Thoughts On Hip Hop And US President Barack Obama(first set)

“Fundamentally, both crack and rap are conceived of similarly — as ways to create spaces of non-humiliating work in the face of severe social disruption.” – pg. 38

As I was trolling through my Twitter timeline, I came across an announcement by @BlackGod917 that Grammy award winning and Duke instructor 9th Wonder had remixed United States of America Democratic Presidential Campaign Contributor Jay-Z 2007 “American Gangster” album. As an aficionado of 9th Wonder’s production, I immediately sought out a link, and after receiving it, I proceeded to nodding away. While listening to the music, I considered Sean Carter’s initial statements regarding his inspiration for writing the scores found on the piece.Relating that after watching Denzel Washington’s performance that immortalized New York City herion dealer Frank Lucas that was not suppose to immortalize Frank Lucas, the Brooklyn Nets investor decided to pen the lyrics that appear on the tracks that I was listening to.

Being the Black media analyst and critic that I am, I began wondering which lines about drug dealing were metaphor, hyperbole, or unaffected. I also allowed my mind to drift to an age when I thought crak dealing was a means to buy the things the children I went to school with that mocked me had. Of course, I also thought about the feeling of having of those things, the nights sleeping in homes owned by adults but designated and operated by teenaged youths as narcotic storefronts. I allowed my ruminations to drift with the hypnotic beats to the memory of my peers who had become incarcerated, addicted, homeless, professional criminals, and slash or murdered. And then I thought about the United States President’s vehement position on gun violence while being financed by a guy that reminds me of the most violent times of my childhood. Possibly not much different than those dying in the streets of urban Chicago alongside the suburban upscale neighborhood of Hyde Park where United States President Barack Obama resided peacefully with his family not far from Nation of Islam National Representative, Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Although I am not a fan of Abraham Maslow’s heirarchy of needs, like most popular psychology conceptual frameworks, it has its meritable ideas. One of those ideas is the need for financial security as a foundation for self-respect. The development of a socialized capability to harness such a foundation often cannot be found in the classrooms where much of urban Black USA finds itself. According to a report compiled by research conducted by The Council of the Great City Schools in October 2010, 30% of Black males are attending schools in urban areas. Interestingly enough, the report contains evidence that supports a growing notion that Blacks in urban areas are doing better than Blacks being schooled in other areas.

I often wonder when I am debating the impact of media and media influence why people think that Parents and Teachers that are forced as authorities in this country should have more influence than those adults that children and teenagers choose to listen to. Maybe I am asking too much from the critical thinking facilities of those that voted for a man without considering his voting record, but influence happens. And what one adult considers an overly embezzled “story”, a young impressionable mind may consider a long term goal.

I wanted to examine the idea of the Metaphoric drug dealer further. I am not always sure what the age is for the understanding of a person that says they are selling crack as a metaphor for selling albums or just working hard begins for a person that has exposure and access to the lifestyle of the drugs. For myself, it is essential to question whether Rick Ross was shot at 20 times by someone that actually wanted to kill or hurt him, or was it a means to add credibility to an image most agree he has concocted. At want point does the 12 to 15 year old urban market that Jay-Z refers to in his Oprah’s Master Class interview as the “white hot” demographic? At what point do we become appalled by the fact that a man in his 40s considers 15 year olds his target audience for music depicting the US Black urban underground market and lifestyle as sport? As well, what does it say about Barack Obama and the national numbness of the violence US Black children are met with daily when none of Obama’s tears are able to cause his conscience to look past the money Jay-Z contributes to his campaigns that Jay-Z claims is rooted in the same drug money that causes so much violence in the neighborhoods of urban Chicago alongside the suburban upscale neighborhood of Hyde Park where United States President Barack Obama resided peacefully with his family not far from Nation of Islam National Representative, Minister Louis Farrakhan?

Thoughts on Fear of a Black President

Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote what I found to be the best encapsulation of the tension that has come with being a Black president. Coates captured it all from the hope and sense of ownership to the disgust and frustration within our community as well as the reception of President Obama and what his blackness means outside of our community.


