Why I dislike The Phrase “People Of Color”

“2. Who is the Colored man? The Colored man is the Caucasian (white man). Or, Yacub’s grafted Devil – the Skunk of the planet Earth. ” – Excerpted from The Student Enrollment

Color, verb, transitive verb 1 a: to give color to b: to change the color of(as by dyeing, staining, or painting) 2: to change as if by dyeing or painting: as a: MISREPRESENT, DISTORT…

It is not so much that I believe in the need to be persnickety, but I was watching a clip of social scientist Michelle Alexander discussing the tacit policy of mass incarceration of black males and she used it. There are many phrases that are bandied about on Asylum, but I’m still unable to bring my Self to utilize certain terms. “People of Color” is one of them. What human being doesn’t have color? Last time I checked, white was apart of the color spectrum. In fact, find me a white person. The term white it Self supposes, in this culture, a huge degree of privilege, or moral rectitude and divine ordinance. Furthermore, it is an implication that Blacks are the mutants, er…genetic adaptation, as oppose to the original prototype. “People of color” was established as a euphemism for “colored people,” which is an ignorantly midleading condescending euphemism for “nigger.” The idea of people of color being an inclusive term representing all nonwhite people is still an inaccurate display of white xenophobic reactions to a world of darker hued people. White is still a color; whites still have tones, hues, shades, and saturated skin light reflections, just like everyone else. Further, “people of color,” or all nonwhite peoples, don’t have the same history as Blacks, nor do they suffer from the same forms of economic discrimination as Blacks. I would prefer to be held to a much more specific nomenclature if one is to be given to me. Also, it disturbs my ethers something horrendous to be compared based on a white standard. If anything, “whites” should be referred to as “nonBlacks”…shit, we were here first.

But, back to “colored”…

The “-ed” at the end of “colored” suggests that black people are an alteration to the non-colored person. Black people aren’t “colored.” We are actually the color givers. “Colored” implies “acted upon.” It implies “hierarchy.” One in which blacks have internalized in such a way that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People have a moratorium for the word, “nigga”, but yet, they want to continue utilizing the nomenclature proffered them by Jewish paternalist supposedly motivated by the fresh crop of strange fruit.

The power of a word can reach beyond its actual denotation that appears in the dictionary. The context of which the word is still used, states that white people are in a position of original. It is a similar situation with the phrases ‘minority’ and ‘majority.’ Terms that are defined not so much by numbers, there are more Blacks on the planet than whites, and white policy makers and influencers tend to be extra tight on the protection of US borders and who can come in and who can’t. But my discussion isn’t about the possibility of gradually wiping a people away through social injunctions that promote one color of skin over another. That’s next week’s write up. What concerns me here is the usage of a phrase by blacks without a cognizance of its overtones. As implied, the overtures are not without their subtle attacks on those outside of the US Black community proper.