Thirty Days Of Poetry Challenge(Day Thirteen(2012)) #Haiti #RememberHaiti

(Senyru{a three-line unrhymed Japanese poem structurally similar to a haiku but treating human nature usually in an ironic or satiric vein. It is also unlike haiku in that it usually does not have any references to the seasons.})


Photomanipulation By J. Farand For Owl’s Asylum


Genocidal Rules, Life Snatched Body Tossed World Lacks Regard, For Babies Born Dark.

Porn, Presidents, and Power Plays…

Geezus Kicking over tables Krist…the things a guy will miss when off the grid for a couple of weeks…

Alright…where should we start…

First, let me give the disclaimer I usually give when discussing things that deal with celebrities and their personal lives. Although these are public personalities, and legally open to the verbal gun fire of guys like myself–with consideration for slander and the like–they are still people that I don’t know. I state this because it is quite easy for me to roll out of my bed, read scathing comments about celebrities, and then whip up some less than laudatory statements myself. Granted, this is pretty acceptable, and I have my moments, but the truth is, I’m a media communicator and analyst, however, in most instances, I could give two half pennies of a concern about the choices made by people in the privacy of their homes. Judging another person’s moral decisions that don’t affect a critical mass isn’t my forte.

With that out of the way…

So…Larry Fishburne’s daughter wants the world to know her milkshake brings all the male porno stars to her yard. My take is that she is a grown woman. I understand that most father’s would disown their daughters for such career(yeah, I had to muffle my laughter, too) choices. I can think of a few deranged individuals who might actually applaud that behavior, but they are definitely in the minority. And double standards aside for a paragraph or two, I’ve seen the clip and the sister might want to drain these few minutes of fame, swallow her pride, and find new track to ride. Of course, considering that I haven’t used her name once in this post thus far, we realize that if she wasn’t Larry’s daughter, I wouldn’t be critiquing a pornography performance on a blog with a majority female readership.

It is difficult for me to not understand Larry’s concern. Not sure if I’d be willing to pay the substantial amount of money that is being quoted to cease distribution of the video, but I also don’t swim in those socio-economic waters. Ultimately, I think Larry should have remained silent, I mean, the production was that bad in my opinion, and many people wouldn’t have even known about it. If it is her choice to bump uglies with the likes of Brian Pumper for the triple x audience, then it shouldn’t smear Larry’s impeccable career and reputation. Some might argue that her work(tongue in cheek is an art, I swear…), will point to a lack of good fathering, but that is as subjective as the double standard that causes her to gain the attention she is now receiving. I don’t know the sister, but by watching her interview with her standing next to the Goldie of The Mack fame reject, I am reminded of Ginger and Lester Diamond in Casino. I suppose pimping really ain’t dead…

Eh…pulling out of that topic…

Wyclef has signed papers announcing his plans to become president of Haiti. Not quite sure how I feel about that. I don’t think it is one of those topics that should be overly critiqued from the angles I’m seeing. What I’ve been reading mostly are reasons why Wyclef shouldn’t be attempting to become the president. And the discussion regarding why he shouldn’t be president lacks a much needed balance of political understanding. I’m not from Haiti, nor have I ever lived in Haiti. What I know about Haiti is from the media and few friends and associates who are expatriates. I don’t think anyone in the United States who isn’t living in Haiti presently, or having plans to do such, has a properly informed opinion to say what Haiti needs emotionally, economically, or politically. And if we are still discussing the accusations of Yele, the first thing that pops in my mind is ACORN. If the premise is lack of experience, then my rebuttal is the present holder of the office of the President of the United States.

Sure, there are humongous concerns facing Haiti at the moment. Earthquake disaster, an economy that was underdeveloped before the earthquake, and an inhumane contract with France and now possibly the World Bank. However, I was one of those writers that showed concern regarding the support networks of western countries. Much of the reason for Haiti’s inability to deal with the earthquake in a less than catastrophic manner was lack of western support and France’s repugnant insistence on demanding money from the shopping of humans.

Yes, these are troubling times for Haiti, and for much of Haiti’s existence, they have suffered through troubling times. The US is in troubling times as well. If Wyclef is to be denounced as simply opportunistic or simply a symbol of hope, I am reminded of the reasons people stood in lines that circled buildings trying to vote for “Change” and “Hope” back in 2008. I am reminded of the words of the Great Marcus Mosiah Garvey when he asked where were our great men of affairs at. As a person that is sick and tired of being sick and tired of seeing young black males gamble their lives on dreams of being entertainers and athletes, I am pleasantly pleased that Wyclef is willing to take this chance. If one doesn’t believe he is qualified, then don’t vote for him…oh, and if you can’t vote for him…then why disparage his efforts from a distance?

On to the next…

Google and Verizon are said to be in a deal that will allow Google to transfer information from their sites faster. This discussion is being toted as the end of Net Neutrality and the beginning of the decline of the independent web. I tend to agree. As a web master, it is my greatest hope that the web can remain as open and fairly distributed as possible. Unfortunately, in most cases, this is already impossible. With transfer fees, hosting fees, server fees, database management and such concerns, it is always going to be more difficult for some to take advantage of the interweb than others. It would be nice if beyond those financial impediments those that provide access to the interweb wouldn’t strike deals with companies to hamper the independently competitive nature of the interweb. Deals such as these set dangerous precedents and further constrain the tools of mass communication into the hands of a few rich corporations. And as with most things societal, it will be the consumer and the end-user to suffer the most.

