Oscar Grant and The Mehserle Verdict: Why There Was No Justice (Part ii)

Consciousness is the opposite of indiffence, of blindness, blankness. Promoting consciousness involves the general dissemination of the concept that each of us is part of a universal action and interaction; that poles are somewhere connected; that there are material causes for trauma, vertigo, degenerative disease.””Consciousness is knowedge, recognition, foresight; common experience and perception; sensibility, alertness, mindfulness.

No argument has any substance if it conflicts with the objectice conditions, the clear, incontrovertible facts.- George Jackson, Blood In My Eyes

I stopped saying “Life is a bytch” a little over a year ago and replaced it with a more succinct disdain, namely, “Fuck society”.

As I was hosted today by two very dedicated Black businessmen seeking my expertise( visit here for details) I was drenched in the realization that many of us have talents, drive, passion, and even resources. What we lack is the necessary running capital needed to feed, clothed, and shelter our Selves while our client lists are being built. Furthermore, in my assessment, the view of Black businessmen is tainted in vitriol. We aren’t considered professional, or we simply don’t possess the credibility that our own people give to other businesses owned and ran by people of races other than the Black in the United States. We have inherited the viewpoint promoted in the media that we are untrustworthy, criminal, and various other stereotypes that style us as less than worthy to do business with.

As I was in the middle of completing a project with one of these extremely gracious brothers, and during a break, in an effort to catch the rest of a conversation I had been in the middle of on Twitter, I scrolled the screen in Social Scope fashion, and I ran across the mention of the Johaness Mehserle sentencing. Another Black businessman whom I’ve grown to be quite impressed by, As I predicted, without a law degree, just a little street knowledge, after the verdict was handed down some months ago. It is not in arrogance that I point this out, only to remind the many “more qualified” voices of dissent that addressed me that day after I posted.

I don’t speak out of ignorance, nor will I speak out of my blind academic training; I will always write from my experiences and what I know primarily. Those that felt that the “gun enhancement” ruling would weigh heavily on the sentencing, not was such. For those that thought that I was uniformed stating that the Murderer Mehserle’s time previously served would be subtracted from a minimum of two years, such is not. This is the United States of America. To date, no officer, excuse me, no white officer has been fairly tried for the slaying or brutalizing of a Black man without Blacks potentially burning a city down.

I am not promoting violence just like the United States “Justice System” promotes justice for Black people. As I have been reading more academic brothers and sisters who advertise their university credentials and personal projects, I am supposed to offer some sort of solution for this problem. I am supposed to delineate a solution to the problem of white Juries and White Judges allowing White Police Officers to murder Black youth. I’m glad we all have a clear understanding of locus of control. Too bad our sense of burden and responsibility is completely in the mud.

While those more “qualified” voices of “reason” tell us that Mehserle is “going to prison” and that this is “justice”. I beg to differ, as I have done before with accuracy. Mehserle is surely going to a cell, but he is not going to the cell that a Black man would be going into if they had commited the same act. Mehserle is going into a protected area with all of the amenities that one who can get three million dollars raised by his buddies at the BART police union in less than a month after his bail was set and have his legal defense paid for by “a statewide fund for police officers.”

Understanding that the presiding judge, Judge Perry has presumably doubled the time served, giving Murderer Mehserle ten months less time inside. Now, what those of The Asylum need to consider is that no one does ALL of the time they are sentenced to without a parole board hearing and particular guideline structures being violated(in other words, bad behavior as assessed by the parole board.) I am willing make a $100 dollar wager using escrow.com(I’m so serious) that Murderer Mehserle will be up for parole before the end of the year. I’m willing to make a $20 wager using the same application as stated above that he will be granted a release date within the first quarter of 2011. So, I surmise that the executioner of Oscar Grant, a 21-year old Black Father, Murderer Mehserle, will be in and out of prison within the next four to six months. And that’s me adding cushion for gambling purposes. If one of these grand intellectuals of scholarly might decides to take me up on the offer.

If he intended to pull his Taser and pulled his service weapon by mistake, why would he say to another officer after the fact, ‘I thought he was going for a gun’?” Creighton said in an interview before the court hearing. “Why wouldn’t he say, ‘Oh, my God, Tony, I meant to pull my Taser’ or something to that effect?


My solution to the problem of having murdering pigs in the neighborhood and Judges letting them off: act like you know. If I killed your sister and you knew about it, how would you act? If I killed your brother, and you knew about, how would you act? I’m always intrigued by how the toughest group of people I’ve ever had to deal with can never answer these questions when it involves “giants in the land.” God, I love hypermascuinity, it is so fucking worthless and totally hypocritical.

Rest in Peace Oscar Grant and Young Aiyana Jones…

“Don’t Buy Where You Can’t Work.”

Another Black Girl Struck By Cop During Recording, This Time In Seattle

Full Story Here

Full Story Here

I just wanted to make sure that anyone who hadn’t seen the raw footage of this incident had a chance to be made aware of it. I don’t want to dilute the objectivity necessary to gauge what is exactly happening with my own bias. I wonder if the police have gotten too out of control in this country if a young lady can be punched like a male boxer with what looks like over fifty observers, and all that can be done about it is this recording and an interview with the deputy chief.

I’m not suggesting anything that would cause further bloodshed, but it is obvious that the people aren’t being served and protected. The audacity of the officer to beat those young ladies in front of the very community that feeds them is quite troubling. The relationship between the served and the server might need to be checked.

