9 White Women Black History Should Have Avoided On The Elevator

Although the history of Blacks–Black History– in this country is replete with unsung narratives of Black people being harmed because of the false or exaggerated abuse of White women by Black perpetrators, I have decided to limit this post to only 9 White Women Black History should have avoided on the elevator. This is mainly due to the media I am analyzing, the media I am using, and the media most people will be using to access this piece. That being written…


Last week, Kim Foster wrote a piece in response to a piece written by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson of the world renown group, The Roots. Without quoting or going into the depths of a piece you can simply click on and read yourself, she composes a hypothetical narrative based on the anecdote Questlove provides. Questlove describes a scene where he is on an elevator destined for his apartment in a highly secured, posh hotel. A White woman enters, and as he is next to the floor buttons, he asks her what floor she is going to. She is quiet. He assumes she is heading to his floor, so when they arrive, he prompts for her to exit first as is customary in most Western countries for men of certain civility to do. She reveals that this is not her floor.


In analysis of Questlove’s anecdote, Foster hypothesizes that the woman might be wary of men, especially three hundred pound, six foot two, Black men with large afros, on elevators, and in public spaces in general. As a cultural study, her words are an attempt to reflect the rape culture of the United States. Yet, they worked in media impact to reboot notions of White Women being raped or sexually abused by Black men. She notes in her piece that she felt it was being protective of the woman in Questlove’s elevator to not disclose her floor. I quote her article’s summation here,”They can get off the elevator because they are leery of the guy who is having a pornographic fantasy about them in his head, and not worry one little bit about hurting his feelings.” Obviously, she cares less about the reality of Black history.


I do not disagree with that. Women are disproportionately victims of sexual assault and rape in alarming numbers. Yet, historically, Black men are accused and Black people further criminalized and dehumanized because of White Women claiming rape or abuses that simply did not occur.

This is a pattern that scours Black Afrikan Amerikkkan(Black African American) history.

If the White Woman in Foster’s Elevator, or QuestLove’s for that matter, felt uncomfortable, based on the historical trajectory, QuestLove and the entire US Black community should have been defecating their britches when QuestLove found himself alone in an elevator with a White Woman on United States soil. Black history notes that this would have indeed been an incident worthy of trepidation.


So, with this in mind, I thought about the incidents that have reach me through history. I have listed 9 White Women Black History should have avoided on the elevator in hopes that those that read it realize that there is a history of fear that permeates US culture, and it is not just White Women that need to be afraid of famous Black guys.


In many instances, the famous Black guy should be looking to lie about what floor he is getting off on.


  1. 1. Flora Cameron:


    Flora Cameron is not a real person. She is an aspect of US culture that represents much of what is being discussed in this piece. Flora a figment of the imagination of a White man that forge her in the book and stageplay, “The Clansman”. This novel, written by Reverend Thomas Dixon would gained US historical acclaim as the film, “Birth of a Nation”. In this piece of media culture, Flora is the daughter of a confederate general who, upon being cornered by a Black militia, runs to fetch water. While being pursued by a Black paramour, she dramatically hurls herself over a precipice. The her Black pursuer would be tried and killed. I use Flora as an archetype for the white damsel in the distress that is the Black male presence in the US. Although, a fictive construct, she very well demonstrates the many fictive constructs entertained by US Whites when discussing Black criminality and the protection of US White women.


  3. 2. Sarah Page:


    On May 31, 1921, Sarah Page alleged that she had been assualted by a Black shoeshine personel, Dick Rowland. As she relates her abuses, which would later be found to be fabrications, a mob of White police and Tulsa residents had mounted up. During the initial attempts to arrest Rowland, a gun is accidentally shot, and the ensuing events would leave the thriving Black town of Greenwood “Negro Wall Street” Oklahoma ravished by flames and military bombing.


  5. 3. Carolyn Bryant:


    During a family visit to Mississippi, fourteen year young Emmett Till was accused of whistling at Carolyn Bryant. The accusation of the event would cause Emmett to be brutalized by White men of the town. The murder of Emmett was such a human atrocity that when his body was finally returned to home to his mother, the open casket funeral ceremony would lead to worldwide questions about the United States’ policy on the treatment of Blacks.