What gripped me most was the theme regarding what do we mean and what should we expect when we say we have a Black President (or really a Black anything, for that matter). As Coates noted in his article, we love President Obama’s employing cultural signals and behaviors, but we also long for that “speak- truth-to-power” defiance. We want that avatar of our anger and rage just as much as the effortless portrayal of who we are culturally by our own in high places. What real good is understanding the finer points of giving dap, a command of Al Greens lyrics, or a child touching his hair in the light of death of young Black men and women in Chicago, extra judicial murders of Black folk in general, and predator drones? For many, especially those of us with immediate survival needs: Federalism, the nature of political process, reelections and the calculus of race ring very hollow as explanations in the face of such an environment.


While Obama still has to bear that criticism, I find that I also have to weigh the potency of racism in this country that demands as Coates says,” twice as good and half as black”. A lot of times we discuss authenticity in terms of hair and one’s adherence to different models and I think Coates engagement of this theme injects the nuance of a given person’s situation into the understanding of what authenticity means. It is easier and far sexier for us to view authenticity as this unbending adherence to a particular set of rules rather than sort of struggle to embody what we believe. A journey that is often beset with challenges, experiences, and situations where we stray, modify, or confirm those principles. The philosophies and principles we live by are born of human experience and not the other way around. As such, these philosophies and principles cannot hope to cover every single situation we face. Our lived experience is too complex to be pinned in like that. So what happens when in a situation where you have every intention to do good but must compromise and risk your ability to use your position positively in the future? What happens when such a decision is a matter of survival or ability to provide for one’s family? As Coates discusses, such a calculation is as relevant to the President in his position as it is to us in our day to day lives.


In short, intent counts.

Breaking The Silence :: The Rekia Boyd Story

“Just watching the news story about that 22 year old woman who has been shot in the head, and I’m like,’I feel sorry for that family’…” – Martinez Sutton, brother of Rekia Boyd


On March 21, 2012, 22 year old Rekia Boyd was killed by Chicago cops after visiting with friends on Chicago’s W. 15th place. According to attorney James D. Montgomery, Rekia was with friends as an off-duty Chicago Police Detective Dante Servin told a neighboring group to “shut up” and opened fire after the ensuing exchange of acrimonies. During an attempt to flee, Rekia was struck in the head and died a little over 24 hours. Her friend, Antonio Cross was struck in his hand.


The defense of Servin rests on Chicago Police Department’s allegations that Antonio was brandishing a weapon and that Servin felt his life was in danger. According to witnesses and a thorough investigation of the scene, no weapons had been found. Some proffer the notion that Cross’ phone may have been mistaken, to this Cross mentions that he had the phone to his ear while he was talking in it.Cross asks, “How the fuck you think my phone was a weapon?”



The family of Rekia Boyd have filed a lawsuit for this unlawful death.


Her murder comes after the sentencing to 40 years in prison of another slain Afkan(afrikan amerikkkan), 61 year old Howard Morgan. Morgan shot 28 times after being pulled over by Chicago Police on February 21, 2005. The former police officer was said to have shot at the officers that attempted to p’d roll him, but no evidence of such has been found.


It is awfully trying to be Afkan in this country with such incidents amassing at alarming rates. It can also be even more trying to keep up. With the media fiasco that has burst forth like an alien from Sigourney Weaver’s stomach after Trayvon’s slaughter, it can be overwhelming to channel one’s energy in so many directions. According to Ohm and his law, intensity of a charge is reduced by the resistance to flow on that charge. Interestingly enough, the resistance on the charge of the attention span of most of us, is too many murdered innocent Afkan people. Yet, the mainstream media murmur surrounding Rekia’s name has elicited a response of sexism from certain sectors of the Afkan community.


As a writer that spent a considerable amount of time following the murder of Aiyana Jones by Detroit police, I believe the accusatory remarks of gender bias to be akin to a mark on a pregnant elephant. That is, it’s an enormous stretch. The cause of Rekia Boyd has traction, but two other considerations beyond her gender might be better fit for the researcher without an agenda to begin answering the question why hasn’t this been discussed more.


Firstly, Trayvon Martin’s admitted murderer, George Zimmerman, is walking free and doesn’t have a badge. This case sparked an outrage due to the elements. Now, I will never be accused of defending mainstream media, I’m sure, yet, the manner in which the details of the incident trickled down to the public caused it to garner our attention in a way that most media outlets would be fools not to bite. A young boy is murdered holding a can of tea and a bag of skittles. He was Afkan. He was wearing a hoodie. His assailant is recorded on a phone call being told by local authorities to stop following him. The killer was not charged and much of the country was made aware of a little known statute referred to as the “Stand Your Ground” law.


