Marissa Alexander And The Continued Culture Of White Male Dominance Over Black Women

On August 13, 2010, Marissa Alexander decided that the best protection against a husband with a history of domestic violence aimed at her was to shoot a warning shot in her home while gathering her keys to flee. No. Not shot a gun at him. Not hit him with the gun. But shoot the gun in the air. No body was damaged except for that of the home.


This all occurred in sunny Florida. Yes, sunny Florida where national elections are foiled and cans of tea look like semi-automatic weapons in the hands of teenaged Afkan (Afrikan Amerikkkan) boys in hoodies. The great land of Stand your Ground. The great land where Marissa Alexander has been sentenced for said shooting of gun for 20 years due to yet another stipulation of Florida’s books, the 10-20-life rule.


Basically, the 10-20-rule,

  • Mandates a minimum 10 year prison term for certain felonies, or attempted felonies in which the offender possesses a firearm or destructive device
  • Mandates a minimum 20 year prison term when the firearm is discharged
  • Mandates a minimum 25 years to LIFE if someone is injured or killed
  • Mandates a minimum 3 year prison term for possession of a firearm by a felon
  • Mandates that the minimum prison term is to be served consecutively to any other term of imprisonment imposed



It would seem as though the laws of Florida are executed in a pristine arbitrary fashion. When a man of direct European descent kills an Afkan child, play the Stand Your Ground law card, and allow him to go without being arrested for months. If it is an Afkan Woman asserting her right to not be clobbered for the umpteenth time, then play the 10-20-rule. This is a disgusting example of not only racial oppression of the State, but also sexism.


Where there is a fear of the male hegemonic being dismantled without State intervention, there is a need for the State to impose draconian measures to reduce the likelihood of a recurring trend. It should be noted that while the Florida State site boasts of reduced crime due to the 10-20-law, and legal scholars boast of progressive thinking with respect to the Stand Your Ground doctrine, the state of Florida also had 113, 378 reported claims of domestic violence in 2010 alone, and have no special stipulations handling cases of domestic violence. Of those 113, 378 reported incidents only 67, 810 have resulted in arrests. With a state so seeped in legislation and legality surrounding violence and the appropriate treatment of violence, wouldn’t you expect some sort of nifty law to be forged in the instance of domestic violence against women?


I am not often left to question the abuses of males of European descent towards women. I will admit, I am slowly being enlightened further into the roles European men have played in the oppression of women. I am just now learning of the oppressive and disgusting tradition Anglo-Saxon-American men had involving their Afkan slaves at exclusive clubs where the women where manipulated into believing that they were engaging in some romantic act with these savage rapists while calling the women ‘wenches’. These elements of our story are slowing trickling down my Asylum. Yet, it doesn’t take much for even me to realize the rampant attack against women and protection of White male terrorism towards women in the home. If they allow an Afkan mother to get away with it, then how much longer before their golf buddies are being engulfed in burning beds?


It is not often that an Afkan male is afforded a pass from remembering his sexuality. My body politic is what makes me a threat. My assumed sexual prowess prevents a large sector of this society from imagining me without insecurity. The need to compel my physical form to act in accordance with European standards is almost a necessity for this nation to operate historically. The same is to be held for women of Afrikan ancestry. Afkan women are molded into these images of the witch, the untamed shrew. They are bitched and whored into such a caricature of archetypical emotional intensity and ‘dark energy’ that the very reminder of a her being a mother, being abused, being worthy of protection by the State apparatus is unable to convince twelve jurors and a judge to treat truth as truth. The tortured Afkan woman is burned at the stake for her self-determined association with those worthy of freedom from abuse in her own home. She is convicted for expressing her love of peace. Marissa Alexander was convicted for believing that a woman, especially a Black woman, deserved a life without abuse from a controlling man.