  7. 4. Frances “Fannie” Taylor:


    In the early weeks of January 1923, Frances “Fannie” Taylor reported to authorities that a Black man had assaulted her. Witnesses that attested to her story would later recant and state that they had seen her White lover leaving through the back door she claimed was her Black male assailant. Due to her initial statements however, the self-sustaining predominantly Black lumber town of Rosewood, Florida would be devastated and the Blacks of that town terrorized by US White men. The damage and US White terrorism was of such a scale that those Blacks able to escape with their lives never returned.


  9. 5. Bethany Storro:


    Bethany Storro claimed to have been diagnosed with a form of obsession that caused her to pick at fictive constructs on her face. In an effort to rid herself of the fictive body disorder, she mixed a cocktail of household chemicals, and placed the acid on her face. Unable to withstand the pain, she decided to terminate the suicidal procedure. When asked what had happened, she blamed the scars on a Black woman she had conjured up. After authorities burned through her lies, she was convicted of making a false statement to a public official and was sentenced to community service and ordered to continue mental health treatment.
    She was not forced to pay back the twenty-eight thousand dollars donated to her from concerned donors, and she would later publish a book detailing the hoax.


  11. 6. Bonnie Sweeten:


    After robbing several of her co-worker’s bank accounts, Feasterville, Pennsylvanian Bonnie Sweeten made her way to Disney World where she claimed to have been kidnapped and car jacked by two Black male assailants. Sweeten’s accounts of the May 29th, 2009 events resulted in a national manhunt for the two Black male fictive constructs would ensue. Police would later dissolve her allegations through videotapes of the grounds, and charge her with misdemeanor identity theft and false reporting charges.


  13. 7. Susan Smith:


    October 25, in 1994, Susan Smith made a call to the police of South Carolina that a Black man had taken her car at gun point with her two sons. While the nationwide search for the fictive Black male constructs was under way, she would admit that she had driven her car into a lake, consequently murder her own children in the car.


  15. 8. Ashley Todd:


    As the presidential campaign of John McCain and Barrack Hussein Obama commenced in October 2008, a volunteer for the McCain campaign, Ashley Todd, would report that she had been mugged by “six-foot-four African American of medium build, dressed in dark clothes wearing shiny shoes” in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania while recruiting university students. As the search hunt for this fictive construct evolved, Todd would confess to her white lies under the duress of being asked to take a polygraph test and shown surveillance footage.


  17. 9. Amanda Knox:


    In Italy, US exchange student, Amanda Knox would be questions about the details of the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, on the first of November in 2007. She would initially blame her former employer, Diya “Patrick” Lumumba — a Congolese-born resident of Italy, for the murder. Lumumba was promptly arrested and would lose much of his hard earned business assets. Lumumba would eventually be cleared of all charges, and Amanda Knox returned to the safety of White USA.

Breaking The Silence :: The Rekia Boyd Story

“Just watching the news story about that 22 year old woman who has been shot in the head, and I’m like,’I feel sorry for that family’…” – Martinez Sutton, brother of Rekia Boyd


On March 21, 2012, 22 year old Rekia Boyd was killed by Chicago cops after visiting with friends on Chicago’s W. 15th place. According to attorney James D. Montgomery, Rekia was with friends as an off-duty Chicago Police Detective Dante Servin told a neighboring group to “shut up” and opened fire after the ensuing exchange of acrimonies. During an attempt to flee, Rekia was struck in the head and died a little over 24 hours. Her friend, Antonio Cross was struck in his hand.


The defense of Servin rests on Chicago Police Department’s allegations that Antonio was brandishing a weapon and that Servin felt his life was in danger. According to witnesses and a thorough investigation of the scene, no weapons had been found. Some proffer the notion that Cross’ phone may have been mistaken, to this Cross mentions that he had the phone to his ear while he was talking in it.Cross asks, “How the fuck you think my phone was a weapon?”



The family of Rekia Boyd have filed a lawsuit for this unlawful death.


Her murder comes after the sentencing to 40 years in prison of another slain Afkan(afrikan amerikkkan), 61 year old Howard Morgan. Morgan shot 28 times after being pulled over by Chicago Police on February 21, 2005. The former police officer was said to have shot at the officers that attempted to p’d roll him, but no evidence of such has been found.