Is this to say that Rekia’s murder is less important? Why ask stupid questions? The human filter is not always made active by quantified salience. Sure, we do live in a patriarchy. Sure, this does imply certain hegemonic psychological conditioning. However, for one to automatically assume that the reason Rekia Boyd hasn’t gotten the same media attention as Trayvon Martin is due to her gender simply lacks breadth. Rekia Boyd didn’t get the same reaction as Trayvon Martin’s murder, partly because of the image presumed of Travon Martin. And also because the Chicago Police Department is not the Sanford Police Department.


Much of the information surrounding Rekia Boyd is unfortunately one-sided. We have a police officer we know very little about being protected by a department in a political machine notorious for corruption and cover-ups. The situation should be understood thusly, Antonio got shot in the hand and charged with a misdemeanor assault on a police officer. White terrorism with a bit of propaganda as garnish. However, it makes the story less chewy for a media sponsored by corporate bottom lines, whether the bias is white liberal or white conservative. The initial media presentation of Rekia’s murder was that of an innocent bystander being shot as a police officer defended him Self. This is what trickled down to the public. The reaction of most to the story was to wait for more details to surface. There wasn’t much for an outburst to develop from. George Zimmerman didn’t take the initial steps to make him Self look justified as a citizens killing what at that times was a 17 year old that much of the world thought looked like a 14 year young child by the images of Trayvon we were presented.


As stated, this piece isn’t to defend the mainstream media, I don’t get paid enough to defend any established structure. I am simply addressing those that may be soiling Rekia’s name by limiting their thoughts to a prescribed agenda reaction. There is a genocide happening in the United States and Rekia is just one of the many victims of this ethnic wipe out to go without a large media presence. It hurts to read that the reason for her lack of attention is such a small detail when there are more obvious reasons she hasn’t been spoken of more largely. Furthermore, when the media doesn’t work in the way you wish it to, take the media into your own hands. Ask President Obama why he hasn’t spoken about a murder of such appalling circumstance in his own city, he is the only one that owes you that.

Futile Activism…

There is a belief in the lore and spirit of my people.

A belief so strong it has wiped its excrement releasing orifices on the religious cliches, poetry rehashings, and regurgitated proverbs passed from generation to generation of the Afkan(Afrikan Amerikkkan). It has ejaculated in emotional expression and spewed a dense reproductive covering of uncritical generality on most of Afkan philosophy and thought.

It walks through airports and rides trains carrying various identifications. Some id cards have it labeled,”Keeping It Real”;others “Being Your Self”. For the soul searching pilgrims of life, it might be garbed in the phrase,”Mastery Of Self”. And yet, how often have we questioned the impermanence of consistency in the human psyche? Is not our ideal of maturation a vote cast in the ballot box of change? How much is the notion of “staying in your lane” a call to “keep one in their place” as a slave master would their slave? How many of us can say that we found our niche before the age of 10 with a resonance so strong that we resolved to remain within it the entirety of living? How many of us languished throughout our adult years in jobs we detested because we felt “this was our lane”? How many of our people are held prisoner in urban ghettos by a warden wearing a name tag that reads,”Just Being Me”?

These thoughts and others visited your Owl with the strength of skunk flatulence as I considered the various reactions of my people to the murder of Trayvon Martin. Initially, my own basic life premise of any means necessary caused me to be visually disoriented as the bright lights of action takers oriented us all. And yet, how ill-advised is it to be overwhelmed by actions without purpose camouflaged in purposefulness? How often have Afkan people gathered in the name of a deceased friend or relative, discussed the highlights(and at times, low points) of that individual’s time on earth, and did NOT bury the body? No matter how much ceremonial and symbolic gestures are necessary to gather enough strong bodies to dispose of a decaying body, the end result of those actions should be a well buried cadaver. Thusly, no matter how many updates on Twitter, wallposts on Facebook, rallies throughout the country, empty Skittles bags, photography opportunities with professional athletes in hoodies, or hypothetical parenting by presidents we have, if George Zimmerman is not arrested, it has all been in vain.



