My After Thoughts On HCR…After

I suppose it is to be expected.

So many arguments. So many reasons.

I don’t deny any. All I ask is that those who wish to present their case bring well reasoned arguments.

It is the day after. The Health care bill has been signed into legislation. The mandate is real.

Of the disputes, I find the only one worthy of my concern is the benefit that it brings to insurance companies. We have to consider the power that a federal mandate will give to insurance companies across the US. In 2014, unless the law is change, every citizen will be demanded to possess health insurance. Possibly good, possibly bad, but what has been created to assist those who don’t have the funds to provide themselves with the necessary money month to month to cover the charge?

At all instances of politics, we have to remain aware of the direction that power has shifted. If you are a person that wishes to one day be a power broker, then this is upmost importance to you. Power does not come out of thin air. Although, for the most of us it has always been in the hands of those we deem worthy, without question. For a number of us, it remains a force that belongs to people with names. People who exist in real time. People that we can figure out a way to take it from.

I have only a few arguments against the bill, and the fact that it is a mandate is one. I believe that this will become an evil for those the bill suggests it will help. We all have to consider how that measure will affect us in the future. We also need to convey that reality to those whose priorities have not reached a level of maturity. The bill rewards us much that is beneficial, while it also promotes the capitalist state.

As Pres. Obama has signed this piece of legislation into law, we must continue to be diligent in the reform of the bill. For those who are able minded, please consider the ramifications of the federal mandate forcing citizens to spend and acquire the services of those who have been forced to render them. Yes, this is a very euphoric moment, but not a moment of rest. As reasonable thinkers, we still need to consider the detrimental concerns of this bill. It is not time to become lambs who dance to their slaughter. Instead, it is time to become well inform people who belong to a republic who are aware of the changes that occur, and their power to act swiftly and educatedly to enact change, and to demand change when needed from their representatives.