It is awfully trying to be Afkan in this country with such incidents amassing at alarming rates. It can also be even more trying to keep up. With the media fiasco that has burst forth like an alien from Sigourney Weaver’s stomach after Trayvon’s slaughter, it can be overwhelming to channel one’s energy in so many directions. According to Ohm and his law, intensity of a charge is reduced by the resistance to flow on that charge. Interestingly enough, the resistance on the charge of the attention span of most of us, is too many murdered innocent Afkan people. Yet, the mainstream media murmur surrounding Rekia’s name has elicited a response of sexism from certain sectors of the Afkan community.


As a writer that spent a considerable amount of time following the murder of Aiyana Jones by Detroit police, I believe the accusatory remarks of gender bias to be akin to a mark on a pregnant elephant. That is, it’s an enormous stretch. The cause of Rekia Boyd has traction, but two other considerations beyond her gender might be better fit for the researcher without an agenda to begin answering the question why hasn’t this been discussed more.


Firstly, Trayvon Martin’s admitted murderer, George Zimmerman, is walking free and doesn’t have a badge. This case sparked an outrage due to the elements. Now, I will never be accused of defending mainstream media, I’m sure, yet, the manner in which the details of the incident trickled down to the public caused it to garner our attention in a way that most media outlets would be fools not to bite. A young boy is murdered holding a can of tea and a bag of skittles. He was Afkan. He was wearing a hoodie. His assailant is recorded on a phone call being told by local authorities to stop following him. The killer was not charged and much of the country was made aware of a little known statute referred to as the “Stand Your Ground” law.


Is this to say that Rekia’s murder is less important? Why ask stupid questions? The human filter is not always made active by quantified salience. Sure, we do live in a patriarchy. Sure, this does imply certain hegemonic psychological conditioning. However, for one to automatically assume that the reason Rekia Boyd hasn’t gotten the same media attention as Trayvon Martin is due to her gender simply lacks breadth. Rekia Boyd didn’t get the same reaction as Trayvon Martin’s murder, partly because of the image presumed of Travon Martin. And also because the Chicago Police Department is not the Sanford Police Department.


Much of the information surrounding Rekia Boyd is unfortunately one-sided. We have a police officer we know very little about being protected by a department in a political machine notorious for corruption and cover-ups. The situation should be understood thusly, Antonio got shot in the hand and charged with a misdemeanor assault on a police officer. White terrorism with a bit of propaganda as garnish. However, it makes the story less chewy for a media sponsored by corporate bottom lines, whether the bias is white liberal or white conservative. The initial media presentation of Rekia’s murder was that of an innocent bystander being shot as a police officer defended him Self. This is what trickled down to the public. The reaction of most to the story was to wait for more details to surface. There wasn’t much for an outburst to develop from. George Zimmerman didn’t take the initial steps to make him Self look justified as a citizens killing what at that times was a 17 year old that much of the world thought looked like a 14 year young child by the images of Trayvon we were presented.


As stated, this piece isn’t to defend the mainstream media, I don’t get paid enough to defend any established structure. I am simply addressing those that may be soiling Rekia’s name by limiting their thoughts to a prescribed agenda reaction. There is a genocide happening in the United States and Rekia is just one of the many victims of this ethnic wipe out to go without a large media presence. It hurts to read that the reason for her lack of attention is such a small detail when there are more obvious reasons she hasn’t been spoken of more largely. Furthermore, when the media doesn’t work in the way you wish it to, take the media into your own hands. Ask President Obama why he hasn’t spoken about a murder of such appalling circumstance in his own city, he is the only one that owes you that.

One Million Hoodies In A Few Thousand Words: A Pictorial

Editor’s note: This is a selection of photos taken by Asylum Staff member, Nikki(Twitter handle: @Chey_Marly_Mom{click and follow!}) from the “A Million Hoodie March” held Wednesday, March 21, 2012. A full discussion of Nikki’s thoughts can be found here.










Our Son…

Editor’s Note: This is a piece written by our sister, friend, and Asylum Staff member, Nikki(she can be followed on Twitter under the handle, @Chey_Marly_mom).


Million Hoodie March - Streets Of NYC


Today is Wednesday, March 21, 2012.