In my most understanding and sympathetic nucleus of being, I get it. We all want to do something. We all have gotten rather bored with social media and those of us with our degrees in digital discussion deduce the power to character ratio that is an update or posting. We want to feel we have accomplished a thing. We are still enamored by the movements of the 60s. We wish to believe that we still live in a time where many of those objective forces and realities exist, and that we are really doing a major thing, yet…much of what we are doing is just inviting people to a club, a feel good moment that allows us to express our electric vibrations in a crowd. I have the utmost respect for organizers, but at the same time, I’m honest and analytical enough to recall the character traits of the high school children that threw the biggest parties when their parents were away. Popularity, on or offline, is not exactly a political movement for justice in actuality to a guy like me. Yet, for a group of people forced to be social during enslavement, and developed to be social as a survival art in urban confinements, this is often dubbed, “Us being us”.



I’m not exactly sure where the failing of comprehension stems from. An offshoot of slavery’s psychological victimstance, whereby we feel as though it has to be our fault and any action should be regarded as “revolutionary” against the weight of the omniscient and omnipotent “White man”. Possibly some sort of residue of being groomed to respect and honor all that is Anglo, treating issues of justice as one would treat their corporate and academic superiors. Conceivably, the remnants of opportunism gathered like crumbs underneath a couch cushion causing the most ardent loudmouths amongst us to volley for attention to their organization without a critical thought from the audience of college graduates to question exactly when the work of arresting George Zimmerman would ensue. From those that arguably have a lust for jail cells screaming about kills in public spaces, to those that are so myopic in their agenda propaganda that they can’t understand that the issue is about Trayvon being murdered by George Zimmerman and not being arrested — not Afkan on Afkan violence — I lost something for my people. A certain respect for the group of people that behaved so rationally and creatively politically once, has now become an unimpressed, depressed sentiment of incredulity at the sheer futility of activeness.

And no, I can’t think of anything redemptive about all of this. I’ve seen it all before from organizers that put together great get-togethers but bring your own justice. Bring your own hitmen. Bring your own legal authorities. Bring your own group of shortsighted minions. Keep it real, but help us put on this play directed by the same local characters pretending at powerful displays. Let’s not arrest George Zimmerman, let our make believe “Black President”(I hate to interrupt your re-election, Mr. President, but Bill Clinton at least used Vaseline when cast for the role) play the part of Captain Obvious while pulling on the heart strings of Afkans instead of pulling his executive strings and handcuffing George Zimmerman.

Somehow, someway, in all of our Skittles eating, hoodie wearing, praying to White Neighborhood Watch Gods that reside over the rainbow, social media organizing and rallying like it is 2099, somebody forget to bury a body. In the process of finding our Selves, we forgot to be conscious of the changing of environments. We left the banquet hall with smiles and merriment, a glee brought about from our pride in “doing us” fills the air–as the pungent odor of hubris confuses our collective sense of smell allowing the stench of George Zimmerman’s freedom escape from our “real” arses.

Are We Prepared If George Zimmerman Never Gets Arrested?

I remember the apathy after many of us realized that Oscar Grant’s murderer Johannes Mehserle was not going to be tried for murder. I remember the sense of loss many shared when his slap on the wrist came down from the judge. I can still feel the streaming tears as the video tape of Aiyana Jones was never released. Often Afkan(Afrikan Amerikkkans) are forced to swallow bitter realities. Realities such as Trayvon Martin’s killer possibly never being arrested.


We are now picking up on the message from The New Black Liberation Militia to seek a citizen’s arrest of George Zimmerman. This could possibly be a costly measure given Zimmerman’s penchant for hurling fragments of burning metal into Afkan bodies and calling the police on him Self in defense from grand juries. Yet, I realize that there isn’t much else in the matter of Ma’at(human enforced justice for human enforced injustice) that anyone is volunteering. My Asylum salutes their efforts.


Afkan peoples of an above and beyond the blindness of naivete sort of upbringing and/or adulthood may ask why such measures would be applauded and supported here. Well, frankly, something has to be done. Many of us have called into the Sanford Sheriff’s office to be redirected to the State’s Attorney’s office, only to be told of limited resources in the matter of arresting George Zimmerman. In fact, it could be weeks before a charge is given. Trayvon was killed February 26 of this year. The date of this writing is March 19. You figure out how upset you should or shouldn’t be.