Who will watch the watchmen, when watching the watchmen is no longer enough…

Aiyana: “Perforation of the skull and brain”

As I read the newly released and revised autopsy of Aiyana Jones, and set up an email feed for the pre-trial hearings of Johannes Mershele(indicted in the slaying of 22-year old Oscar Grant), one question permeates my thinking, where did we go wrong? At what point did all of those movements, and all of those screams for justice, and the rallying, and even to some extent the riots, no matter how reactionary one may describe them. What happened? I’m struggling with tears as I fight my way through the wording…


FINAL DIAGNOSIS(how does one diagnose death?)…”Perforating Gunshot Wound of the Head”


“Perforation of the skull and brain”


“No bullet or bullet fragments recovered from wound tract”


Straight shot. Straight clean shot through her seven year old head.


According to Daniel J. Spitz, M.D., the forensic pathologist, “The manner of death is homicide.” Could he have said manslaughter? Would he have? I’m sorry, questions are just leaking through my fingers…


Further in the document, we read of how the evidence of the previous autosopsy had been present. “The body has previously undergone an autopsy examination and has the typical thoraco-abdominal and scalp incisions. The thoracoabdominal incision is loosely sutured. The viscera bag is recovered from teh thoracoabdominal cavity…”


So, how the fuck do you miss a gunshot wound to the head? Why does the leading attorney of the family have to remind you to look again? What kind of mothafucking mickey mouse shit is that? Regardless of the nature of the raid on the house, a child was shot. If I can possibly be objective, a human was shot, a human was examined for purposes of death, and two weeks latter we all are just finding out she was shot through the head?


“The entrance wound has an overall measurement of 3.9 x 1.9 cm…”


“The bullet perforates the scalp, right frontal bone and dure before continuing through the right frontal lobe of the brain. The bullet perforates the dura and skull base, resulting in a 3.5 x 2.5 cm defect through the right anterior and right middle cranial fossae…”


“The bullet continues inferiorly through the soft tissues of the neck…”


“The bullet exits the anterior surface of the neck directly in the midline…”


“The gunshot wound results in galeal and subgaleal hemorrhage involving the right frontal, aright temporal, and right parietal scalp, with predominant involvment of the frontal scalp.”


“Small areas of hemorrhage involve the medial aspect of the left frontal scalp.”


“A small, laceration is on the right side of the forehead immediately lateral to the entrance gunshot wound.”


So, (and correct me if I’m wrong, those of you who may know better), the bullet enters her head, ruptures through her skull, begins to slow down in trajectory while exiting through the neck, right under Aiyana’s chin. I simply question how the police, because the chief spoke about the incident, the officer had to file a report(I hope they file reports in Detroit). How did that get away? What would such an exclusion deter? What are we as citizens to infer from the exclusion?

Aiyana Jones, Unforgotten

As the world slowly becomes aware of the tragedy that occured when a quasi-military style apporach used by Detriot special units to capture a suspect of murder ended up in a murder, we here at the Asylum would like to reflect on Aiyana. Today mourners viewed the young angel’s body. Statements have been made regarding the tragedy by Al Sharpton. And I still don’t feel that this has garnered the deserved attention. Some have alluded to the sloppy manner in which Black organizations pick and choose who can and who shouldn’t be allowed to speak up in this tragedy. I am saddened more about how the discussion of Aiyana’s senseless and brutal slaying has turned into an argument about and of self-aggrandizement. I am saddened about how the Detroit Press in at least two coverings are attempting to divert attention away from Aiyana’s murder to that of the suspect the police decided to treat like nations treat foreign terrorists. With this sort of coverage and no gag order from the judge, I suppose a change of venue will be in order when the man goes to trial. It needs to be said that Aiyana Jones, a seven-year young baby of the Black Community was slaughtered with a bullet in her neck. While she lay bleeding, the police forced her father to lie her blood. No amount of political volleying will change that. I am overwhelmed by this feeling to scream out: WHO THE FUCK CARES HOW ATTENTION IS BROUGHT TO THIS SITUATION?

When students in Tehran, Iran decided to inform the world of voting practices that they deemed unjust, twitter exploded with green avatars, and anyone who was not apart of that cause was deemed inhumane. During the campaign to bring attention to the MURDER of a SEVEN-YEAR YOUNG CHILD BY POLICE, many have stated that twitter was the wrong means, and it was useless. The name Tehran stayed on the globally watched “Trending Topics” list for several weeks. There are still avatars that have been photoshopped green on twitter. The name Aiyana has not been on that list once. Simple measures to inform are all that many had, and I would believe that if I were to have not been killed in an instance were my child had been struck down by police, I would at least wish the world to know and to support in some means. It is indeed strange that the Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox was moved to use Twitter to denounce Al Sharpton for his planned eulogizing of our sister Aiyana JOnes, but those that use Twitter to show their sex organs, and clamor for attention from celebrities can’t type a simple “#Aiyana”. It disturbs me. It disturbs me beyond words.

I commend the sister whose twitter screen name is @_Peech. It was she who designed the ribbon that is being displayed in honor of Aiyana. I would like to thank all those who been so diligent in sacrificing their time, and we know how valuable that is, in their efforts to bring attention to this human rights travesty. I would like to thank all those using social media, and all those that have posted here on the blog, and have assisted the Asylum in my small efforts to raise consciousness surrounding this issue.

The hashtag Aiyana remains…