If you had asked me this time last week who Trayvon Martin was I wouldn’t be able to answer. This is astounding considering his death occurred almost a month ago on February 26th. FEBRUARY 26th!!! Learning who Trayvon Martin was and the devastating events leading up to his murder these past few days, has filled me with immense anger and distress at the mere mention of the town in Florida (Sanford) where his lynching occurred, and the name of his murderer (George Zimmerman) who has yet to be arrested, or charged with the crime. Now that this story is finally making national headlines you can read and watch a barrage of articles and reports about the unjust laws that protect and support the assailants terrorist act against a defenseless teenager whose only offense was that he was black and male. However, it is not my intent to further acknowledge the offenders in this post. I’m here to speak briefly about Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, the parents of ancestor Trayvon Martin as well as the “A Million Hoodies March” that was held this evening in New York City’s Union Square Park which was mobilized via social media and grass roots organizers such as Color of Change (within a 24hr span, mind you). Actually, it seems to be just about 24hours between the time I read the first mention of the march on Twitter late afternoon yesterday, until the time I arrived downtown this evening, about 45 minutes prior to when thousands of others gathered on the steps of the park (already partially occupied by Wall Street protesters) wearing hoodies and carrying signs in protest of the tragedy. It was also yesterday evening that the matter and the unfolding details were brought to the attention of my 13yr old daughter who had many questions for which I had only difficult and mostly unsatisfactory answers to why a child was dead and how his killer remains free and still armed, with the discussion ultimately ending with her very matter of fact conclusion: “People should riot”.


Out of the mouths of babes, right? And what a difference a day makes…


At some point this morning shortly after I arrived to the workplace it became increasingly difficult for me to come up with a reason not to be at the “A Million Hoodies March”,( and not having a hoodie to wear wasn’t even a consideration). My conscience and highly engaging twitter TL which is usually the bane of my productivity wouldn’t allow me an excuse not to “do something”. Let me just say that I am not in any way claiming to be an “activist”. For all intents and purposes my activism has been limited to the rearing of my children. Which to me is by no means any less of a feat than those who organize as a career. Nevertheless, I felt compelled to participate and pay my respects to Trayvon by standing in solidarity with his mother and father who flew across states to New York City to attend this rally to express their appreciation of the efforts being made to not allow this case to be swept under the rug like so many others. This was the least I could do. No part of me ever wants to ever know the pain that Mr. Martin and Ms. Fulton are feeling. I can’t help but wonder if I would be able to find the strength to address the media in the dignified manner that they have in recent days. Constantly replaying the torment of their loss with every inquiry. Could you? So, when Trayvon’s mother stepped up to the microphone this evening and stated that “Our son, is your son…” . I wept. I heard and felt the anguish in her voice. And it was then that I realized that every single person in that park (and those on social networks wearing hoodies in solidarity and sharing information about the case as it unfolds) was holding them up so that they can continue to seek justice for Trayvon and every other nameless, faceless, victim.


I ask you all in cities around the country to please show up for the family of Trayvon Martin if you can. If nothing else, they need us.


Our son’s killer is still free…

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and The Etcetera Margin

It seems like, as always, the Trayvon Martin discussion on Twitter and other areas of the social web (I’m really controlling the urge to refer to it as “the trap”) have caused more harm than good. As a writer, I often find my Self facing what I call,”etcetera margins”. A writer is always confronted with stylistic concerns that may or may not indicate their level of research or the number of words that they command or can google before a deadline. Whether these indices are accurate or not tends to matter less than the reality that people judge your works by how many times you used that one obscure term in a piece, or how many items in a group you coma separated before tossing out that foreboding “etc”. The etcetera margin is that pack of words added to a group that usually have much less of a relationship to the original terms but recruited to fill some arbitrary notion of good writing. Many people are using a similar stylistic approach to dealing with the discussion of Trayvon Martin.

Regardless of Florida state laws, a jury or grand jury is usually needed to decide the truth or falsehood of a murderer. George Zimmerman pulled the trigger of a gun causing a metal projectile to ripple through the young and defenseless, screaming body of Trayvon Martin. That is murder. Self-defense or not, it is far from the job of local sheriffs and police units to determine the guilt or not so guiltiness of George Zimmerman. It is the duty of tax paying citizens to be called together from the community to weigh in on the evidence. George Zimmerman should be arrested not because he may be a Jew or raised by Jews. George Zimmerman should be arrested not because he may or may not be Hispanic. George Zimmerman should be arrested not because he failed as a police officer. George Zimmerman should be arrested because that is how this country operates. If you commit a crime, especially one as heinous as taking someone’s life, you are to be held until a bond is posted (or you are released on a recognizance (“recog”) bond), or until a jury of your peers hears your case and a judge determines how to place a period on matters with a sentence.