I am pleased to see so many media outlets investing energy into reporting of young Trayvon’s murder. I recall the lack of support from most in information dissemination after a Detroit Police Officer sent a slug screaming through the cranium of Aiyana Jone’s sleeping head and out through the base of her chin. Unfortunately, the Afkan community can join together and help Obama corner a bloc of voters unified enough to push him past the Democratic primaries, but his vocal thoughts on the murders of Aiyana, Oscar, and now Trayvon remain disloyally silent. Tonight, a message from Obama’s administration that they wouldn’t “wade” into a human rights travesty that demands international attention on the grounds that it was a local law-enforcement matter. The violation of the Afkan community’s trust in Obama can’t be fully gathered in vibrations bouncing around pupils to form symbols of expression. The surface of my disappointment’s now breathing body is tempered only by the foreknowledge of the regret his family will face knowing Barry was the father that dropped the ball, time and time again. To enter the office as the Black president, and to leave as the half-Caucasian one that could be compared to an overseer of some grand plantation should hurt. And yet, that sweltering prophecy in my emotive heart will not replace the deep seated notion that every Afkan child around me must be reminded that we can’t trust anyone in this war for our removal from this place, this Earth.


As I read through countless digitally captured thoughts in the social web, I notice the emergence of self-hate revealing it Self like a tumor of Afkan psychic pulses. Afkan men are blamed for Trayvon being killed while walking down a pathway. Children ask their teachers how could Trayvon have prevented a failed lawman from slaughtering him. Those that seek to rally to bring attention to the event are labeled as misguided; those that seek blood writ are labeled as foolish. Instead of everyone involved and concern doing their part and allowing others to play their position, the whole movement for Justice for Trayvon is imploding.


So, as I sit and ponder how a two time felon who has just been saved from homelessness can assist the best he can in raising awareness and training of young Afkan males, my lovely Lifeline asked me,”are we prepared if George Zimmerman never gets arrested?” And all I could do for an answer was ask you…


Are you ready to accept what you’ve known within your most original and Eastern mind? That a half-blood prince can’t save your children from Herod’s wrath on your boys. Are you prepared? Are you prepared to accept that George Zimmerman- not Crips or Bloods, or drug dealers, or aliens that look like lizards underneath their manufactured skin- killed Trayvon Martin. Are we ready to understand that Afkan on Afkan violence is only a subset of the power structure created as White on Afkan violence crystallized into a system of society. Can we accept that a killer will be walking the streets of Florida with the confidence of a lion after feeding that he has privilege enough to murder when he chooses?


On the bus ride from the urban war zones to the rural concentration camps, there is an understanding shared from the veterans to the rookies,”if you ain’t ready, get ready. And once ready, stay on the ready…”

Burning The Divine – A US Christian Legacy

In The Name Of The All Which IS That ALL, The Bounty Giver, And The One That Provides For Even The Undeserving…

“This is the Book;in it is guidance sure without doubt, to those who fear God; Who believe in the Unseen; are steadfast in prayer, and spend out of what We Have provide for them…” -The Holy Qu’ran of Mecca, Surah Baqara Ayats 2 – 3, English translation by Abdyllah Yusuf Ali.

Peace and heavy ethanol libations for the cognitively inebriated and those of easy subconscious sedations.

The term “burning” seems to be the word of the week. As a small congregation of US Christians in Gainesville, Fla gained world-wide attention for their planned “International Burn A Koran Day” hosted by the Terry Jones, a 58 year old former hotel manager and European missionary. His sect, ironically dubbed “The Dove World Outreach Center” has been mentioned in the past for their Crusade-like anti-Islamic behavior such as erecting a sign on the church’s lawn proclaiming that “Islam is of the Devil”, as well as having children of the congregation wearing t-shirts to school with the same wording on the back. Jones, who holds a degree from the California Graduate School of Theology, has also published “Islam is of the Devil”, a 176 page book published by Creation House on August 3, 2010.

A supposed cancellation of the burning at the date and time of this post has been placed in suspended limbo as Jones attempts to negotiate a deal to have the Islamic Center being built two blocks away from ground zero relocated. What the Asylum needs to consider here is that Jones met with Imam Muhammad Musri, the leader of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, in an attempt to stop the actions of a group of Muslims in New York City. Ultimately, that can be akin to a group of Southern Baptists in Texas attempting to get a group of Methodists in Maine to stop the purchase of a new church in their hometown. It seems to be an effort to gain more attention for the small group of US Christians, one with little possibility of actually meeting their desires. Donald Trump of real estate fame, felt he could push the Christians against Islam efforts by buying the building at a 25% premium to whatever the real estate owners paid for their portion of the site; his offer was turned down.

