Bail Bond Amounts In High Profile Cases(Infographic)

On April 22, 2012, George Zimmerman, the murderer of 17 year young Trayvon Martin walked away from John E. Polk Correctional Facility with an unidentified man into a BMW Sports Utility Vehicle on a $150,000 bond set by Judge Kenneth Lester, Jr. of Sanford, Fla. In lieu of these heart twisting events, I took it upon my Self to compile a list of bail bonds set in court cases of prominent individuals, or at least individuals that came to prominence because of the charges or incidents surrounding a case. What I’ve compiled is interesting to me, mainly the bail bonds set on the five young Afkan(Afrikan Amerikkkan) men from Jena, Louisiana. According to my research, and personal predicaments from time to time(insert Owl’s charming smile here), a bail bond is set in an effort to allow a person a modicum of freedom(defined here as not being in a cell, tank, or open bay confinement unit ran by state or federal personnel) while their case is being tried. Those that don’t get bonds are supposedly assumed to be “flight risks” — that is, they are rabbits waiting for a cage to spring so that they might. The amounts for those being tried ought to reflect their income and ability to pay such collateral. As we can see from the compiled data, such is not always the case. I do further the understanding here to ward off petty polemicist, each state is governed by various precedents and judges are allowed to operate within a fairly arbitrary space in these matters. Very much like the sentencing process, the judge has precedents they can consider, but these are not written in stone and often based on the personality of the judge in question.


I’ve presented the infographic in full here as a .png file(Portable Network Graphic) that can be right-clicked and saved or dragged and dropped onto your computing system. I also have a .pdf file that can be visited online or saved to your system as well. That is linked here.