There is only one discussion to be had with regards to George Zimmerman, why hasn’t he been arrested? Any and all other straw man or red herrings being bandied about are filler, portions of etcetera margins posing as knowledgeable sentiments. I don’t care how many law schools a person snorted cocaine in, it doesn’t take an all-nighter for the Florida bar to know that in every state in the Union people are arrested for killing another person, no matter what the circumstances. George Zimmerman fatally wounded Trayvon Martin and should be tried for murder. This implies an arrest. No need to discuss whether Zimmerman is a racist. He’s already admitted that he saw a young Afkan (afrikan amerikkkan) male in a hooded sweater, decided to follow him after being told by authorities not to, and then in the orchestra of several screams loud enough to be picked up audibly in phone conversations held by adults watching from the safety of their cowardice, shot Trayvon Martin. We will discuss the motive after George Zimmerman is on the stand.

We do not have to sully Trayvon’s name and lack of justice proffered with our need to appear overly analytical and complicatedly knowing. These are simple terms here that ought to be framed in such a way that even a child of average understanding could comprehend it. It doesn’t even have to be just an Afkan issue. Since it truly is a US issue. This is an issue that a president, especially one versed in the law would want to take a stand on in an election year. But, at this moment, even that discussion — if it is ever had — should only be centered on why George Zimmerman hasn’t been arrested. Let us not continue to waste time urinating in gutters and margins of empty thought for the sake of appeasing drunken egos. If one must discuss the Trayvon Martin matter for the sake of being heard or read, at least honor the plea for help young Trayvon wasn’t able to receive in life by speaking to the specific and simple concern: Why hasn’t George Zimmerman been arrested?

A Bottle of Juice and Pack of Skittles…

“A bottle of juice is no excuse, the truth hurts…”- Tupac Shakur



Latasha Harlins was killed having a bottle of orange juice in her backpack.


On March 16, 1991, Latasha Harlins was murdered for defending her Self after being harassed by a Korean store owner that erroneously thought Latasha was attempting to take a bottle of orange juice without paying for it. Latasha was murdered at the age of 15 in Los Angeles, California. Her murder inspired West Coast musician and one of the co-members of the original NWA and Posse, Ice Cube, to pen and produce, “Black Korea” on his 1991 classic, “Death Certificate” where Great Khalid Muhammad also delivered uplifting and awareness raising poetry. It has been claimed that the murder of Latasha was one of many impetus for 1992’s L.A. uprisings by local Afkan(Afrikan Amerikkkan) citizens.


Latasha’s killer, Soon Ja Du, 51 years old, would be found guilty of voluntary manslaughter after leveling Latasha’s body and leaving young Latasha’s body to begin rigor mortis in her hands around two dollar bills. Du would only be sentenced to 5 years of probation, 400 hours of community service, and a $500 fine.


That was March 1991. In March 2012…


During halftime of this year’s(2012) NBA All-Star Game, Trayvon Martin, a 17 year young high school Junior of a Miami community visiting his father in Sanford, Florida was on his way from a convenience store. According to reports, Trayvon went to said store with intentions of purchasing candy for his younger sibling. While in route back, young Trayvon was stalked by Anglo or European-American militant white terrororist, George Zimmerman. Zimmerman, a 26 year old college student and leader of a United States terrorist cell, The Retreat.


Zimmerman, while stalking young Trayvon, placed a call to police, alerting them that he might have a potential threat to his post. Soon, 17 year young Trayvon would be dead from a 9mm gun shot from Zimmerman’s 9mm gun. Although, Zimmerman was on a police call wrestling and shooting Trayvon, he has not been arrested as of time of this writing. Sanford police department has not filed an arrest or case for Zimmerman and thus the State Attorney’s OFfice has decided to play coy and not investigate matters either. Zimmerman was questioned by Sanford police and released after their “interrogation”. Now, you know, had little Trayvon been white, and Zimmerman Black…


There has been an online petition initiated to garner attention into this murder of young Trayvon. Please visit, http://www.change.org/petitions/lets-get-justice-for-trayvon-martin in hopes that we can do just one little thing to help bring attention to this persistent slaughter of our children. I would ask that you electronically sign this petition, as well as whatever bit of support you might be able to administer in bringing awareness to this travesty of human justice. I am not sure whether Afkan(Afrikan Amerikkkan) people are unwelcome or what not in this gated community, but those that perform decision making routines around there carry semi-automatic weapons without concern for age of those they murder.