Within the same time frame, the Secretary of Defense Robert Gates also attempted to persuade the Christian leader to cancel his Qu’ranic inferno. The appeal of violent repurcussions while US troops in Afghanistan and US citizens abroad in Islamic territories led the Obama administration to act in such an unprecedented manner.

The entire matter of “burning” and violence as a tool for governmental actions reminds us here at The Asylum of the sinister nature and history of the Christian. As the Obama administration looks over the brutality festering among the people’s of Obama’s residency of Chicago, yet makes it their business to address this possible cause of violence, I am reminded of how Christians also burned another vessel of God’s word – The Black person in America.

Bennie Simmons, June 13, Anadarko, OK. Soaked in coal oil before being set on fire.

Jesse Washington, Waco, Texas, 1916. Mentally handicapped farmhand burned and hanged. This is a postcard that would be sent with pride by Christians.

The murder rates of Blacks in the US increases(In 2005, 41% of all murders in the US where the race was known were Black;in 2006, 42%; in 2008, 48%) and the number of incidences involving police officers climbs, and yet no voice from the Obama Administration. I suppose the lives of others are just that more valuable to the first partially African president. While the chants of the black scholastic community rage out for the black community to get out there and vote if they want change, those who threaten violence seem to be the only ones with the right coins at this particular “change” machine. The burning of Black bodies by the torque and heat of bullets goes unnoticed by this government.

I pray that the Christians of Pastor Terry’s congregation, and the good college trained theologian himself find it in their hearts not to add on to the blindness that separates us in this country. I pray that he doesn’t follow in the footsteps of so many US Christians that have been his guide. Those millions of US Christians that seek to use violence and extreme measures to control the opinions of the human psyche. But more so, I pray that Blacks in this country understand what really motivates.

It is of interest to the residents of the Asylum here that we notice the power that persuades the US government. Peaceful protesters of Oakland berated those who might act out of violence due to their concerns that the trial of Johannes Mehserle, convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the Oscar Grant slaying, had been unjust. Gates sensed no need to address the court that they might want to consider the repercussions. Possibly, he sensed that no repercussions would occur. Maybe if the Black Community threatened to act in violence, the same sort of violence used in the growing impoverished communities throughout the United States of America, the “first Black President” might sense a need to act on the historical element of his position. As troops in Afghanistan and US citizens abroad in Muslim countries were considered as a reason for the Secretary of Defense to address Jones in this incident, the people’s of the Black community are not considered as the list of murders at the hands of police continue to rise. Jones is now in the position to negotiate, not because he “got out the vote”, but because he created an environment in which violence would be meted out.

That “Nigga” Gene…

Interesting enough is the particular identification with the “ghetto”, or “hood”. This internalizing of poverty as an expression of “survivor”, you know(won’t go away without effort, I swear)? There is this sense of achievement of just saying you lived in a particular neighborhood, even if the person is still living there. Many have this need to blame the environment, and yet are determined to hold on to it. Define themselves by it.

There is a major sense of pride that comes with that. In the same way that soldiers or people who have been in the military during occupations and wars might point to a medal, or mention the particular operations they were a part of. We even hear it, “I’m a ghetto vet”. Now, would that be a domestic occupation? And for some, being a “thug” is an occupation! And although I’m being slightly facetious, there is something in A) the reality for some that there is a war occurring on US soil, and B) the overall comodification of the urban male/female image.

To be certain, it would be wise of us to realize that the image isn’t a new one. Nor is it for the most part an organic one as opposed to a manufactured one. The same sorts of behavior projected through time that were once used to make the American Black seem animal like, or less civilized, have been used to criminalize them. What would once be considered highly offensive, propagandistic, and in many ways inhumane, is now widely accepted as the way it is. It is just “keeping it real”. In many ways it is a pattern of how some might even want it. For some, it is just a joke, depending on who is telling it of course.

