at such. The Arab needs no such education when calligraphy is used to even remotely signify a valued symbol of their semiotics. The Afkan, forced into existence by the neglectful and selfish desires of an elite class of their own; tortured by capitalistic desires as cargo and planted, pruned, and produced like much hybrid horticulture sent to the market for more market shares. How could they understand the trappings and makings of a world where ethnicity is a choice? How could they understand war in a world where most countries have been formed by the suicidal acts of brave but foolish people attempting to appease a value such as nationalism and cultural honor? HOw could they understand the anger that should be displayed during such a month as this? How could they understand with the Jews and the Arabs that fasting and prescriptions of pain and discipline should be enacted throughout the month to show good damn measure for those that went without, that weren’t allowed to take their own lives like the proud women of the Igbo that would jetison them Selves overboard when captured? And yet the Afkan frowns on suicide. How could they have a proper appreciation for anything of ethnic value, when they haven’t studied other humans outside of their captivity? An orphaned and whored people will have a troubled path walking toward appreciation of those that bleed so that the ugly, and yet very organic process of genesis could be ordained in deed.


As Afkans gather to unite reelect a man born of a White mother, neglected by a man born and raised in Kenya, and schooled in every other classroom but one where rocks, paper, and scissor is replaced by pencil break;where flipping a coin and calling the side it landed on was not a means to decide who would do what, but very well a means to eating lunch that day. Afkans have a culture that doesn’t have any roots on the continent of Afrika. Afkans have a culture that did form and find its inception during the rapes of Afkan woman because of Afrikan queens. What WE have gone through is the purpose of needing to be reminded of OUR contribution to one another. Afkan people need not an excuse for our pride for we have endured the devil of children’s imaginations as a C-section into existence. Every group of persons on Earth owes the continent of Afrika something, we don’t look for Europe for answers to the mysterious problems for a reason, and yet Afkans are who and what they are for a reason. If we are to believe in “reasons”.

Twitter “Niggers” and Twitter “Niggaz”-A Collage of Ignorance

Carter G. Woodson, The Miseducation of the Negro

When you control a man’s thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. He will find his ‘proper place’ and will stay in it. You do not need to send him to the back door. He will go without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, he will cut one for his special benefit. His education makes it necessary.



Here’s what they think about you…


You know, I like to have fun online and in my spare time. I do find it a little demeaning however when an organization such as twitter finds it in good tastes to exploit the merriment of those who work the hardest to keep a stream of content flowing. One thing I have learned to be embarrassed about when it comes to my people, is our lack of acute awareness with regards our cultural powers. American Blacks hold a sway on this social universe that is often incomprehensible. What would Twitter be if the American Blacks that are using it decided not to for a week? Would the advertisers who just signed a deal with the major decision makers behind Twitter feel a financial crunch?


It is one thing to be a coon, and I’ll admit, some of us are cooning a bit too much. But I really feel hurt seeing the coons being recording for sport and economic gains. The world is still watching the American Slaves, and the world is still doing nothing…the slaves are still relying on their saints, scholars, killers, and dealers to save them from themselves…


Calling all heroes and heroines…