Screenshots On Linux Command Line(Chromium)

In order to get a screenshot of a web page(URL) in Chromium, we use this simple syntax structure in our terminal:

[path/to/chromium] --headless --screenshot="[path/to/save/filename.png]" "[URL]"

If you need to find your path to chromium install, use which command like this:

$ which chromium-browser

With that bit of information, we can now execute our screenshot command

$ /usr/bin/chromium-browser --headless --screenshot="/home/owl/Pictures/screenshot.png" ""

This only screenshots “above the fold” area. Control screen capture size with --window-size option. Set width to be 1920 pixels (full HD) and height to 3000 pixels. With --hide-scrollbars option, hide scrollbars for more succinct capture.

/usr/bin/chromium-browser --headless --hide-scrollbars --window-size=1920,3000 --screenshot="/home/owl/Pictures/screenshot.png" ""