Granted, the notion that stereotypes are exaggerations of possible truths may have some validity. The roles that we choose to adopt to express native ability, or even gender, are often given to us by those who have an interest in promoting a particular image. There is market for a Queen Latifah to be a cover girl, or even for women to adopt the ideal of “Barbie”. There is something telling when we see a personality such as Monique exerting herself, comically or otherwise, to replicate the movements of Beyonce. As if to say yes, it is “F— skinny b—-es, but we still can dance like you.”

So, it would seem as though, if the stereotype doesn’t apply, or if the role presented by the image is difficult to maintain, a certain insecurity is developed. In that insecurity it seems that overcompensation occurs. Or humiliation, whichever comes first. Even in a Kanye West, a black male rap icon that admits to dressing like a homosexual there is a need to reflect the images of what might be the stereotypical rapper. Although, Kanye is in a league of distinguished gentlemen, we find him posing with his hands on his girlfriend’s butt holding a bottle Hennessey. Later in the same night, after possibly enjoy the said bottle cognac, he upstages, as part of his normal award show routine, Taylor Swift while giving her acceptance speech.

For black males in the urban community there is no Marlboro man to consider. But there is the “real nigga”. Not only is there the difficulty of simply being a man, and whatever standards come with that, there is the need to push beyond “real” man, into a role that society has been taught to fear. The athletic professional must not only be skilled in the techniques of their sport, but highly aggressive, demeaning, and often wrought with a lifestyle that mimics rappers mimicking what is perceived as the drug lord’s lifestyle. Which can get confusing these days, as many drug lords are mimicking rappers and athletes.

The need to not only possess that traits commonly held as masculine, there seems to be the desire to adopt the projected roles. You can’t just be highly talented basketball player, you’ve got have guns, and be seen with an entourage of “friends” from the dreaded “hood”. You can’t just be a brilliant scholar, a political phenom, a gifted orator, you’ve also got to have Ludacris on your ipod, play basketball, walk with a limp, and eat at the local grease pit. You can’t just hold a phd in theology or philosophy, and boast of intelligent works, you’ve got to be able to recite Nas’ discography.

Even as the black man with the most respect and fear in the world, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit the description. You’ve got to have that nigga gene…

Tea Party Terrorist: Just Another Grand Ole Party?

During the Health Care Debate, a virulent set of white terrorists has emerged. The Tea Party campaign is nothing if not persistent, and yet their language and behavior is nothing short of terrorism. Terrorism in that it is political, it has a political agenda, and the group is targeting political representatives with violence in order to enact change. They are also using racially tinged acrimony to further their movement.

We have seen the likes of this right-wing behavior before. We all can remember when the President Barrack Obama was called a terrorist and a muslim during his campaign. We recall the rage that was being fomented by Sarah Palin, who has become one of the more pronounced ring-leaders of this terror unit. The fact that the media has yet to address the illegal behavior in such manner is telling. I have to bring to your attention this country’s dangerous practice of protecting all things white, and demonizing all acts that are non-white.

The conservative white US citizen has been allowed to terrorize town hall meeting after town hall meeting, with no more than a slap on the wrist, and heavy news coverage. While the media attempts to make Vice President Joe Biden’s possible slip of the tongue a major story, they seem to be downplaying the racially demoralizing comments of the Tea Party. It would seem that their(the tea party) attacks on the Health Care Bill is no more than a half cocked excuse to spew hatred for all things non-white. In the mix of this terroristic behavior, democratic elected officials are being targeted for actual violence.

I am troubled this country’s repeated show of double standards toward the white US terrorist. These people are no more than enemy combatants that should be incarcerated indefinitely. Their determined aggression is nothing short of treasonous, and they only soil the already feces and urine stained fabric of US society. What is this country waiting for, civil war? When the media address these savages as the terrorist organization that they are? While the intelligence agencies of this country are busy tapping our phones and studying our social networking practices, faking yet another Bin Laden Sex tape, there is a real clear and present danger being allowed to grow in our back yards.

As the American Blacks of this country have to debate whether we should be counted by an insensitive census bureau, which may offset statistic reporting for the next five years, terrorists are being catered to. Where are the gang units that ravage the American Black community in the communities of those who threaten law makers? Where are the phone tap reports of these terror cells? Why has the right-wing media not been to taken to account for their anti-democratic, anti-US demagoguery? Muslim clerics aren’t allowed to speak, but conservative wing nuts are promoting violence on this soil as though it were their religion. The insidious death threats towards the President and government officials through social networking sites, blogs, and the like are a part of a cohesive ideology designed to instill fear in those whose political ideas and racial make up are different. That is the definition of terrorism.