Please be safe if you are walking around in dark skin.

“Zimmerman, an adult, had a gun. Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old, had Skittles. No way you can say self-defense.” – Benjamin Crump, Family Attorney of Trayvon Martin’s Father

Black Bloggers: Don’t Hate Your Own People While Writing About Santorum In The Hood

“Our interpretations are rooted in personal narratives about ourselves, and these narratives aren’t always so positive, as is the case with teenagers who feel like rebels without a cause, college students who are convinced they were admissions errors, and adults who always seem to assume the worst about their relationships.


…Cognitive-behavioral therapy(CBT). CBT assumes that maladaptive interpretations-negative thought patterns- are responsible for many mental health problems, and that the best way to treat those problems is to make people aware of their thought patterns and learn how to change them.


…story editing, which is a set of techniques designed to redirect people’s narratives about themselves and the social world in a way that leads to lasting changes in behavior.”
– “Redirect: The Surprising New Science of Psychological Change” by Timothy D. Wilson


During the events of this week, Rick Santorum, GOP presidential candidate, made a statement regarding Blacks and welfare. His statement:


“I don’t want to make Black people’s lives better, by giving them somebody else’s money.”


Now, this is blatantly racist, it has no place in civil politics, and any Black person that would support such racially polarizing and derogatory commentary is a threat to them Selves. Now, the neoliberal Black might mistake this as a time to bring out their anti-Black from the urban community zapper gun 12009 they received from Saint Nickelass. But alas, no, young neo-negroes, your time still has not come. It is not a time to rehash statistics about welfare rates of Blacks, Whites, and Mexicans. Why? That is exactly what the likes of a Santorum would like you to do. To focus attention on poor US citizens that are more than owed the assistance of their government as most of them probably served in the military. Even if they didn’t it matters not because every US citizens that loves to hurl the “I’m a tax paying citizen” mantra so loosely around like a pack of condoms at a swinger’s bash, is protected by young poor to lower middle class men and women that more than likely will never receive fair compensation. If you want to bandy about numbers, let’s talk about the financial rape of the young military veteran that serves their country and comes home to downtown apartments owned and operated by exploitative not-for profits forcing such a draconian demand on living arrangements that the veteran living in them gets treated like someone’s child just to move about in their own space. According to the National coalition for Homeless Veterans:


“Roughly 56 percent of all homeless veterans are African American or Hispanic, despite only accounting for 12.8 percent and 15.4 percent of the U.S. population respectively.


About 1.5 million other veterans, meanwhile, are considered at risk of homelessness due to poverty, lack of support networks, and dismal living conditions in overcrowded or substandard housing.


Although flawless counts are impossible to come by – the transient nature of homeless populations presents a major difficulty – the Departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Veterans Affairs (VA) estimate that over 67,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. Over the course of a year, approximately twice that many experience homelessness. Only eight percent of the general population can claim veteran status, but nearly one-fifth of the homeless population are veterans.”


One-fifth, ladies and gentlemen of Asylum. One of out five persons that you drive past on highway off ramps, turn your noses up at going to your 24 hour free Wi-Fi spots, brush past on your way to work, or otherwise treat worse than your common project building cockroach was shot at defending your precious way of living. One out of five of those persons you sit at your park bench and call “bums” has had to suffer some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of protecting you. Please read that again, and think twice about the fancy little choice phrases you offer that human being asking for a little change to get by, since you indeed might owe that person a whole lot more than some metal chips for the metal chips they may have caked in their joints and bone marrow.


But as gracious as we should be and as often as you should have already seen those statistics throughout the thorough and discerning writing of the Black blogosphere, these are still not the numbers we ought to be most concerned with. As Santorum attempts to blame Barack Obama for some national form of nepotism, he seems to forget how much money Obama agreed to give the likes of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and AIG(source). Many of us have forgotten the recent passing of welfare to corporate entities such as the Troubled Asset Relief Program, which was backed by Barack Obama as a senator high footing it to DC to make sure he co-signed then President Bush. Yes, we are now discussing the over $80 billion dollars that Santorum has yet to discuss as he fixes his kangaroo cock massaging lips to blame Blacks, as should be expected by such White terroristic filth in a fancy suit.


