SSH ::: Viewing Connected Sessions On Ubuntu

1. The who Command 2. The w Command 3. The last Command 4. The netstat Command 5. The ss Command 6. The ps Command

Ways To Find Ip Address on Linux

In your preferred terminal emulator, or command line, type: ip addr

nmap on Ubuntu

Installing nmap on Ubuntu In order to install nmap on Ubuntu, we will be using these commands at terminal: Simple Scanning With nmap on Ubuntu In terminal of your choosing, type(you should use your own ip address or ip address of network you wish to scan): Whatever ip address you have must be followed by Read the full article…

How to Compress PDF on Linux With Ghostscript [Terminal]

You can use Ghostscript command line tool for compressing a PDF file. Most Linux distributions include the open source version of Ghostscript already. However, you can still try to install it just to make sure. On Debian/Ubuntu based distributions, use the following command to install Ghostscript: Now that you have made sure that Ghostscript is Read the full article…

How To Refresh Linux Font Cache

To refresh your Linux machine’s font cache, type: where -f means forced (we want to refresh everything) and -v means verbose, in order to print some useful information on installed fonts and newly discovered ones. Source

Where Linux Stores Fonts

While fonts on your Linux box can be located in many different directories, there are some standard installation destinations. /usr/share/fonts  /usr/local/share/fonts  ~/.fonts Any of these folders will work for you. REMEMBER ::: fonts in ~/.fonts directory will be available only for your presently active user. Source

List Installed Packages in Ubuntu Using dpkg Command


List Installed Packages Using apt Command


How to Zip and Unzip via SSH

zip your-file.php your-file.php your-file.php In order to compress a directory, use this syntax: zip -r /directory-name This command is used for .zip file decompression: unzip Source

How to Convert .MKV Video to .MP4 Video in Linux[Command Line]

FFmpeg is a video and audio converter that can also grab from a live audio/video source. It can also resize video on the fly without compromising the quality. FFmpeg is a powerful tool and can be used for various scenarios, if you are curious here is the official documentation. We also have a good collection of ffmpge usage Read the full article…