What is ‘Politics’? (part 2)

I wanted to revisit this particular topic, in lieu of the Health Care debate, and my belief that many in the American Black community are still blind to a full and comprehensive understanding. Due to my own ignorances, and constant need for edification, I will take counsel with my elders on these topics. Hopefully you will be blessed with understanding from our discussion…

Brother George, many people have been discussing fascism as though it doesn’t exist in this society. I really need some help and describing this particular ideological as it shows itself in practice…

“We will never have a complete definition of fascism, because it is in constant motion, showing a new face to fit any particular set of problems that arise to threaten the predominance of the traditionalist, capitalist ruling class. But if one were forced for the sake of clarity to define it in a word simple enough for all to understand, that word would be “reform.” We can make our definition more precise by adding the word “economic.” “Economic reform” comes very close to a working definition of fascist motive forces.”

Alright! Alright. Hold on, though sir. Could further explain it in terms that might give me an example, or how it works in everyday dealings?

“Such a definition may serve to clarify things even though it leaves a great deal unexplained. Each economic reform that perpetuates ruling-class hegemony has to be disguised as a positive gain for the upthrusting masses. disguise enters as a third stage of the emergence and development of the fascist state.”

Break it down for me a little more, OG….

“The modern industrial fascist state has found it essential to disguise the opulence of its ruling-class leisure existence by providing the lower classes with a mass consumer’s flea market of its own. To allow a sizable portion of the “new state” to participate in this flea market, the ruling class has established currency controls and minimum wage laws that mask the true nature of modern fascism.”

OH SYHT!!! My fault, sir, but that was profound! Alright, let me reiterate for my own comprehension. The ruling-elite, those with power of money to control the governing representatives that have been elected by the lower classes, need to create the illusion of “freedom” to hide their pimping and parading, they allow the lower classes to spend their hard earned money on consumables and the like. But they have created ways to limit the amount of money made, products with planned obsolescence, and use race as a means to keep the competitive edge off certain sectors of the middle class…

I want to thank you for speaking with me, my brother…I love you…rest in revolt…

How DMX Might Counsel Obama and Google About China

As I skimmed through my bookmarks held on, I came across this particular piece from last week. It is titled “China reports on US human rights record”. It is located in the “Foreign and Military Affairs” section of the online newspaper, According to the article, the Chinese Information Office of the State Council has written a document detailing the Human Rights violations of the United States of America in 2009. The article states that the Human Rights Record of the United States in 2009 was in response to the United States’ Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2009, a report that was commissioned by the US Department of State last week.A pretty bold move on the part of the Western Capitalist society that could considering the United States in pocket to China a mouth watering 1.56 Trillion dollars(source here).

It would also seem as though the US is also attempting to appeal to a world audience the need for internet companies like Google to be allowed to be free of censorship and scrutiny in China. While the content wars between Google and China ensue, a light weight contender is feeding off of the frenzy. Chinese search engine, Baidu has jumped 47% of US market shares. The company’s company’s Nasdaq traded stock is being closely watched by US analyst and fund managers who seek to benefit from the possibility of the website to reap the revenues left behind if Google decides to leave China(source here).

Rewind a little further to when the White House hosted the Dalia Lama, a exiled Tibet leader, which caused a major riff in US and Chinese affairs. The wording of China’s leadership was less than impartial on the subject, including statements that the US should “immediately take effective steps to eradicate the malign effects” that they felt the US had created with the meeting (source here).

All of this, oh, and one more thing, a prominent firm of Silicon Valley, Applied Materials, the world’s biggest supplier of components that are implemented in the manufacture of semiconductors, solar panels and flat-panel displays is moving one of its chief technology officer to China. The company has built a research lab there, and last week held its annual shareholders’ meeting there.According to the New York Times, the company is working in China to produce two-thirds of the world’s solar panels by the end of this year (source here).

As most of my older followers know, I have a tendency of relating the macrocosmic political/economic world to those of the microcosmic. It was very difficult for me not to see the relation of these global interactions with that of drug dealers. I would suppose an explanation might be in order for the uninitiated. In considering these events, I am reminded of a DMX song that I hope that President Obama has somewhere in a playlist on his Ipod….