What is ‘Politics’? (part 2)

I wanted to revisit this particular topic, in lieu of the Health Care debate, and my belief that many in the American Black community are still blind to a full and comprehensive understanding. Due to my own ignorances, and constant need for edification, I will take counsel with my elders on these topics. Hopefully you will be blessed with understanding from our discussion…

Brother George, many people have been discussing fascism as though it doesn’t exist in this society. I really need some help and describing this particular ideological as it shows itself in practice…

“We will never have a complete definition of fascism, because it is in constant motion, showing a new face to fit any particular set of problems that arise to threaten the predominance of the traditionalist, capitalist ruling class. But if one were forced for the sake of clarity to define it in a word simple enough for all to understand, that word would be “reform.” We can make our definition more precise by adding the word “economic.” “Economic reform” comes very close to a working definition of fascist motive forces.”

Alright! Alright. Hold on, though sir. Could further explain it in terms that might give me an example, or how it works in everyday dealings?

“Such a definition may serve to clarify things even though it leaves a great deal unexplained. Each economic reform that perpetuates ruling-class hegemony has to be disguised as a positive gain for the upthrusting masses. disguise enters as a third stage of the emergence and development of the fascist state.”

Break it down for me a little more, OG….

“The modern industrial fascist state has found it essential to disguise the opulence of its ruling-class leisure existence by providing the lower classes with a mass consumer’s flea market of its own. To allow a sizable portion of the “new state” to participate in this flea market, the ruling class has established currency controls and minimum wage laws that mask the true nature of modern fascism.”

OH SYHT!!! My fault, sir, but that was profound! Alright, let me reiterate for my own comprehension. The ruling-elite, those with power of money to control the governing representatives that have been elected by the lower classes, need to create the illusion of “freedom” to hide their pimping and parading, they allow the lower classes to spend their hard earned money on consumables and the like. But they have created ways to limit the amount of money made, products with planned obsolescence, and use race as a means to keep the competitive edge off certain sectors of the middle class…

I want to thank you for speaking with me, my brother…I love you…rest in revolt…

The Left, The Right, and The White…

I was watching Bill Maher’s Real Time on HBO this morning. Although I am often offended by his off color remarks with regard to race, and his undercover Jewish habit of thinking because he is having sex with black women he is given the right to speak about black people in an often too blunt manner, I still tuned into the white camel nosed comedian while giving his notoriously uncomical monologue. Later in the show I was blessed with a jewel from the mouth of swine. The greasy political one-liner stated that the Pentagon shooter, John Patrick Bedell was an internet conspiratorialist.

Now it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for me to accept the shock spot of the desperate clown, except that HBO’s jester was borrowing sound bites from CNN. CNN is supposedly an objective news source, but with republican sponsored advertisements disparaging the Health Care Bill being presented by the president of the United States, Barack Obama, and the Democratic Party. Now what I want to explain is what is supposed to be the difference between the right-wing and the left wing, left to center, and right to center.

Bill Maher’s supposedly represents himself as leftist. In the United States, “left” is more a political stance that attempts to improve the conditions of the middle class. The Right is the part of the political spectrum that symbolizes the ideas of the rich and the status quo. The major ideas of the right are rooted in the preservation and extension of the “American Idea”, and in many ways the White US American, or Old US American way of expanding the market through genocide and cultural imperialism. The Right is the political stance most represented by Fox News anchors and conservative radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Glenn Beck. Although these are all extreme examples, they are the voice of the visible media conduits of these political wings, or spectrums.

Center, as one might guess, is the place where policies and stances on issues get balanced and interchanged. Barack Obama is a left to center president of a country that is right to center. Capitalism is a conservative state of mind that employs military means to expand markets that benefit the status quo while objectifying the working class. The observative political scientist needs to understand that the basis of all political decisions in this country is weighed heavily against a very rightist base of economics and social system. The average US K-12 student is highly seeped in a belief that if you work hard, you will achieve financial stability and possibly financial comfort. The student is socialized to believe that if anyone does not possess particular material possessions or a certain type of job, then it is their fault. These types of people, for some reason, lack the ability or motivation to be mobile in this country and they are a burden on the “taxpayer”. This is often an immature political and socio-economic viewpoint that lacks to consider the actual lack of laissez-faire as the government offers loans and grant subsidies to business ventures without the rightist stigma placed on the citizen. Laissez-faire is the political ideology and state of affairs where the government is supposed to allow entities involved in business ventures free reign from government regulation. But as we all have seen this administration continue the practices of the former with regard to the billion dollar bailout of corporate and banking interests. the same interests that buttressed the decline of the US economy to begin with.

The question becomes if we are such a centered nation, at what point does Republican and Democratic interest become divergent? Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both received campaign donations from Bill Gates, as did George Bush. Bill Clinton opened more prisons during his administration than any other president in history. Bill Clinton created a bill that hinders anyone convicted of drug trafficking from receiving financial aid from the government. Two very obvious attacks on the poor. This is supposedly left wing behavior, and a liberal stance. Even Barack Obama displays a right wing ideology when making statements regarding the poor that the poor have to work their way up like everyone else. Well, not quite Mr. President, seeing that your administration has helped bankers and corporations survive financial setbacks that would have surely sent them to the asking about how many stamps they get monthly on their EBT card.

From the point of view of the citizen, the question you need to prepare yourself with is where do you stand on certain issues. If I was living in a country that was administrated by American Blacks than my stance on most issues would be considered right wing, highly nationalistic. Even in the US, I would have a difficult time placing my take on issues on the spectrum. I don’t support abortion, but I don’t think abortion should be a question of legislation. Well, I should say, I don’t think the US government should have any say in the matter. This is the type of analysis you should begin in your own thinking.

Where do you fall in the spectrum?