So, I say in closing: Hands off Haiti, Hands off the InterWeb…and um…hands off Larry’s Daughter’s arse…or something like that…

To be aware, or to be moral…that is the question…

Haiti is still a death bed and the destruction of that country has not been historically matched, while little girls are selling their bodies for shelter underneath sheets. And I’m still involved with discussions about “consciousness” and the moral code that the “conscious” should adhere to. Schools are being shut down throughout the country in major cities, and yet, the discussion is on morals. I don’t know how often I will be brought to the table of the enlightened. I’m not sure if I will always be welcomed there. My shoes might not be shiny enough. My hair might not be crisp enough. My shirt might not be sewn at the correct angle. Whatever.


I don’t have the energy to spend on the rituals and practices of those who believe that their understanding is the supreme understanding. I didn’t come into knowledge, knowledge came into me. It dropped its bags on the steps of my temple and kicked its feet up on the couch. It didn’t ask me to do anything. It just spoke and pointed. It didn’t ask me to change my diet. It just showed me the effects of what I was consuming. It didn’t tell me to leave anyone alone, it simply directed my attention towards certain behaviors and their ultimate outcome. Wisdom saw knowledge and they started to copulate on my couch. They gave birth to a child and named the child understanding. I didn’t judge them, and they didn’t judge me.


The discussion is standards. And while the rest of the world is dealing with falling empires and collapsing buildings, black people in the US would rather argue about standards of behavior. While city after city is closing down schools in the black community, we would rather point out who is a coon and who is not. How long will this practice of intellectual classism prolong?


I was in the middle of a call.


I was shocked.


I was slightly appalled.


One brother, a comedian here in St. Louis made some jokes about a brother he went to school with. The brother, as I was told, was laughing. After the comedian commenced his act, he was struck with a vehement blow to the jaw. He was hospitalized. The former classmate threw the punch. The comedian’s jaw has been wired up. What do YOU think will happen next?


I don’t live that life. I don’t live the life of one who can continue to deal with petty disputes. I live the life of one who has to deal with daily drama. Situations that define themselves. I deal with life. I deal with black life. I can’t afford to waste my time waxing philosophically because someone needs to have their back rubbed. I have one woman. And she gets all my niceties. I would love to be able to coax everyone…but I cannot. My world is warzone, my friends are inmates, and most of them were dead wrong…


Does that make me less aware? Does that revoke my membership in the “conscious” club? If so, I’m very willing to accept that reality…I travel light…not your opinion of it…

“You think I’m heartless…?”

I suppose I just don’t want to see any more dead babies lying covered in mud in a ditch…

Earlier this morning the South American country of Chile was hit a devasting 8.8 earthquake fifty-six miles northeast of Conception at a depth of 22 miles at 3:34 am. The massive trembler shook the continent so ferociously that buildings not only shook in the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, but also was felt 1,800 miles to the east of the epicenter in Sau Paulo, Brazil. So for the loss of lives has been reported to be at least 214 victims, and I’ve read it reported that over 400,000 homeless in and near the capital city. Of course, the total damage done by earthquake has yet to be calculated.

My heart raced, and yet my mind was not in the same place that it was the day I opened my browser and read about the massive destruction that had occurred over a month ago in the small country of Haiti. I was in the middle of designing an infographic, and the discussion of Haiti and Chile came up. I was candid enough to admit that I didn’t feel quite the same heart ache that I did the moment I took at look at an image of seven mud drenched babies laying naked and half clothed. My initial glance at the image came from reading a twitter feed, so the image was hosted on twitpic, and some insensitive coward had written,”Those dead nigger babies look delicious lol”.

I suppose comments like those, the revealing and shocking, manner in which the Haitian enforcement killed a man in front of a camera for feeding himself the only way possible, the manner in which the Haitian enforcers shot a little boy on camera for feeding himself the only possible, and just the total destruction of the last shining of example of Afrikan rebelion against the western supremacist left me numb.

I was told that I was heartless for differentiating, and that death is death.My immediate response, knowing that this woman knows me,”Do you think that I am heartless…?”

I was asked how I would feel if the babies were not Black, if they were hispanic. I cringed physically at the thought of seeing any baby of any ethnic group piled like a sardines on a dirty grove. However, I knew in my deepest love, in my sincerest mind, that I would never feel the way I felt the day I saw Haiti shake.

I felt numb reading my own words.

I realized how cold it must have seemed for me to be so biased about a human tragedy. I began to question my own sanity. I began to ask myself was I ignorant. How could I think and say and FEEL such things towards human life? I went for a walk in the windy night and allowed myself to feel free to express the emotions that had overcome me. I tried not to think about slavery. I tried not to think about jim crow. I tried not to think about the Senate smacking the American Black in the face when they apologized to the American Black for slavery and turn the fuck around and said we will not be giving any reparations though. I tried not to think about how it must have felt for those little babies to die. How it must have felt for all those babies who had to fight for weeks under rock and rubble. I tried my best to put myself out of my mind frame, out of my nationalistic love for a people who seem to be at war with God.

But I couldn’t.

And although much of this has been written in tears for those who are suffering in Chile. All of it was written in tears for those who died, and are suffering in Haiti.

“You think I’m heartless…?”