Before the next Black blogger runs to go tell that, they should focus a tad bit more energy on the proper story, and not the story they have blaring in their head that causes them to in a short sighted manner, aim their keyboard’s electromagnetic rayguns at their own people and inadvertently backing the coward’s “gibberish”. Many Blacks unfortunately have yet to relieve them Selves of the cognitive psychological dysfunction that is self-hate. The immediate story and perspective taken in such instances as a White man pointing his worthless finger at the poor Black, is to compare your brothers and sisters to that of criminals. I can guarantee the Asylum that those writing about the comments of Santorum didn’t for one second wonder about the millions of US citizens that benefit from tax breaks because of their well protected money laundering to off shore banks and profiteering in lands where they are able to hire cheap labor; further robbing the true US citizens that have always made this country run: the poor Blacks.




Our brothers and sisters across the interglobe decided that they would take this opportunity to further harass those Blacks that cooked and cleaned the homes of White women and White men that allowed for their children to gain college degrees. These writers decided, once again, to look towards the same White terrorist propaganda engines for their “solutions”. Once again, this virus, this mental atrophying with contagious shark teeth has projected its fear of all things White and all realities Strong and Afkan onto the media most capable of helping our children see past the detrimental storylines written in their DNA since the days of James K. Polk applauding “The Birth Of A Nation” while funding the Klan’s membership rise which would assist in the destruction of Black Wall Streets (there was more than just Tulsa, and no negro, I’m not talking about your precious Wall Street in New York, you flea…) nationwide.

Oscar Grant and The Mehserle Verdict: Why There Was No Justice (Part ii)

Consciousness is the opposite of indiffence, of blindness, blankness. Promoting consciousness involves the general dissemination of the concept that each of us is part of a universal action and interaction; that poles are somewhere connected; that there are material causes for trauma, vertigo, degenerative disease.””Consciousness is knowedge, recognition, foresight; common experience and perception; sensibility, alertness, mindfulness.

No argument has any substance if it conflicts with the objectice conditions, the clear, incontrovertible facts.- George Jackson, Blood In My Eyes

I stopped saying “Life is a bytch” a little over a year ago and replaced it with a more succinct disdain, namely, “Fuck society”.

As I was hosted today by two very dedicated Black businessmen seeking my expertise( visit here for details) I was drenched in the realization that many of us have talents, drive, passion, and even resources. What we lack is the necessary running capital needed to feed, clothed, and shelter our Selves while our client lists are being built. Furthermore, in my assessment, the view of Black businessmen is tainted in vitriol. We aren’t considered professional, or we simply don’t possess the credibility that our own people give to other businesses owned and ran by people of races other than the Black in the United States. We have inherited the viewpoint promoted in the media that we are untrustworthy, criminal, and various other stereotypes that style us as less than worthy to do business with.

As I was in the middle of completing a project with one of these extremely gracious brothers, and during a break, in an effort to catch the rest of a conversation I had been in the middle of on Twitter, I scrolled the screen in Social Scope fashion, and I ran across the mention of the Johaness Mehserle sentencing. Another Black businessman whom I’ve grown to be quite impressed by, As I predicted, without a law degree, just a little street knowledge, after the verdict was handed down some months ago. It is not in arrogance that I point this out, only to remind the many “more qualified” voices of dissent that addressed me that day after I posted.

I don’t speak out of ignorance, nor will I speak out of my blind academic training; I will always write from my experiences and what I know primarily. Those that felt that the “gun enhancement” ruling would weigh heavily on the sentencing, not was such. For those that thought that I was uniformed stating that the Murderer Mehserle’s time previously served would be subtracted from a minimum of two years, such is not. This is the United States of America. To date, no officer, excuse me, no white officer has been fairly tried for the slaying or brutalizing of a Black man without Blacks potentially burning a city down.

I am not promoting violence just like the United States “Justice System” promotes justice for Black people. As I have been reading more academic brothers and sisters who advertise their university credentials and personal projects, I am supposed to offer some sort of solution for this problem. I am supposed to delineate a solution to the problem of white Juries and White Judges allowing White Police Officers to murder Black youth. I’m glad we all have a clear understanding of locus of control. Too bad our sense of burden and responsibility is completely in the mud.

While those more “qualified” voices of “reason” tell us that Mehserle is “going to prison” and that this is “justice”. I beg to differ, as I have done before with accuracy. Mehserle is surely going to a cell, but he is not going to the cell that a Black man would be going into if they had commited the same act. Mehserle is going into a protected area with all of the amenities that one who can get three million dollars raised by his buddies at the BART police union in less than a month after his bail was set and have his legal defense paid for by “a statewide fund for police officers.”

