Why I dislike The Phrase “People Of Color”

The phrase “people of color” doesn’t hold any distinction that any human should be proud of. It places in you an inferiority announcement;an otherness that is bereft of not only accuracy, but dons it’s wearer a pronounced need to measure them Selves by a “ruler” by which megalomania is a deceptive nicety used to befuddle those naive enough to accept any standard gift wrapped by the same people whose forebears introduced to the world, the Trojan horse (and yes, for those new to Asylum, I complex run-on sentence quite often…). A rapist doesn’t give a feces stained Good Will rejected torn sheet about what the raped calls them Self. In fact, it only makes the situation more guilt reducing when the raped actually calls the raper, “daddy.” And yes, that is basically what you are doing when you refer to your Self as people of color as opposed to realizing that everything in existence that can be grasped by the human eye holds a hue. The eye is designed like that. Stop putting your rapist on a pedestal.