Why I’m Totally Embarrassed By Google’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Doodle


I was conferencing on Twitter with Nikki, well, you’ll know her best as @Chey_Marly_Mom, and my Tweetdeck froze. I decided to switch to Firefox, but anyone working with 2 sticks of 1gb RAM and less than 60gb of on board memory knows the hassles of Firefox’s resource drain. So, I convinced my Self to download Chrome for my Interglobe site surfing. Upon entering Google, I was beckoned by an image of Google being spelled out by this one Black face digitally painted and skewed for convenience(lazy pricks), another one of a Black man with his eyes closed for the ‘G’, and another guy looking really close to Jesse Jackson with his hands in “raise the roof” formation. I wanted, maybe even needed, to call Earl(for my not so lumpen Afkan(Afrikan Amerikkkan) readers, I just wrote that I wanted to regurgitate with dry retching and praying).


As my loyal readers already know, I’m not very big on holidays(“holy days” either…same thing?). I might as well have been raised a Jehovah’s Witness, I’ve probably celebrated 2 born days as a child, and 1 or 2(I see you, Calvin) as an adult. I get upset with the New Year celebration because it isn’t really a complete new cycle for me, it is just a collective celebration of one. I’ve even asked Asylum Staff(that’s fun, isn’t it) why people don’t give gifts on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday like they do Jesus’ birthday. I mean, Dr. King, Jr. played a much more significant role in the lives of Afkans than Jesus ever will, and there is no argument about his existence, rise, or crucifixion. I suppose people that have been as psychologically gang banged and ghetto gagged as Afkans would need some one White to suggest it and show them how to do it. I wonder if Tim Wise answers emails.



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