Understanding that the presiding judge, Judge Perry has presumably doubled the time served, giving Murderer Mehserle ten months less time inside. Now, what those of The Asylum need to consider is that no one does ALL of the time they are sentenced to without a parole board hearing and particular guideline structures being violated(in other words, bad behavior as assessed by the parole board.) I am willing make a $100 dollar wager using escrow.com(I’m so serious) that Murderer Mehserle will be up for parole before the end of the year. I’m willing to make a $20 wager using the same application as stated above that he will be granted a release date within the first quarter of 2011. So, I surmise that the executioner of Oscar Grant, a 21-year old Black Father, Murderer Mehserle, will be in and out of prison within the next four to six months. And that’s me adding cushion for gambling purposes. If one of these grand intellectuals of scholarly might decides to take me up on the offer.

If he intended to pull his Taser and pulled his service weapon by mistake, why would he say to another officer after the fact, ‘I thought he was going for a gun’?” Creighton said in an interview before the court hearing. “Why wouldn’t he say, ‘Oh, my God, Tony, I meant to pull my Taser’ or something to that effect?


My solution to the problem of having murdering pigs in the neighborhood and Judges letting them off: act like you know. If I killed your sister and you knew about it, how would you act? If I killed your brother, and you knew about, how would you act? I’m always intrigued by how the toughest group of people I’ve ever had to deal with can never answer these questions when it involves “giants in the land.” God, I love hypermascuinity, it is so fucking worthless and totally hypocritical.

Rest in Peace Oscar Grant and Young Aiyana Jones…

“Don’t Buy Where You Can’t Work.”

Cultural Attenuation

Perspective is the child of cultural attenuation and resonating principles. Resonating principles are often a balance of media synthesis coupled with experiential osmosis. Cultural attenuation is the process by which a person imbibes the values, standards and practices of their culture, commits to memory the lessons passed down through oral tradition and then begins a routine of procedural steps that tend to weaken the spirit, or flow of mental energy being given to them. The stronger the resonating principles of influences not directed by the culture, or better said, the culture of those that have sacrificed the most for the well-being of the individual, and the perpetuation of the said culture through that individual, then more attenuated the cultural signal will become.This is not an argument to absolve the irresponsible or the selfish of their need to convince others to conform, however, conformity is a natural state. The question that should be dealt with is the degree to which humans are conforming to nature versus forces of influences commanded by manipulators. A simple statement? Indeed. And yet, how many of the slaves raped by European Americans, how many of the millions of Africans sold by their more resourceful counterparts, how many black males murdered by the discharge of police pistols do you think it would take to change the tide of conformity through manipulation? If the answer to that question alludes you, you are not alone.

A simple understanding of the degree to which many of us have been separated from nature is a question I ask people often when describing ailments. How much water are you drinking? How often are you eating, and what? How often are you exercising? Due to the template short-circuiting of many of my associates, the common answers are not answers to the questions I’ve raised. Those queried tend to respond with statements that suggest that they are drinking enough water, exercising enough, and the like. And yet, if I were a doctored practitioner of medicine attempting to create a funnel where the populaces income could be channeled into my banking account, I could develop all sorts of undocumented and unhealthy means to sell as solutions to ailments that are simply bodily imbalances. Oh, I’m incorrect? The water you intake is what prevents you from dehydrated. At 70% water necessity, the human body must become a capacitor along the circuitry of any water system. If you are suffering from simply gastric imbalances, forms of jaw locking, dry eyes, migraines that stem from dry eyes then why wouldn’t a suggestion to drink more water from an individual who has suffered all of this suffice? Cultural attenuation. Elijah Muhammad told the world to eat to live. Black community still suffers from the dietary habits of slavery.

What makes it so difficult for many Blacks to listen to other Blacks? Why is that there is so much ado about posturing in the black community? What is occurring where Blacks who are creating the most common forms of Black(US) speech are being attacked Ebonics promoters that are simply imitating the same media the white people are? Francis Cress Welsing discussed the atrocities that come with the alienated mind and yet the Black community still has yet to embrace every facet of its expression. For every polemic dispersed from the pen of Cheik Anta Diop came an opposing arguments from the very individuals that needed the psychological healing of well studied findings.