List Installed Packages in Ubuntu Using dpkg Command


List Installed Packages Using apt Command


How to Zip and Unzip via SSH

zip your-file.php your-file.php your-file.php In order to compress a directory, use this syntax: zip -r /directory-name This command is used for .zip file decompression: unzip Source

Screenshots On Linux Command Line(Chromium)

In order to get a screenshot of a web page(URL) in Chromium, we use this simple syntax structure in our terminal: If you need to find your path to chromium install, use which command like this: With that bit of information, we can now execute our screenshot command This only screenshots “above the fold” area. Read the full article…

Using Youtube-DL

According to their site: youtube-dl is a command-line program to download videos from and a few more sites. Youtube-dl provides a means to download videos published online without a third-party. This provides security, convenience, and a certain amount of dependability. To use it to download videos, I simply navigate to its location on my system(path): And Read the full article…